XCR 2021 – Provisional Season Schedule

Our winter cross-country season, or XCR, is a series of fantastic community-based events for you to challenge yourself and enjoy several great locations with friends.

Common with runners of all abilities, our XCR season features a range of distances and locations from coastal courses to farm-land rolling hills.
XCR is the perfect event to leap outdoors, improve your fitness and challenge yourself.

We’ve released the provisional schedule, below. Please note these dates are subject to change, and we will announce locations as soon as possible.

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Saturday 1st – XCR 1 – XCR Relays
Saturday 22nd – XCR 2 – 8km XC


Sunday 6th – XCR 3 – 10km Road
Saturday 26th – XCR 4 – 12km XC


Saturday 10th – XCR 5 – Road Relay
Saturday 17th – XCR 6 – 10km XC
Saturday 31st – XCR 7 – 15km Road


Saturday 14th – XCR 8 – Ekiden (?)


Sunday 5th – XCR 9 – Half Marathon
Saturday 18th – XCR 10 – ‘The Tan’ Relays