The Summer Season Returns – All Your Information

Last updated: November 12

Please note that information may have changed since the last update. We recommend you visit www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au for all the up-to-date information.

On Friday, 29 October 2021, the Premier announced the following Open Premise Directions (OPD) for Community Sport for both Regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne. These directives include guidelines for training and competition as one state.

Physical Recreation Premises

  1. The operator of a physical recreation premises must ensure that any shared equipment is cleaned between users.
  2. Spectators limited to 30 in a group. (There can be multiple groups of 30 but not exceeding capacity limits)
  3. Masks are to be worn indoors but can be removed during physical training activities outdoor only. 
  4. QR Codes are required at venues (this is defined as an enclosed track/space), with all attendees required to CHECK-IN using the Service Victoria App. 
  5. Good hygiene is maintained
  6. If you feel unwell or show flu-like symptoms, get tested for COVID and remain at home until results are provided.


When Can I Enter?

AVSL entries are LIVE. You can enter here. Round 1 entries will close on Wednesday 10 November at 12 pm noon. Both track and field events will be offered, with event pages will go live from midday Wednesday.

Additional events, Nationals, State Track & Field Championships, Masters Championships and AVSL Playoffs dates will be provided once dates of the 2022 National Championships have been provided.

Do I Need A Membership?

Memberships are required to participate in AVSL, with the Base Athlete Membership, and the Track and Fielder (AVSL Package) recommended to get the best out of the summer season. Any memberships purchased before Friday 5 November, your bibs are being sent to Club Registrars, who will provide them to you. All memberships purchased after this date will be available for pick up from your venue at AVSL Round 1. You can purchase your AV membership here.

What About Training and Coaching Sessions?

Training and coaching at premises used for community sport e.g. an athletics track can proceed with no vaccination required. All patrons and participants must check in and wear a mask where required. Training can proceed with groups of no more than 30 people in the venue at one time. Please note that some premises themselves have different vaccination requirements and may require vaccination, so please check with your venue operator prior to training.

Am I Required to Be Vaccinated to Play Community Sport?


Indoor and outdoor physical recreation and sporting facilities such as swimming pools and leisure centres are open.

If these facilities, including club rooms, are used for community sport (organised competitive sports with membership), patrons participating or facilitating community sport (e.g. players, coaches, volunteers) do not need to be vaccinated to access the facility. If indoors, you must where a mask at all times. If outside persons must carry a facemask at all times where social distancing cannot be maintained.

However, to access the facility for purposes other than community sport where all attendees are required to be fully vaccinated – such as toilet(s), gym, hospitality or entertainment – attendees must be fully vaccinated, be under 16 or have a valid medical exemption. 

Proof of Exemption

Only the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) medical exemption form is to be used to provide proof of a medical exemption from any vaccination requirements in Victoria including exemption from wearing a face covering. If people have an exemption letter that isn’t an AIR, they will need to return to their medical practitioner and submit a request for an AIR. Forms other than an AIR will only be permitted until the 12th November 2021.

Failure to provide proof of an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) medical exemption form in relation to face coverings only at this stage will result in you being declined entry into the venue to participate or spectate. Please note sport is exempt from vaccinations therefore an AIR is not required at this stage.

Next Stage

Under Victoria’s roadmap, when Victoria reaches 90% double vaccinated, further restrictions will be removed, including social gathering limits, and events will open (double vaccinations required). Participants may then be required to provide evidence of double vaccination as outlined in the government information below. The indicative date for Victoria to reach 90% is 24 November 2021


Further Information

From 6.00pm 29 October 2021 to 11.59pm 18 November 2021 (the period).

The Victorian Government has released the following regulations.

During this period, community sport (indoor and outdoor) is exempt from the requirements of double vaccinations and requires evidence of double vaccination.

Clause 30 Open Premises Directions (No.3)

Shared equipment

  1. The operator of a physical recreational premises must ensure that any shared equipment is cleaned between users.
  2. The obligations in Part 2 do not apply in relation to any indoor space or outdoor space in a physical recreation premises if
  3. That space is being operated only for the purpose of conducting community sport activity and
  4. The operator ensures that any spectators of the community sport comply with the relevant limits on public gatherings in accordance with the Stay Safe Directions (Victoria) and
  5. The operator otherwise only permits the participants and the minimum number of persons required to conduct the community sport activity to attend that indoor space or outdoor space at the premised.

    All participants must check-in via the Service Victoria app using the premises QR code.

Further explanation is provided below:-



Face masks are not required outdoors however must be carried at all times. 

All participants must observe physical distancing and comply with good hand hygiene. 

If you feel unwell, please do not attend and immediately get tested and remain in isolation until you receive your results.