NVW2022: Anna Devonish

As part of the 2022 National Volunteer Week (NVW), celebrated from May 16 – 22, we are shining a light on just some of the wonderful volunteers that help run athletics in Victoria. For the first edition, meet Anna Devonish.

When and where did you first get involved with Athletics?

At Landy Field when my son joined Little Athletics aged around 13. 

What do you like the most about Officiating?

The social aspect and the camaraderie that happens between officials as well as between officials and athletes/coaches.

Who has been the best athlete you’ve ever witnessed when officiating?

Marty Jackson. He is such a positive and supportive sportsman. He is so encouraging of others and respectful and polite to officials – oh and of course – brilliant at his event. 

What are the 3 key things you bring to every meet?

A raincoat, an officials toolkit (cards, pens, highlighters, folders etc) and something to drink.

What is one book every person should read in their lifetime?

Nelson Mandela -Long Walk to Freedom.

What is your favourite event to officiate?

Never thought I’d say this before this season; Pole Vault.

If you had to explain the positives of officiating to someone, what are the top 3?

A way to be actively involved even if you are not good at sport, the ability to make friendships and give something back to the community and getting a close-up spot to see the action.