2021-22 Membership FAQ Page

I can’t complete a family registration and get the discount, how do I connect my family members to my profile?

Contact info@athsvic.org.au with the names and dates of birth of the members that need to be connected. Remember, for a family discount to be valid, Athletes must reside at the same address and register through the one transaction!

I’m currently a recreational runner, how do I upgrade to an Athlete?
If you have been with the same club for longer than 2 years, or are a Recreational Running member, please email info@athsvic.org.au prior to starting the steps below.

1. Log into your account, on the home page there will be a blue Membership Upgrade button.
2. Select Membership Type (Athlete), your club and proceed to the shopping cart
3. Club fees (if your club charges a fee!) will be added to your cart automatically
4. Any fees that you have already paid to AV this season will be deducted from the total
5. Check out
6. Once your club approves your membership, you’ll receive a confirmation email
7. Any issues with this process, contact info@athsvic.org.au

Why is it saying my status does not allow me to register for events?

Did you recently transfer clubs, or join new?
If so it is likely your membership is waiting to be approved by your new club, contact your club contact and ask them to approve the membership for you.

I paid for a membership, why is it making me pay $25 for the AVSL round?

Entry into AVSL each week Is not included in the Membership, unless you add on an AVSL package.
 Purchasing an AVSL package will ensure you don’t pay $25 per round and will enable you to compete each week without payment.

For those who don’t wish to purchase a package can pay per round, Individual rounds of AVSL cost $25 per round, not per event.

If you wish to purchase an AVSL package after having already renewed, please watch this video here.

If you would like assistance with how to pay for the individual round and register for events, please watch this video here.

I want to transfer to a different club, how can I do this?

1. Log into your account and on the Home Page select Club Transfer
2. Provide your membership type, and select the club you would like to move to
3. Fill out the “Reason for Transfer” box
4. Club fees (if your club charges a fee!) and the $50 transfer fee will be added to your cart automatically
5. Check out
6. Once your old club approves your move, and your new club approves your membership, you’ll receive a confirmation email
7. Any issues with this process, contact info@athsvic.org.au

*Please note: members who have not been a member of a club for a period of 2 or more years will not incur the $50 transfer fee.
I am an Athlete, Official and Coach, can I register as all three?

Yes, you can! When selecting your membership type, choose the relevant member types. You can choose more than one!

 I forgot to add my AVSL Package when I registered for my membership, can I buy it now?

Yes, you can! In the Members Portal, go to Events and select the 2020/21 AVSL Package. Complete your registration by selecting your age group and proceeding to the checkout.

I am a Recreational Runner but want to compete in AVSL or Championship Events, how can I do this?

Only registered Athletes can access these events (a perk of the membership type!). Please upgrade to an Athlete Member to access these events.

I can’t find my bibs See the video; Ordering A Bib Replacement.
As a school teacher/parent of a school student, I would like to access AVSL. How do I take up this offer?

School students may be eligible to compete in their school singlet, enter on an event by event basis and not need to be an AV Member to compete. Please contact Athletics Victoria if you wish to register your student for AVSL rounds at info@athsvic.org.au.

How do I apply for the Return to Competition Support Package?

Complete your application, or an application on behalf of someone else here: https://athsvic.org.au/av-return-to-competition-support-package/

 I am new to the sport and don’t have a club yet. How do I find a club?

We have our Club Finder: https://athsvic.org.au/our-clubs/
You may like to look for an Athletics Club or a Recreational Running Group – it depends on how you would like to participate! If you need additional support in finding a club, read here or info@athsvic.org.au and a team member will be happy to help.