XCR’21: Round 3 – St Anne’s Ekiden Relay

Date: Saturday 5th June 2021

Entries Close: Monday 31st May 2021, 11:59am (Midday)

Location: St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong, VIC 3341

An hour west of the CBD and nestled amongst the Pentland hills, St Anne’s Winery is home to Round 3 of the XCR’21 program. A course set against undulating hills, athletes will be afforded the chance to race events ranging across various distances, competing collectively for their age groups and clubs. The Ekiden Relay will move from Anglesea to St Anne’s for 2021, and all participants will be able to enjoy the best of the venue’s local produce.

  • Presentations will be carried out once all results have been verified after each race.

*Please note that this event and its offerings are subject to change in alignment with advice from the Victorian Government

**Club administrators are responsible for completing team entries for XCR Relay events, not individual athletes. Any queries regarding team selection should be directed to your club.

Important Information:

Enter Here (Clubs Only)XCR’21 Handbook (Updated 29.04.21)XCR’21 Duty RosterResultsHubAV Rules and PoliciesDHHS Guidelines for Sport and Exercise

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date. This can be done via email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au or by phoning the Athletics Victoria office on 8646 4526 (Leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing). Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries. Emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable which will take the place of the Draft Timetable.