AVSL 2020-21

We are so excited to see you back on track for our Summer of AVSL. Life has changed in many ways for people over the past six months, and Athletics was not immune to this.

The State Government and DHHS are hoping that community sport can go ahead from November 2020 – but health and safety measures need to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when organising these events.

With this in mind, you may notice that we are not offering all Track and Field events at AVSL for the opening 4-6 rounds.

The choice to include or exclude events is based on three factors.

  1. Safety for participants, coaches, and event staff 
  2. Participation numbers over the past two seasons
  3. Ensure event value is the best it can be, encouraging people back into the sport.

If an event is not offered in AVSL we will endeavor to have it included in specialist group meets where safe to do so.

For more information on what steps to follow and processes to adhere to in light of COVIDSafe requirements, we have put together a guide that will assist you via the button below.

How it works

  • There will be ten (10) rounds of AVSL commencing 28th November 2020 – March 2021.
  • 4 Metro venues and 3 Regional venues will operate each week
  • Each venue will host (4) 60 minute sessions – where you will be able to participate in all four events on offer within the 60 minute session – just book in a timeslot
  • Events will include Sprint, Run/Walk, Jump and Throw
  • Open to all individuals – junior, open, masters, able-bodied and para-athletes
  • For AVSL points scoring, an athletes best three (3) performances will be scored and contribute towards club points
  • Teachers/School Coaches, please contact Athletics Victoria if you wish to register your students for AVSL rounds at info@athsvic.org.au
  • School Student & Trialling Athlete information is available by clicking here

What do I need to do pre-event?

How to enter

After purchasing your membership – see membership steps here – you will be eligible to purchase an AVSL entry:

  1. Go to www.athsvic.org.au and select Members Portal
  2. Log into your account
  3. On the Home Page, select the EVENTS tab
  4. Choose the ROUND and the VENUE (Please be advised that opportunities in throws at Doncaster are limited and are on a first come first serve basis)
  5. Select your preferred timeslot and proceed to the shopping cart
  6. If you have an AVSL Package, your entry will be $0 – you must complete the transaction otherwise your entry will not be submitted!
  7. Check out and pay for your entry if you don’t have an AVSL Package.
  8. You will receive an EVENT ENTRY CONFIRMATION EMAIL shortly after registering (check your junk mail if it’s not in your inbox).



CS Sports App can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store

What do I need to do on event day?

  • Arrive and park in the external carpark
  • All patrons must complete COVID-19 QR scanning on entry to the venue
  • Athletes will be able to collect membership/bibs on arrival at check-in
  • Training/warm up must be completed outside the venue
  • Participants will proceed directly through to the venue and have the luxury of choosing between 1-4 events on offer within the 60-minute session.
  • On the track the circular track will operate in the first 30 minutes of the 60-minute session followed by the sprint event on the second half of the session.
  • In the field, areas are limited to ten (10) at a time. Athletes will report into the event site. The official will have pre-registered field sheets for each session. Once you report in, the official will sign you in, and allow you to compete.
  • Once athletes complete all events, they will then be asked to exit through the egress point.
  • The motto is “Get in, Participate and Get out!”
  • Please note that guidelines on face coverings have been updated as of 22nd November 2020 however due to the age demographic of our Victorian Officials, at this time all patrons attending venues across Victoria MUST wear a face-covering whilst in the venue.

Where can I compete?

Update 30.11.2020: Athletes will now be eligible from AVSL Round 2 onwards to compete at any of the seven (7) venues across Metro and Regional zones. All athletes will be eligible to score AVSL points however can only compete in one session across the metro and regional venues per AVSL round.

What COVIDsafe principles do I need to follow?

  • Wear a mask or face covering (government permitted face coverings only)
  • Do not attend if you feel sick or unwell
  • Maintain physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  • Cough and sneeze into tissue or elbow
  • Good hand hygiene
  • Do not spit or blow nasal fluid at any time within the venue

Draft Timetables

Please see the below draft table for AVSL rounds 1-6

Events like the 60metre and 600metre have been chosen as entry points for newcomers to our sport – so they can come along and experience all the fun that AVSL has to offer.

The current timetable is based on step 4 of the Victorian Government roadmap back to COVID-Normal and the associated capacity numbers at any one time. AVSL events will be reviewed on a round by round basis. If capacity numbers increase then the team will review and if feasible will start to integrate other disciplines into the AVSL program going forward.

The events below are not included in AVSL at this moment in time due to increased demands on cleaning and movement of equipment. These events have been scheduled into other meets until advised by government.

  • Pole Vault
  • High Jump
  • Hammer Throw
  • Hurdles
  • Steeple Chase
  • Javelin

We will monitor the health and safety information provided by the State Government as it is released – and will look to add these events into AVSL as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.


Please see the below table for AVSL venues for rounds 1-4

Please note that as a result of resourcing challenges, AVSL Round 4 at Werribee has now been replaced by Aberfeldie

Each round will be run at 4 Metro and 3 Regional Venues across Victoria.

In order to ensure a COVIDsafe event, AVSL Round 1-4s at Metro Venues have been moved to Sundays. AVSL will look to return to Saturday competition for Metro Venues in the New Year.