Membership FAQ Page

Athletics Victoria is excited to launch the oncoming season through our digital platform – RevolutioniseSPORT.

RevolutioniseSPORT is an online, cloud-based, end-to-end platform for sporting and community organisations. You drive everything in the platform, our membership core—online registrations, finance and invoicing, team entries, and managing attendance for competitions, events, training and more.

Please see our FAQS below.

Once you’ve got all your information, head over to our membership page to take your next steps in order to achieve your goals.

Athletics Victoria’s HOW-TO Videos


How do I sign up as a member?It’s easy to sign up or renew your membership. For renewing members, you’ll notice we have moved to a new member portal with revSPORT. See this helpful video here. If you’re new to AV (welcome!), please see here.
Can individuals register for XCR without holding an AV membership?Yes, non-members can register for individual entry to XCR (not relays). Go to the revSPORT portal and under the events tab look for the XCR events that include a ‘Non-Member’ registration option. Sign up by providing contact details, and pay by card. An email will be sent to the email address provided confirming registration.
How do I purchase family memberships to get the discount?Athletics Victoria again offers a family discount. To learn more about the family discount please click here.
I’m trying to renew and the portal says I have a duplicate profile, what do I do?If the portal says you have a duplicate profile, a few things may be causing this. Most likely, you have not entered your National Member ID, allowing you to register. You can find your National Member ID here.
I want to compete with a new club this season, what do I need to do? Will I be charged a fee?If you wish to compete with a different club at the start of the season, that is totally fine. Just pick the club you want to register with from this list and follow the prompts to renew your registration. We no longer charge a fee for members to change clubs so long as this is completed before April 30.
Does AV offer Alternate First Claims?When renewing your membership, select the Winter club you will be competing for.
Check the box next to Do you run for a second club in the summer season?
AV will send you an email in September notifying you that you can purchase club membership for the Summer season (you will only be charged the second club’s fees + $50 AV Fee).
Email: info@athsvic.org.au to notify AV – we will then change your club to the Summer club in the system.
How do I upgrade my membership?To upgrade your membership, please complete this form.
How can I view my bib number?To find your bib number, you need to log into your revSPORT account by following the instructions in this video.
Am I still automatically entered into each XCR Round?Yes, with the purchase of an XCR package you will automatically be entered into each individual round of XCR.
Do members need a username for the new portal?When renewing membership with AV, the revSPORT portal will ask for members’ first and last names, and date of birth. This will confirm their identity and allow them to renew without requiring a username. Once renewed, members will need to use the ‘Forgot Login Details’ link to recover their revSPORT username. This will not be the same as their previous portal username. Follow the steps outlined in this video here.
I paid for a membership. Why is it making me pay for the AVSL round?Entry into AVSL each week is not included in the AV Base Membership.

Purchasing an AVSL package will ensure you don’t pay $26 each round enabling you to participate each week without additional payment.
Those who don’t wish to purchase a package can pay per round. Individual rounds of AVSL cost $26 per round, not per event.

Please watch this video here if you wish to purchase an AVSL package after having already renewed.

Please watch this video if you would like assistance with registering for events.
I want to transfer to a different club during the season; how can I do this?As in previous years, members are permitted to transfer club mid-season. Transfers are limited to one transfer, per member in any given year. To transfer, please follow the steps below in your club Portal, revSport.

1. Member A registers with Club A for the season.
2. Member A wants to transfer to Club B during the season.
3. Club B raises the transfer request in revSPORT.
4. Club level approves the transfer, Athletics Victoria reviews.
5. Athletics Victoria invoices the member for the $50 transfer fee.
6. Member pays the invoice.
7. Once paid, Athletics VIC can approve the transfer.

I am an Athlete, Official and Coach, can I register as all three?Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. If you are an athlete, you will need to be registered as an Athlete and have purchased an AV Membership.
With either Athlete, Official or Coach as your membership class your accreditations will be visible in your member profile, and you will be able to register for courses through any of these profiles.
I forgot to add my AVSL Package when I registered for my membership, can I buy it now?You sure can!
To upgrade your membership, please complete this form.
I am a Recreational Runner but want to compete in AVSL or Championship Events, how can I do this?Only registered Athletes can access these events – a perk of the membership type.
You can upgrade to an Athlete Member to access these events. To upgrade your membership, please complete this form.
I can’t find my bibs!You can order a replacement bib through the revSPORT portal under the Shop tab, here.
We are committed to reducing our footprint on the environments we use, so in line with previous years there will be no cloth bibs issues for the summer season. Your new timing bibs are now made from hardier material, designed to last the whole season. Please ensure you care for your bibs, e.g. do not machine wash, do not fold. Lost or damaged bibs will incur a new bib fee.
As a school teacher/parent of a school student, I would like to access AVSL. How do I take up this offer?School students may be eligible to compete in their school singlet, enter on an event-by-event basis and do not need to be an AV Member to compete. Please contact Athletics Victoria if you wish to register your students for AVSL rounds at info@athsvic.org.au.
I am new to the sport and don’t have a club yet. How do I find a club?You can search through our Club Finder here or have a look at an alphabetical list of all clubs here.

You may like to look for an Athletics Club or a Recreational Running Group – it depends on how you would like to participate! If you need additional support in finding a club, read here or contact info@athsvic.org.au and an AV team member will be happy to help.