Extreme weather update for this weekend

  • AV Shield Round 8 to go ahead as scheduled
  • HVC5 moves to 10:30am start on Saturday 1 at Lakeside Stadium
  • AV Throwers postponed and further details to be released

This weekend’s weather forecast has a maximum temperature of 35 on Saturday 1 and 41 on Sunday 2 February.

Earlier in the week we advised that the Athletics Victoria Unfavourable Weather Policy may come into play if the weather forecast remained above 35 degrees.

We have continued to monitor the weather forecast and have had regular communication with the Bureau of Meteorology.

We have also conferred with the Zone Committee Presidents and now confirm the following:-

AV Shield:

Round 8 will continue as scheduled and each Zone has already implemented some measures in preparation for the warm to hot conditions.

The program will commence as scheduled but there may be more scheduled breaks for officials as required.

Each Zone has the discretion to change the programming due to the weather and information will be provided to competitors and officials by each Zone on the day.

Athletics Victoria strongly recommend that all competitors, officials and helpers be adequately prepared for AV Shield on Saturday by making sure they hydrate, wear protective clothing, have sunscreen and a hat.

High Velocity Club:

Meet 5 has been rescheduled to 10.30am on Saturday 1 February at Lakeside Stadium.

A big thank-you to all our officials who have made themselves available for HVC5 on Saturday.

The event has been moved because of the predicted maximum of 41 degrees on Sunday.

To all competitors registered for HVC5; if you are not able to compete on Saturday please advise so that where necessary we can re-seed the events.

Entries fees will be carried over to HVC6 or refunded as necessary.

AV Throwers:

Meet 3 has been postponed due to the predicted maximum of 41 degrees on Sunday.

Weather Forecast Warning

The weather forecast across Victoria predicts maximum temperatures above 35 degrees in some areas this weekend.

Athletics Victoria has been monitoring the forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology and if the forecast temperature exceeds 35 degrees this Saturday 1 February at the Zone locations, then this Round of the AV Shield competition may be cancelled due to the extreme weather. 

Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of all our competitors and Victorian officials.  

Any decision to cancel this weeks’ Shield competition will be made before 3pm this Friday 31 January.

All competitors and officials will be notified by email, and alerts will go out via the Athletics Victoria website and social media networks.

Be prepared for the conditions:

  • Stay hydrated before, during and after competition
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen to protect you from the elements 
  • Modify your competition preparation to take the conditions into account
  • Make sure you stay in the shade and out of the elements where possible
  • Look out for other members of your club or sport just in case they may need some assistance

Click here to refer to the Athletics Victoria Unfavourable Weather Policy.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest weather warnings and the seven day forecast vist: