School & Student Athletics Opportunities

School participation in Victorian athletics events (12 – 19 years) provide students of all abilities and fitness levels the opportunity to participate in Victoria’s official schools running calendar and you will create a recognised athletic pathway for your school.

Some of the competitions and events that AV conducts are:

  • All Schools Championships
  • Schools Knockout
  • Track & Field
  • Relays
  • Cross Country and Road Races

Contact State Teams & Athlete Development, Ben King, 03 8646 4500,

Athletics Officials Support Services

Arrange accredited track & field and cross-country officials to your school, district, region or zone sporting events so your competitions are tailored to your students’ abilities and follow the required athletics guidelines.

To book officials, simply complete and return the form for either summer or winter competition to Athletics Victoria at least 21 days prior to your event.

Contact Business Development Leader, Craig Morrow on 03 8646 4502,

Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) Opportunities

Provide additional opportunities to AWD by registering for a classification day and Athletics Victoria will connect them to a club, coach and competition pathway.

Contact State Teams & Athlete Development, Sean Whipp, 03 8645 4514,