About athsvicTV

athsVicTV-New-Blue-VerticalAustralia’s leading provider of athletics content – athsvicTV since 2007 has worked hard to cover all aspects of the sport; including competition coverage, coaching and officiating courses and, numerous athlete interviews.

Primarily supported by volunteers Athletics Victoria welcomes anyone interested in any aspects of broadcast, video capture and post production to contact chris@athsvic.org.au to get involved.

If you have a great story to tell, get in touch with athsvicTV by emailing chris@athsvic.org.au

Hire athsvicTV

No matter the sport or event Athletics Victoria has various options to help capture your next event; from seminars, competition or interviews we are here to assist and make a difference. Contact Chris Kenner on (03) 8646 4507 or chris@athsvic.org.au to discuss.