Victorian Officials

Becoming a Victorian Official is an opportunity to work in a fun and welcoming environment, learn new skills and provide Victorian athlete’s the opportunity to progress through the junior and senior ranks.

With numerous roles and events including; cross country, road, walks, track and field, there is an opportunity for everyone.

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES) is a joint initiative between Athletics Australia and Jetstar Little Athletics and will provide a seamless and transparent education pathway for all Victoria Officials.

With the endorsement of the Australian Sport Commission a new online learning portal has been introduced along with face-to-face course delivery.

Become a Victorian Official

  • Think you know your athletics?
  • Do you enjoy competition?
  • Or do you just want to be in and amongst the action trackside?

Whether you’re a parent seeking further involvement in your child’s chosen sport, or an athlete or coach looking to gain a new perspective on your craft, officiating is a great way to appreciate and learn about athletics when you don’t want to run, jump, or throw.

Contact Athletics Victoria on 03 8646 4500 or email for more information on how to become a Victorian Official.

Further information on the official’s accreditation process is available below.