Officials Updating

It will be mandatory that Officials maintain their current qualification or seek a higher qualification within a four-year period or risk the possibility of being down-graded.

To maintain or attain a higher accreditation, each Official will be required to show evidence that they have been involved in a constant process of education and professional development.

This is defined as updating (UPD) and can be achieved by either attending approved accreditation courses or updating activities such as:

  • Learning at the event (Kinaesthetic Learning)
  • Attendance at seminars
  • Being a mentor
  • Being a presenter at a workshop/seminar

The purpose of updating is to ensure Officials attend a minimum number of activities designed to maintain and extend present competencies. The activities should be diverse with no single type of activity contributing to more than half the number of updating points required.

Officials may accumulate more than the required number of updating points within a year, but these cannot be carried over and used to fulfil the next year’s obligations.

Further Information on the Scheme is available from the Athletics Australia or Jetstar Little Athletics Australia websites

Further information will be disseminated shortly.