Coaches & Supporters Resources

The coaches & Supporters resource library contains video recordings, power point presentations and other resources aimed at equipping coaches  & supporters with the skills and knowledge they need to develop and support their athletes through their athletic careers. Presentations cover topics on periodisation and planning, injury prevention, having difficult conversations, strength and conditioning as well as links to TTP guest presenter websites.

Fueling for Sport – Jess Rothwell

Jess Rothwell, VIS Nutritionist, discusses with Parents and Coaches the importance of nutrition for athlete’s performance, training and recovery.

Injury Management – Kevin Craigie

Kevin Craigie, VIS Physiotherapist, talks coaches through the importance of load management for reducing injury risk and how athletes can safely return to full training loads following a break and/or injury.

RED – S Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport – Georgie Buckley

Georgie Buckley discusses how detrimental Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) can be, the warning signs and what can be done to prevent this in athletes.

Mental Health and Well-being – Mark Spargo

Mark Spargo presents to our coaches the importance of mental health and well-being on performance. Additionally, Mark discusses the warning signs coaches need to look out for, as well as how to handle situations where an athletes lack of mental health may be an issue.

Recovery Modalities – Tess Rhodes

Tess Rhodes presents coaches with a range of options to improve their athletes’ recovery.