Athlete Resources

The athlete resource library contains video recordings, power point presentations and other resources aimed at equipping developing athletes with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an athlete. Presentations cover topics on sleep and recovery, sports psychology, injury prevention, mindfulness, sponsorship, nutrition, managing finances and competing clean.

Recovery Modalities

Tess Rhodes

Tess Rhodes covers a range of recovery methods that athletes can implement in their daily routines strait away!


The Fifth Direction

The Fifth Direction discuss the benefits that meditation, mindfulness and relaxation breathing provide for performance. These are the two workshops that were provided for the athletes, during our first TTP session this year.


Mental Health and Well-being

Mark Spargo

Mark Spargo discusses how stress and mental health impact performance. He provides strategies athletes can use to identify the triggers of stress, and periods of poor mental health, along with a range of techniques to promote positive mental health.