Development Pathway

With a number of options available for athletes pursuing the next step, Athletics Victoria provides a variety of teams and squads to help harness athlete development and progression into the national ranks.


State level championships provide the opportunity for athletes to meet selection criteria to be invited to compete at national events and championships. These events are a great opportunity to compete against the states best athletes.


Athletics Victoria through its squads program is able to provide selected athletes with the opportunity to involved in specialised training camps. As a development tool seminars are also available for athletes of all levels to improve on technique and training methods.


Athletics Victoria currently has three development squads on offer to athletes exceling in the sport as a pathway for development. These squads are provided as a stepping stone to national athlete pathways and provide educational, training and coaching support to help increase an athletes ability to reach its full potential. The three current squads are the Target Talent Program, A Squad and V Squad.

State Teams

Athletics Victoria states squads offer a pathway for individuals aged between 12-19 years to compete in a results focused environment against athletes from around Australia in both track and field, and out of stadia competition. State team’s are made up of athletes who have met certain criteria after competing in state level championships.