AV Shield Results Query

Athletics Victoria and the AV Shield committee strive for accurate and timely results. If you have concerns about a result, please fill in the form on this page, making sure that it is clear which result in particular you are referring to, so that we may review and correct if necessary.

Queries must be made no later than Tuesday 5:00pm following the completed round of competition. Please note that from the correction window closing to updating of results there may be a delay. This is so that each zone can review any queries and ensure that incorrect results are updated. Due to the limited resources of time for each Zone scoring team, there will not be any individual notification or explanation of why a particular result was or was not corrected.

If outside of the correction window you feel that there is a result that is of particular concern (result ranks higher than it should which impacts on rankings) then it may be reported and it will be at the scorers discretion to update the result.

Any queries that are not able to be explained via the form can be sent to shieldresults@athsvic.org.au