2018 Victorian Masters Track & Field Championships

General Information

The Victorian Masters Track & Field Championships will again take place at Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster in 2018. There are events for all abilities to enter, athletes will compete in five year age groups (30- 34, 35-39, 40-44 etc).


Date: Saturday 24th March & Sunday 25th March

Location: Tom Kelly Athletic Track, Doncaster (Melway Ref: 33 J11) (Google Maps)

Entries Close: 11:59am Tuesday 13th March – No late or on the day entries will be accepted.

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date at summer@athsvic.org.au or the Competitions Department on 8646 4512/8646 4526 and leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries and emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable with allocated provisional times.


Any enquiries regarding the 2018 Victorian Masters Championships should be forwarded to competitions@athsvic.org.au


Event entries will be refunded in full, less a 10% administration fee (minimum $5) where;
– requests are received prior to the competition closing date and time
– requests received after the competition closing date and time must be accompanied by a current medical certificate before the first day of competition.

Requests are to be made via writing to competitions@athsvic.org.au

Competition Rules

Check-In: Athletes MUST CHECK IN ONE HOUR prior to the start time of the first round of any TRACK event they have entered and sign in. Check-in is located at the Little Athletics club room located at the finish line end of the venue.

Athletes competing in FIELD events do not have to check in for their field event. They are to marshal at the event site 15 minutes prior to the event start time. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Athletes are to collect their bib numbers from Check-In.

If you are running late for any reason and wish to contact a member of the Athletics Victoria staff on the day, please contact 0447 202 160.

Timetable: A provisional timetable (as of 15/3/18) can be found online by clicking here.

Call Room: Please note there will be no Call Room for this event – all athletes are required to marshal at the start line/event 15 mins prior to the start of their event.

Age: As of first day of competition, 24th March 2018

In events where athletes are required to run a set IAAF distance, athletes must show a distinct effort to complete the course/distance based on the premise that this is a running event. Athletes who walk for prolonged periods will be asked to remove themselves from the track.

If an event is scheduled as a timed final, athletes will be seeded based on recent seasons best performances. Seed times can be provided on the day when signing in.

Start Rules:

  1. Masters athletes are not required to use starting blocks and do not need to start from a crouched position or have both hands in contact with track.
  2. In any race, athletes who are charged with a false start, as determined by the head starter, shall be warned. Athletes who are charged with a second false start in the same race shall be disqualified.
  3. Two or more age groups, men and women, may compete together provided there are separate results for each group.

Hurdles: Competitors in hurdling events must hurdle with a continuous motion thus ensuring that both feet must be off the ground for at least an instant.

Starting Blocks: Masters athletes are not required to use starting blocks and do not need to start from a crouched position or have both hands in contact with track.

Steeplechase: In steeplechase events, competitor may hurdle or vault the barriers or step on the top rail in continuous motion but may not climb them. The hands or feet may touch only the top surface of the barrier and no other part of the body may touch any part of the barriers.

Lap Scorers: Athletes competing in any event that is 3000m or longer must provide a lap scorer for the duration of their race.


Two hands must be used to throw the hammer and weight throw.


  1. Both feet must be off the ground during the vault or jump.
  2. Masters’ competitors are allowed to touch the landing area before clearing the bar but may not use the landing area to any advantage as determined by the Field Judge.
  3. When a high jump or pole vault competition includes competitors in different age groups and there is only one competitor left in an age group, that competitor shall have the right to have the height of the bar raised in terms of applicable IAAF rules, even though other competitors in other age groups may still be competing. Said competitors must continue in the normal progression and may not jump at these special heights.
  4. Only one number is required to be worn by competitors in the high jump and pole vault.
  5. Competitors will be split based on their seasons best as provided at entry. Athletes from the same age group may compete at various times of the day. As such medals will not be given until all competitors in that age group have finished competing. Please review the High Jump allocations here or the Pole Vault allocations here.


Athletes must wear their club/affiliate or their Masters Athletic Uniform

Colour Coded Competition Bibs: Competition numbers are colour coded by age group to provide quicker and easier identification of competitors from a distance. A competitor’s age group is indicated by the first 2 digits of the competition number, as well as the background colour.

30-34 White 55-59 Yellow 75-79 Pink
35-39 Blue 60-64 Light Blue 80-84 Pale Blue
40-44 Red 65-69 Mauve 85-89 Green
45-49 Lime 70-74 Gold 90+ White
50-54 Orange

Spikes: Must not exceed 7mm (track) and 9mm (field). Conical, pyramid & Christmas tree are permitted. Needle or pin spikes are not permitted.

Protests: Protests can be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result. The protest must be accompanied with a deposit of $50.00 which will be forfeited if the protest is not upheld. These can be submitted to the administration area.

Weather Policy: In the event of extreme heat during the weekend, please note Athletics Victoria may modify the program for the safety of athletes, officials and spectators. If this is to happen Athletics Victoria will communicate this as soon as possible via the AV website, social media and email to all participants. We would like to make sure all athletes, officials and spectators stay hydrated, wear protective clothing, and wear sunscreen and a hat.