2014 Victorian Track Relay Championship

Entries Close: 11:59pm Sunday 16 November, 2014 – No late or on day entries will be accepted. If you are experiencing problems entering please contact summer@athsvic.org.au or call 8646 4500 before the closing deadline.

Entry Price: $30.00 per team/event.

Cancellation/Refund: Entry fees will only be refunded if a cancellation is received in writing to prior to entries closing. Any refunds after this time will be processed only ifthe written notification is accompanied with a medical certificate.

How to enter: 

  • Club representative will need to enter via the online AV club portal – Your club president/registrar will have the login details for this portal.
  1. Press register button for each relay event – this will drop to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click edit participants – you will need to select one (1) athlete per team (1 athlete = 1  team, 2 athletes = 2 teams etc.). Please type in the bib number of a current athlete in that age group (please note: it does not matter which athlete you use for the entry, we only look at the club and age group for the event entry).
  3. Once all teams are selected you can make the payment (credit card only) and the receipt will be emailed to the club.

Athlete Eligibility: Athletes must be 2014/15 registered AV members by 11:59pm Wednesday 26 November, 2014. After this time athletes will not be eligible to compete in the Track Relays event.

Age Groups: Age is taken from 31 December, 2014. Overage athletes age will be taken from the day of competition 29 November, 2014.

Age Group Year of Birth
Under 14 2001, 2002, 2003
Under 16 2000, 1999
Under 18 1998, 1997
Open 1996 +
40+ 1965 – 1974
50+ 1964 +

Questions: Please contact AV on summer@athsvic.org.au for more information.