AV 2018-2019 Summer Track & Field Fixtures

With great excitement, we’re incredibly happy to announce the 2018 – 2019 Summer Track & Field Schedule. Be sure to pencil in your events for the season, and why not expand your horizons and try something new!

AV Schools Fixtures 2018

  • Victorian Schools Track Relays: Wednesday 5th September 2018
  • Schools NITRO Challenge: Thursday 13th September 2018 (Format has replaced AV Schools Knockout. More information to follow)
  • Victorian All Schools Championships: Friday 2nd November – Sunday 4th November 2018

Other Athletics Opportunities

  • National All Schools Championships: Friday 7th December – Sunday 9th December 2018 (Cairns)
  • National Nitro Schools Challenge: Monday 10th December 2018 (Cairns)

View more information on each event here.

AV Shield Fixtures 2018-2019 (Venues TBC)

  • AV Shield Round 1: Friday 5th October 2018 (Red & Yellow Program 2, Venue TBC)/Saturday 6th October 2018 (Blue & White Program 1, Blue Zone Venue TBC)
  • AV Shield Round 2: Saturday 13th October 2018
  • AV Shield Round 3: Saturday 20th October 2018
  • AV Shield Round 4: Saturday 27th October 2018
  • AV Shield Round 5: Saturday 10th November 2018
  • AV Shield Round 6: Saturday 17th November 2018
  • AV Shield Round 7: Saturday 1st December 2018
  • AV Shield Round 8: Friday 14th December (White & Blue Program 1, Lakeside Stadium) & Saturday 15th December 2018 (Red & Yellow Program 2)
  • AV Shield Round 9: Saturday 12th January 2019
  • AV Shield Round 10: Saturday 19th January 2019
  • AV Shield Round 11: Saturday 2nd February 2019
  • AV Shield Round 12: Saturday 9th February 2019
  • AV Shield Final: Saturday 23rd February 2019 (Lakeside Stadium)

View more information on each event here.

*Further information including Timetables, Rules of Competition, Duty Rosters etc will be communicated to members in due course.

Victorian Track & Field Championship Fixtures 2018-2019

  • Victorian 5km Championships: Thursday 15th November 2018 (Lakeside Stadium)
  • Victorian State Relay Championships: Saturday 24th November 2018 (Venue TBC)
  • Zatopek10: Thursday 13th December 2018 (Lakeside Stadium)
  • Victorian Multi Event Championships: Saturday 12th January – Sunday 13th January 2019 (Venue TBC)
  • Victorian Country Championships: Saturday 26th January – Monday 28th January 2019 (Bendigo)
  • Victorian State Championships (Junior & Open): Friday 1st March – Sunday 3rd March 2019 (Lakeside Stadium)
  • Victorian State Championships (Junior & Open): Friday 8th March – Sunday 10th March 2019 (Lakeside Stadium)
  • Victorian Masters Championships: Saturday 23rd March – Sunday 24th March 2019 (Venue TBC)

View more information on each event here.

Other Athletics Opportunities

  • Magpie Multis: Saturday 6th October – Sunday 7th October 2018 (Collingwood)
  • Melbourne Marathon (Vic Marathon Champs): Sunday14th October
  • LA Regional Relay Championships: Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November 2018
  • LA Relay Championships: Saturday 15th December 2018
  • Steigen Spectacular, Landy Field, Geelong: Saturday 22nd December
  • LA Multi Event Championships: Saturday 2nd February – Sunday 3rd February 2019
  • LA Regional Championships: Saturday 16th February – Sunday 17th February 2019
  • LA Victorian State Track and Field Championships: Saturday 16th March – Sunday 17th March 2019
  • National Masters Championships: Friday 26th April – Sunday 28th April 2019 (Lakeside Stadium)

*Athletics Australia will be launching 2018-19 fixtures in the coming weeks. For information on National dates, please contact the Athletics Australia office.

AV Memberships and Bibs for 2018/2019

1424 Athletics Victoria Membership packs will be delivered to Club Managers tomorrow at XCR18 Round 1 Jells park Relays.

Each AV member will receive in their membership pack:-

  •  Athletics Victoria SportsPass Membership Card
  •  Athletics Victoria Welcome Letter
  •  two (2) Cloth Bib Numbers and
  • one (1) timing Bib

Cloth bibs are to be worn front and back at the following events:-

  • XCR Relay Events ( Jells Park, Sandown, Angelsea and Tan Relays) and
  • Summer track & field competition

For all individual XCR18 Rounds (St Annes, Cruden Farm, Bundoora, Albert Park, Ballarat and Burnley),

  • The Timing Bib is to be worn on the front, and
  • one cloth bib on the back.

Please refer to the AV BIB placement guide XCR 18 BIB INSTRUCTIONS

A copy of the BIB Guide will be provided to each AV member along with their membership pack

Three (3) bibs – two cloth and one timing chip bib have been issued to all memberships received this week before the closing date.

The TIMING Chip BIB (front) and one CLOTH Bib  is to be used in all individual XCR Events.

Members are reminded to keep all bibs in tact as if a bib is lost or misplaced then there is a fee for all replacement bibs.

Club Managers/Reps will make arrangements to hand out all membership packs to Club Members.




XCR18 Round 1 Jells Park

Relay Team entries close 11.59am Monday 16th April 2018

Member Registrations to compete at Jells Park close 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.  

Clubs must have approved your membership to be eligible to compete at Jells Park.

**Members please make sure you complete your registration well before the closing time on Wednesday 18th April 11.59am to allow Clubs time to approve your memberships. Only approved memberships will be eligible to compete at JELLS PARK on Saturday 21st April 2018.

** Club Registrars – please approve all memberships before 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.


XCR’18 Handbook

XCR’18 is almost upon us and all of the information you need in regards to entry process, venues and locations, racing distances and much more is now available, so make sure you download the XCR’18 Handbook here.

Entries for Rd 1 at Jells Park close at 11:59am on Monday 16th April, so be sure to get your teams in before the closing time.
All athletes must be registered and approved by 11:59am on Wednesday 18th April in order to be eligible to compete and score points for their team. Memberships can be completed via the member portal.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Jells Park on Saturday 21st April.

GC 2018 Commonwealth Games – Your quick guide to Track & Field

With the Opening Ceremony for GC2018 set to commence at 7pm tonight, all eyes will be on the the Gold Coast to set the scene for the next twelve days of incredible competition.

Here is your quick guide to when all of the track & field team will be competing commencing on Sunday 8th April with 20km Race Walk from 7.00am.

Good luck to all of the team, and a special ‘good luck’ to our Victorians.

For more information on the Australian track and field team including bio’s click here

To send a message to the team, click HERE


Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Name Event (s)
Liam Adams (Vic) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Naa Anang (Qld) Long jump 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
Angus Armstrong (NSW) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Eliza Ault-Connell (NSW) T54 marathon; 6.10am(F)
1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Joel Baden (Vic) High jump 10.20am (Q) 8.05pm (F)
Angela Ballard (ACT) T54 1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Brianna Beahan (WA) 100m hurdles 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
4x100m relay 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Dane Bird-Smith (Qld) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Damien Birkinhead (Vic) Shot put 4.35pm (Q) 8.25pm  (F)
Melissa Breen (ACT) 100m; 2.05pm (Hts) 9.50pm (F)
5.12pm (SF)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Rohan Browning (NSW) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Zoe Buckman (Vic) 1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Alysha Burnett (NSW) Heptathlon Heptathlon
Lisa Campbell (Qld) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Luke Cann (WA) Javelin 10.00am (Q Grp A) 2.35pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Declan Carruthers (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Joshua Clarke (NSW) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Rhiannon Clarke (WA) T38 100m 8.05pm (F)
Erin Cleaver (NSW) T38 long jump; 3.18pm (F)
100m 8.05pm (F)
Maddie Coates (Vic) 200m; 12.20pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Brianna Coop (Qld) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Mitchell Cooper (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Rhydian Cowley (Vic) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Kyle Cranston (NSW) Decathlon Decathlon
Cam Crombie (ACT) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Jack Dalton (Vic) Hammer throw 2.00pm (F)
Riley Day (Qld) 200m; 12.20pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Madison de Rozario (WA) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Joseph Deng (Qld) 800m 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
Matthew Denny (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
hammer throw 2.00pm (F)
Ian Dewhurst (NSW) 400m hurdles 11.15am (Hts) 7.45pm (F)
Taylor Doyle (NSW) T38 long jump 3.18pm (F)
Cedric Dubler (Qld) Decathlon Decathlon
Emmanuel Fayike (NSW) Triple jump 10.30am (Q) 3.15pm (F)
Kurt Fearnley (NSW) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Henry Frayne (Qld) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Taryn Gollshewsky (Qld) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Murray Goodwin (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Ryan Gregson (NSW) 1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Georgia Griffith (Vic) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Jack Hale (Tas) 4x100m relay 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Linden Hall (Vic) 1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Chris Hamer (ACT) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Benn Harradine (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Alex Hartmann (Qld) 200m; 8.50pm (SF) 9.56pm (F)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Madeline Hills (NSW) 5,000m; 3.20pm (F)
10,000m 8.35pm (F)
Isis Holt (Vic) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Michael Hosking (Vic) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Nick Hough (NSW) 110m hurdles 11.30am (Hts) 7.45pm (F)
Alexandra Hulley (NSW) Hammer throw 8.40pm (F)
Marty Jackson (Vic) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Michelle Jenneke (NSW) 100m hurdles 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
Caitlin Jones (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Kailyn Joseph (NSW) T38 long jump 3.18pm (F)
Nina Kennedy (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Genevieve LaCaze (Vic) 3,000m SC 7.45pm (F)
Fabrice Lapierre (NSW) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Jake Lappin (Vic) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Kurtis Marschall (SA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Luke Mathews (Vic) 800m; 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Danielle McConnell (Tas) Hammer throw 8.40pm (F)
Nicola McDermott (NSW) High jump 2.25pm (F)
Morgan McDonald (NSW) 5,000m 3.20pm (F)
Brittany McGowan (Qld) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
David McNeill (Vic) 5,000m; 4.40pm (F)
10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Stewart McSweyn (Tas) 5,000m; 4.40pm (F)
10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Kathryn Mitchell (Vic) Javelin 7.15pm (F)
Morgan Mitchell (Vic) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Victoria Mitchell (NSW) 3,000m SC 7.45pm (F)
Christopher Mitrevski (Vic) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Virginia Moloney (Vic) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Jemima Montag (Vic) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Daniel Mowen (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Celeste Mucci (Vic) Heptathlon Heptathlon
Kim Mulhall (Vic) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Ella Nelson (NSW) 200m 12.48pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
Lara Nielsen (Qld) Hammer 9.40pm (F)
James Nipperess (NSW) 3,000m SC 7.30pm (F)
Bendere Oboya (NSW) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Evan O’Hanlon (NSW) T38 100m 7.10pm (F)
Ella Pardy (WA) T38 100m 8.05pm (F)
Elizabeth Parnov (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Hamish Peacock (Tas) Javelin 10.00am (Q Grp A) 2.35pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Huw Peacock (Tas) Hammer 2.00pm (F)
Sally Pearson (Qld) 100m hurdles; 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
4x100m relay 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Cassie Purdon (Qld) High jump 2.25pm (F)
Joshua Ralph (NSW) 800m; 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Samuel Rizzo (Vic) T54 1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Kelsey-Lee Roberts (Vic) Javelin 7.15pm (F)
Anneliese Rubie (NSW) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
  Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Carly Salmon (NSW) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Jayden Sawyer (ACT) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Michael Shelley (Qld) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Keely Small (ACT) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
Beki Smith (NSW) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Steven Solomon (NSW) 400m; 3.47pm (Hts) 7.56pm (SF) 9.48pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Brandon Starc (NSW) High jump 10.20am (Q) 8.05pm (F)
Dani Stevens (NSW) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Brooke Stratton (Vic) Long jump 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
Celia Sullohern (NSW) 10,000m; 8.35pm (F)
5,000m 3.20pm (F)
Claire Tallent (SA) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Pat Tiernan (Qld) 10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Jessica Trengove (SA) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Samuel Walker (Tas) T38 100m 7.10pm (F)
Lisa Weightman (Vic) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Eloise Wellings (NSW) 5,000m; 3.20pm (F)
10,000m 8.35pm (F)
Lauren Wells (ACT) 400m hurdles; 11.50am (Hts) 7.30pm (F)
long jump; 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Trae Williams (Qld) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m relay 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Jordan Williamsz (Vic) 1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Q Qualification Round
Hts Heats
SF Semi Final
F Final

Tim Crosbie reports from Valencia, Spain

2018 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships – Valencia, Spain

Set on the shores of the Balearic Sea in the Mediterranean, the Spanish port city of Valencia played host to the biennial World Half Marathon Championship on Saturday 24th March.  And with the IAAF embracing recreational running as part of it’s long term strategy , the Championship had the added element of a ‘peoples’ race numbering some 15,000 runners being held at the same time.
With 86 competing nations and over 300 Championship athletes across the women’s and men’s races, the IAAF were pleased to report the largest participation at an event of this kind, and without doubt the pre-eminent distance race on the global calendar for 2018.
Unfortunately race day arrived with gusting north westerly winds reaching up to 50km per hour and averaging around 30km, and with some rain forecast time expectations were lowered.
Australia had a team of five take part, four of whom were Victorians and three debutantes at this level of competition.  Here are the race summaries:


The Women’s race started 25 minutes before the men and mass field of the ‘peoples’ event.  The 5:05pm start time was aimed at maximising spectator involvement in what is termed the ‘city of running’ and with excitement around the possibility of a women’s world record being run the people of Valencia lined the course in big numbers.

With two competing runners, Sinead Diver (South Melbourne) and Ellie Pashley  (Deakin) Australia were not going to field a scoring team due to the late withdrawal of Olympian Milly Clark, however with both girls demonstrating great form in the lead up there was high interest in just how highly they might place.

Moving through the first 5km together in 16:47 the girls were placed in the mid 50’s, just in to the top half of the 120 strong field.  The next 5km included some exposed areas of the course as they turned from the coast and headed towards the central part of the city.  A resultant drop in pace still had them on for PB’s, although the 10km split of 34:16 may well have indicated both were slowing quite a bit, despite having moved up 10 places.

With a pack of eight to ten to work with, both Pashley and Diver took their turns leading into the breeze, guaranteeing the pace didn’t drop too far.  Diver hit 15km 51:33 in 32nd position with Pashley just 2 seconds and 4 spots back in the pack.  The course now entered the central part of old Valencia where high buildings provided some relief from the breeze.

The run for home meant the assistance of the tailwind was felt for the first time.  With Diver going through 20km in 1:08:13, a 16:40 5km split had propelled her into the top 25 and gold label status for the first time.  Pashley was following in Diver’s footsteps with only 3 seconds separating the pair as they entered the final kilometre.

Valencia spared no expense organising a stunning finish with a raised ramp across a water feature in the middle of the city’s arts precinct hosting the final 100m.  With a sharp right turn followed by a sharp left the Australian girls hit the ramp flying in positions 23 and 24, both recording sub 3:10 closing kilometres to finish the race.  With finishing times of 1:11:40 for Diver and 1:11:43 for Pashley, both girls recorded substantial personal bests in the challenging conditions and have propelled themselves to 15th & 16th respectively on the Australian All Time list for the Half Marathon.

And the crowds of Valencia were treated to a world record run with Ethiopia’s Netsanet Kebede running 1:06:11 to record a new record for a women’s only race, eclipsing the great Lornah Kiplagat’s 1:06:25 from 2007.  The women’s record for a mixed gender race is held by Kenya’s Joyciline Jepkosgei who recorded 1:04:51 on a similar course in Valencia in October 2017.  On Saturday Jepkosgei had to settle for the silver medal some 43 seconds behind the winner.


With the mass field assembled behind them, the Championship men toed the line for a 5:30pm start.  Victorians Collis Birmingham (Eureka) and Dejen Gebreselassie (Mentone) were joined by NSW athlete and 2016 Melbourne Marathon winner Thomas Do Canto.

Taking an honoured position on the front of the start line, the dual Olympian Birmingham was the favoured Australian with both Gebreselassie and Do Canto boasting PB’s well adrift of Birmingham’s 1:00:56 set in Japan in 2013.

However honour soon turned to near disaster as Birmingham was clipped shortly after the start and sent tumbling to the ground.  A little bruised and battered, Birmingham retained his feet to the sight of all 160 championship runners ahead and 15,000 people from the mass start bearing down quickly.

Setting off in pursuit, Birmingham started to make his way through the field and had passed Do Canto by 5km as he moved through in 14:52 and 90th position.  Gebreselassie however had taken advantage of a less than aggressive start be the lead men and sat nicely in a big pack crossing in 14:34 and 39th place.

By 10km the men had faced similar blustery conditions to the women with the split times reflecting this.  Gebreselassie was still under 30min pace but it was getting hard to maintain sub 3’s as they made their way towards the historic heart of Valencia.  Dropping to 61st place, Gebreselassie was soon in Birmingham’s sights as Collis picked off another 15 runners in the preceding 5km.  Do Canto was running a smart race with the assistance of a nice pack crossing 10km in 30:41 for 101st position.

Reaching the central city and 15km, the gap between Gebreselassie and Birmingham narrowed to 7 seconds with Dejen in 56th place and Collis 67th.  A good battle between the Victorians loomed as they started the long run home with an assisting breeze.  At 18km Birmingham came along side his team mate only for the younger of the two to throw down a surge… the honour of being first Aussie important to both of them.  Do Canto by this time was starting to motor through the field having risen 16 positions to 85th.

Reaching 20km in 1:00:34 and 64th position, Gebreselassie held a slender 4 second lead over Birmingham while Do Canto was running quicker than both of them delivering his first sub 15min split for the race and lifting to 72nd place.

Hitting the finish ramp together, Birmingham had one last encouraging word for Gebreselassie before launching his last surge to the line.  With a big pack together every second would count for placings and it was the more experienced of the two who crossed first finishing in 1:03:44 for 62nd place to Gebreselassie’s 1:03:47 in 66th place.  Do Canto maintained 72nd place over the last 1.1km to stop the clock at 1:04:18.

The remarkable Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor ran away from the field to record an unprecedented 3rd successive World Half Marathon Championship in a time of 1:00:02 ahead of Bahrain’s Abraham Cheroben in 1:00:22.  A sprint to the line saw Eritrean Aron Kifle claim third 2 seconds ahead of Ethiopian Jemal Yimer.  With Ethiopians claiming the next two spots they easily took the team title from Bahrain.

So with 4 personal bests from a five member team on a day the IAAF organisers were left thinking what could have been, the Australian team have plenty to feel proud about.  Top 25 and Gold Label performances to the experienced Diver and rookie Pashley highlighted the day for team AUS with the men staging an intriguing battle for personal honours that delivered plenty of excitement for those following the race.

Women’s results
23rd Sinead Diver 1:11:40 (5km splits 16:47, 17:29, 17:17, 16:40 & 3:27)
24th Ellie Pashley 1:11:43 (5km splits 16:47, 17:29, 17:19, 16:40 & 3:28)
122 starters/117 finishers

Men’s results
62nd Collis Birmingham 1:03:44 (5km splits 14:52, 15:16, 15:13, 15:14 & 3:06)
66th Dejen Gebreselassie 1:03:47 (5km splits 14:34, 15:14, 15:29, 15:17 & 3:13)
72nd Thomas Do Canto 1:04:18 (5km splits 15:05, 15:36, 15:31, 14:58 & 3:08)
157 starters/152 finishers



Office closure due to Melbourne F1 Grand Prix

Due to road closures and restricted entry to Albert Park as a result of the upcoming Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix, Athletics Victoria’s office will be unattended from Monday the 19th of March until Tuesday the 3rd of April, 2018.

During this time, AV staff will be working remotely and will be contactable in the first instance via email. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to.

A list of staff and email addresses can be found here.

2018/2019 Membership Fees and Packages

The President of Athletics Victoria Heather Ridley today advised all affiliated Clubs of the upcoming changes to membership and package fees for the 2018/2019 Season.

A comprehensive briefing paper was circulated to all Clubs along with a short video presentation from AV CEO Glenn Turnor outlining these changes.

AV Members will receive a summary email next week (commencing Tuesday 13th March 2018) also outlining these changes.

These changes will come into effect on 1st April 2018.

AV – Membership Fees briefing pack

AV Video Presentation 


[LIVE RESULTS!] Victorian Junior and Para Track & Field Championships

Follow all the action this weekend at the Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships by clicking the Live Results link below. Be sure to follow on all social changes for as-it-happens coverage.

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Australia Day OAM Honours

It was with great pride that three members of Athletics Victoria’s extended family were announced as recipients of Order of Australia Medals (OAM) in the Australia Day honours this year. Lavinia Petrie was awarded an OAM for Service to Athletics in Victoria, Simon Baker was awarded his OAM for Service to Athletics, particularly Race Walking, whilst Tom Hancock was awarded his OAM for Services to Athletics.

We congratulate them all for being duly recognised for their wonderful achievements, which are outlined below as they appeared on this year’s awards list – 

Lavinia Petrie

Service include: 

Victorian Masters Athletics:

Manager, Knox Venue, 6 years. 

Co-Venue Manager, Croydon, 5 years. 

Past Club Captain, 10 years. 

Life Membership, 2012. 

Active Member, since 1977. 

Ringwood Athletics Club: 

Vice- President, since 2012. 

Past President 

Past Secretary 

Life Membership 

Active Member, since1966. 

Athletics Victoria: 

White Zone Secretary, since 2010. 

Former Manager, State Cross Country Teams and Track Teams. 

State Selector, current. 

Active Member, Athlete and Official. 

Member, first Australian women’s Cross Country representative team to World Cross Country, Morocco, 1975. 

Awards and recognition include: 

Recipient, Female Masters Athlete of the Year, International Association of Athletics Federation, 2014. 

Recipient, Edwin Flack Award, Athletics Australia, 2015. 

Recipient, holder of 8 world records, World Masters Athletics Championships.

Simon Baker

Service include: 

Athletics Australia:

Member, Racewalking Commission, since 2013. 

Board Member, 1993-1996. 

Co-Founder, Athletes Commission and Chair, 1992-1997. 

Recipient, E H Flack Award for Distinguished Services to Australian Athletics, 1992. 

Australian Track and Field Coaches Association: 

Director for Strategy, current. 

Coordinator, Racewalk Coaching Course. 

Oceania Representative, International Association of Athletics Federations Athletes Commission, 1991-2001. 

Track and Field Coordinator, Australian Capital Territory Academy of Sport, late 1990s. 

Race walking: 

Level 5 (Elite/International) Coach, since 1994. 

Co-Founder, High Performance Squad, Victorian Racewalking Club. 

Founder and Co-Coordinator, annual Falls Creek New Year Racewalking Training Camp. 

Australian Institute of Sport: 

Former Coach, late 1990s. 

Scholarship holder, 1985-1994. 

Member, Australian Olympic Team, 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996. 

Member, Australian Commonwealth Games Team, 1986 (Gold Medallist), 1990 and 1994. World Cup Representative, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989 (Gold Medallist), 1991 (Silver Medallist) and 1993. 

IAAF World Championship Representative, 1983, 1987, 1991 and 1993. World Indoor Championships Representative, 1989.

Tom Hancock

Services include:

Ivanhoe Harriers Athletics Club, Melbourne:

Coach, since 1964.

Competitor, since 1964.

Life Member.

Coach, Maclean Throwers Club (NSW).

Coach of Paralympians including:

Andrew Martin. Terry Giddy. Peter Negropontis. Kieran Ault-Connell. James Bertalli.

Coach, Maclean Little Athletics Club (NSW).

Lecturer in Charge of Athletics, Institute of Technology in Bundoora, Melbourne,1976-1979.

Former Athletics Course Coach Oceania Region (IAAF Level 1 course), International Amateur Athletics Federation.

Former Australian Discus Coach, Australian Institute of Sport.


Winner of Victorian Junior and Open Championships and Australian Universities Championships.

Holder of 5 world championships in high jump, discus, shot put and the throws pentathlon twice.

Gold Medal, Javelin 30m, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Gold Medal, Discus 30m, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Silver Medal, High jump 120cm, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Silver Medal, Hammer Throw 34m, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Silver Medal, Shot Putt 10.45m, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Silver Medal, Weight Throw 14m, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney, 2015

Silver Medal, Throws Pentathlon, Australian Masters Athletics National Championships, Sydney,

2015 Awards and recognition include:

Recipient, Henri Schubert Award for Australian Athletics Coach of the Year, 1995.


2017/18 AV Shield Season End On A High

Another season of AV Shield has been run and won, culminating in a huge day of competition at Lakeside on Saturday.

The program was interrupted early as the Queen’s Baton Relay entered the stadium as part of its long journey to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games.

Across 14 different categories, their emerged 12 different winning teams on the day, with the only teams to win multiple categories being Glenhunty and Mentone with 2 category victories apiece.

Full individual results can be found here, with team results being available to view here.


2XU On Show at Vic Junior Champs

We’re thrilled to have 2XU attending the 2018 Victorian Junior and Para Track & Field Championships from February 23-25 to show off their latest range, including their celebrated compression products. Be sure to drop by their tent and check out what they have on offer.