Notice of Athletics Victoria Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 Athletics Victoria Annual General Meeting will be held in the Cathy Freeman Room, Athletics House on Wednesday 26th July 2017 at 7.00pm. Club Presidents and Representatives were emailed earlier today with the required information and notices.

The AGM is an annual opportunity for the AV Committee and Management to present its report to the membership on the business of Athletics Victoria over the last twelve months.

For more information about the Annual General Meeting, including Nomination Forms for the Committee, and all Awards (including Life Membership, Merit Awards, Regional Service and Venue Awards) click on the following link.

AV Annual General Meeting 2017

Reminder to all Clubs that to participate and vote at the upcoming AGM, all affiliation fees must be paid by June 30 2017.


Schools Cross Country Championships – SSV Information




This year, School Sport Australia and Athletics Australia will be conducting SEPARATE Cross Country Championships. However, two teams will be selected at the AV All Schools competition. One will represent School Sport Victoria (SSV) at the School Sport Australia Championships and one will represent Athletics Victoria (AV) at the Athletics Australia Australian Cross Country Championships.

This year, it is possible to be a member of both teams and attend both Championships

Details of the events are:


DATE: 11-14 August 2017 inclusive

VENUE: Rokeby Police Academy, Hobart, Tasmania




The Athletics Victoria All Schools Cross Country Championships on Saturday 17 June, 2017 at Bundoora Park is the selection trial for both teams. Selection will be made by the SSV / AV Cross Country Subcommittee based on the selection criteria included in this information package and also on the Availability Form you submit to us on the day.

Athletes may choose to nominate for either one of or both the SSV & AV Teams.

In order to be considered for the SSV team, you must satisfy the criteria and have submitted the Availability Form by Monday 19 June, 2017. Selection will only be made from those who have submitted the Availability Form. This form should be submitted to Team Officials at the Victorian Team Tent near the finish line on the day immediately after the race.

Selected teams will be posted on the SSV and AV websites no later than 5 pm on Thursday 25 June 2017.

Successful athletes will be notified by email of their selection.                


This year, both SSV and AV will be selecting Multi Class athletes to compete in the respective Championships. Multi Class athletes who wish to be selected in the SSV Team must compete in the SSV State Championships on Thursday 20 July. Multi class athletes who wish to be selected in the AV team will be selected from performances at the AV All Schools Championships.


The attached information is intended to assist you in making an informed decision concerning your availability for selection.  Please read it carefully.

Please note that:

  • The SSV Team will participate in a 4 day educational event from Friday 11 August until Monday 24 August 2017 in Hobart

Note that if you are selected in the SSV Team, you will be required to confirm your place by & paying a strictly non-refundable deposit.


SSV Team – SSV has a new uniform supplier, S-Trend. All SSV team members will be required to purchase the new uniform. Due to the new contractual obligations, no BLK or KooGa items of uniform can be worn.

On selection & confirmation of your place in the team, you will receive an e-mail from SSV advising how you are to process and pay for your order via an online system.  Please note that you will be required to pay at the time of ordering your uniform. Sizing charts are available online for all uniform orders. Uniforms will be sent directly to participants.


The team to attend the ISF Cross Country Championships to be held in Paris France in March 2018 will be selected from the School Sport Australia Cross Country Championships ONLY.

This means that individuals interested in being selected must nominate for the SSV Team and compete in the under 18 race for boys and girls.

School Teams interested in being selected for this team must travel as part of the SSV team and compete at the School Sport Australia Championships ONLY


If you have any further enquiries, please contact:

SSV Team:

Kirsteen Farrance,

Operations Manager

School Sport Victoria

03 9488 9464

Kirsteen is on leave from 21 June to 3 July, so please contact Ian Landy (National Programs Officer) on 03 9488 9476.

TEAM SIZE Maximum 60 able-bodied student athletes, up to 18 MULTICLASS student athletes plus 2 school teams (6 boys and 6 girls)
STAFF 8 Team Officials (teachers) PLUS 1 teacher from each school team
MEDICAL 1 (included above)
COMPULSORY UNIFORM Team Vic tracksuit, Team Vic polo shirt, Team Vic shorts, Team Vic competition uniform, Team Vic socks, Team Vic bag, Team Vic Water Bottle, Team Vic Warm-up top, Team Vic t-shirt, Team Vic Cap
ACCOMMODATION Team-style accommodation under the supervision of team officials at the Australian Institute of Sport



Administration Levy incl. Insurance, Transport & Photo –$560.00 approx.


Compulsory Uniform – $400.00 approx+ optional uniform (unless you were in the team last year)


Team Flight – Melbourne – Hobart return $430.00 approx.


Accommodation & Meals – $420.00 approx.



FUNDRAISING Yes. Each team member will be participating in the State Teams Raffle and can raise $800 towards their costs.
PROGRAM & COMPETITION 11 August – Fly to Hobart.

Rokeby Police Academy – Course Inspection and

Opening  Ceremony  – everyone participates and

Pre-Event Meeting (Team Officials only),

12 August  –   Rokeby Police Academy – Individual Events – everyone competes

13 August –  Educational Excursion, Post-Event

Meeting (Team Officials only), Team Officials Dinner (Team Officials only)

14 August –  Rokeby Police Academy  – Relays and Time Trials – everyone competes – followed by Presentations and Closing Ceremony. Fly to Melbourne.

AGE GROUPS 13 YEARS                     13 YEARS MULTICLASS

14/15 YEARS                14/15 YEARS MULTICLASS

16/17 YEARS                16-19 YEARS MULTICLASS

16/17 YEARS     Ages taken as 31 December 2017

18/19 YEARS







§Team Officials are teachers and have the Duty of Care over team members

§Team staffed to DET regulations

§All Team members attend all four days of the Championship

§Team members attend a school affiliated with SSV

§SSV Team Vic Uniform Presentation – There will be a compulsory Presentation Day –Oakleigh South Primary School on Sunday 6 August from 9.30am – 12.00pm approx. involving social activities, team photo, uniform presentation.  All team members are expected to attend.







Kirsteen Farrance

Operations Manager



11 – 14 August 2017


  • You must be a student attending a Victorian school affiliated with the SSV (secondary student) or (primary student).
  • You must be at least 13 years of age as at 31 December 2017.
  • You must submit an availability form to be considered for selection.
  • Age groups for the School Sport Australia Championships are 13 years, 14/15 years, 16/17 years, 18/19 years (as at 31 December 2017) for boys and girls.
  • Maximum of 15 athletes will be selected per age group.
  • Maximum team size will be 60 able-bodied student athletes plus additional MULTICLASS student athletes (up to a total of 18).
  • Two school teams (2 x 6 representatives – one boys and one girls) selected to represent Victoria will be included as part of the SSV team and therefore, they are expected to participate, behave and abide by all expectations in the full event, as any SSV team member would.

NB: It is a requirement of the successful school teams to provide a staff member to travel as a part of the SSV State team, if they wish the school to participate. The schools representatives need to be aware that they must purchase the Team Vic uniform as they are the SSV representative school. They can participate in the relay should they be in our top five runners in the individual race or they will run in the time trial

  • The following will apply to both the boys and girls races in each age group assuming the athletes has nominated the SSV team on the Availability Form, unless item 7 applies:

13 years

  • First six across the finish line. Additional at selectors’ discretion.

14/15 years

  • Winners of the under 15 and under 16 races
  • Next four fastest times from either race. Additional at selectors’ discretion.

16/17 years

  • Winners of the under 17 and under 18 races
  • Next four fastest times from either race. Additional at selectors’ discretion.

18/19 years

  • First six across the finish line. Additional at selectors’ discretion.

School Teams

  • Winning Boys and winning girls schools in the under 18 age group.
  • Athletes who have previously failed to uphold their responsibilities as a member of a SSV team (this includes prior to 2010, the VPSSA and the VSSSA teams) may not be considered for selection.
  • Emergencies will be named and offered places in the team if /when any selections are declined.
  • Successful athletes will have their selection confirmed via email

Open Selection Criteria – 2017 Australian Cross Country Championships

The 2017 Australian Cross Country Championship will be conducted on Saturday, August 26th 2017, at Kembla Joggers Cross Country Park, Wollongong, NSW.

Athletics Victoria may nominate up to 6 male and 6 female athletes for the Open representative teams.


1.1 Registration Status

  • Athletes must be registered as a competing member with a club affiliated with Athletics Victoria at the time of close of entries for the trial event at Bundoora on Saturday 17th June 2017.
  • Athletes without permanent Australian residency must have been registered as a competing member with a club affiliated with Athletics Victoria for a minimum of two years.

1.2 Auto Selection and Priority Selection

  • The trial event for the Australian Cross Country Championships is the Athletics Victoria XCR’17 Cross Country Championships, conducted at Bundoora Park. 17th June 2017. Both the open men and open women will compete over a 10km course at the trial.
  • The first three place getters at the 17th June 2017 trial will be granted automatic selection if they wish to nominate for the Australian Cross Country Championships. Automatic selection will not roll down to the next finishing positions in the event of any of the first three not nominating for the team

1.4 Selectors Discretion

  • The Selectors will have the final say on the composition of the team and will take into consideration aspects such as head to head performances, consistency of performance, injury status and support for the XCR’17 series.
  • In deciding the remaining members of the team, the selectors will take into account performances by athletes in the completed XCR’17 events, including relays.
  • Extra weighting is given to the athlete’s performance at the 17th June 2017 trial event over any other XCR’17 event.

2.1 Nomination for Selection

Athletes interested in nominating must email the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Club Name
  • AV Bib Number
  • Relevant performances since 1st July 2016

All nominations must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Nominees will receive an acknowledgement email within 24 hours of nominating.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please call Sean Whipp at Athletics Victoria on 8646 4500.

2.2 Announcement of the team

The representative team, plus two reserves, will be announced by Wednesday 6th July 2017.  All applicants will be advised by email.




International Coaching Opportunity – Bangalore, India

Athletics Victoria, in partnership with the Victorian Institute of Sport is excited to extend the following short term international coaching opportunity to a suitably qualified, Victorian Sprint Coach.


  • To provide expert one-on-one technical coaching and mentoring to developing Indian sprint athletes and coaches.

Coach expectations

  • Attend training sessions and provide expert technical coaching advice in a one-on-one environment
  • Video athlete technique and provide sessional review and correction recommendations to personal coaches
  • Provide education and mentor opportunities to coaches – both developing and senior
  • Assist in the development of future training programs
  • Provide an assessment of the athletes daily training environment, with feedback on how the current DTE can be best utilised to optimise the athletes ongoing training and recommendations for additional equipment provision

Work type

  • Contract, 14 days from beginning of July 2017


  • Bangalore, India


  • $250 a day (total $3,500), plus VISA and all work-related expenses

Selection criteria

– Essential

  • Be currently registered as an Athletics Australia Accredited Athletics Coach
  • Hold a minimum of IAAF Level 3 and above Sprint Coach certification
  • Have coached an athlete(s) to JNR or SNR National Team representation
  • Current ‘Working With Children’ check
  • Current passport, with a minimum expiry of 6 months from July 2017
  • Be in good standing with Athletics Australia, Athletics Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Sport

– Desirable

  • ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach or equivalent
  • Current First Aid Certificate (including CPR)

How to apply

  • If you meet the selection criteria and this position interests you, please send a brief cover letter along with your coaching specific resume, through to or call (03) 8646 4514 for more information




Fred Lester Distance Running Fund – Training Grants

The aim of the Grants is to financially assist distance runners who are registered with Athletics Victoria, to achieve higher levels of performance. Athletes between 20 and 30 years of age may apply for amounts up to $3000 per annum.

For the purposes of the Training Grants, distance running events include;

  • Cross-country and road races up to and including the Marathon distance
  • Track events from 3000 metres up to and including 10,000 metres

Funding requests could include participation in training camps, clinics and specific coaching programs and other costs directly associated with athletic competition.

Applications should include the following details:

  • Name, address, phone no. and email address
  • Long and short term goals
  • Specific details of the initiative to be funded, including its role in the athlete’s development
  • A summary of best performances to date
  • An itemised list of proposed costs
  • Current sponsorships or grants received to date

CLOSING DATE: October 31st 2017

Mail to:  The Trustees – Fred Lester Scholarship Fund
PO Box 7535

World Para-Athletics Junior Championships Team

Athletics Australia Selectors have confirmed a green and gold team of 12 for the inaugural World Para-Athletics Junior Championships to be held on 3-6 August 2017.

Set to provide the next generation of para-athletics talent with their first taste of international competition as they continue their development pathway towards the Paralympic Games, the four-day event will take place in Nottwil (SUI), a mecca for wheelchair racing thanks to its reputation for record breaking performances.

“The addition of an international event for junior para-athletes is outstanding. It provides a much-needed introduction to the rigours of elite competition and that’s an important opportunity as athletes develop,” Dion Russell, Athletics Australia Chairman of Selectors, said.

“The 12 athletes we have selected are some of the most impressive athletes from the next generation, and we wish them every success. It’s going to be a big month for para-athletics, with Australia’s open age team to compete only weeks before at the London 2017 World Para-Athletics Championships.”

On the track, there are seven sprinters, each set to compete in the 100m for their respective disability class. Competing in ambulant events for athletes with a coordination impairment or limb deficiency are Liam Richardson (T35, Vic), Tamsin Colley (T36, NSW), Erin Garbler (T36, Vic), Samuel Walker (T38, Tas) and Alissa Jordaan (T47, NSW), while Nathan Donaldson (T34, Qld) and Gregory Luff (T34, NSW) compete in wheelchair events for athletes with cerebral palsy.

In the 800m, Daniel Bounty (T38, Qld) and Will Howard (T37, Vic) will both compete in the boy’s two-lap race for ambulant athletes with mild cerebral palsy. Samuel Rizzo (T54, Vic), who is coached by Paralympic champion Richard Colman, will continue Australia’s proud tradition of wheelchair racing across the same distance.

Competing in the field are Kailyn Joseph (T37, NSW) and Ari Gesini (T38, ACT), who will both take to the runway for the long jump.

The World Para-Athletics Junior Championships caters for athletes aged under 20, competing across two age groups (14-17 years old, 18-19 years old). The Championships will be held at the Sport Arena in Nottwil (SUI) in 2017 and 2019.

Australia’s team for the World Para-Athletics Junior Championships will depart Australia on 29 July 2017, arriving in the host city the day following. Competition commences on 3 August 2017 and spans four days.

For more information about the World Para-Athletics Junior Championships, please click here.

 Event Athlete Classification State
100m Nathan Donaldson T34 Qld
  Gregory Luff T34 NSW
  Liam Richardson T35 Vic
  Tamsin Colley T36 NSW
  Erin Garbler T36 Vic
  Samuel Walker T38 Tas
  Alissa Jordaan T47 NSW
800m Daniel Bounty T38 Qld
  Will Howard T37 Qld
  Samuel Rizzo T54 Vic
Long jump Kailyn Joseph T37 NSW
  Ari Gesini T38 ACT

T34: The athlete has a coordination impairment caused by hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis and competes sitting down (i.e. wheelchair racing)

T35-38: The athlete has a coordination impairment caused by hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis and competes standing (i.e. ambulant)

T47: The athlete has a single limb deficiency, below the elbow, or an equivalent join restriction or muscle weakness in one arm.

T54: The athlete has muscle weakness, limb deficiency of joint restrictions and competes in a wheelchair. They have normal arm strength

Team Australia Staff: Amy Hibbert (Team Leader), Brett Robinson (Coach), Susan Andrews (Coach), Mark Wilson (Coach), Melissa Crunkhorn (Physiotherapist), Steve Caddy (Personal Care Attendant), Elisha Gartner (Personal Care Attendant)

Courtesy: Athletics Australia

2017 Athletics Victoria State Cross Country Team – Selection and Competition Information

Australian Cross Country Championships – Kembla Joggers Cross Country Park – Wollongong NSW – Saturday August 26th 2017

This document details Athletics Victoria’s representative team selection procedure for the 2017 Australian Cross Country Championship, Wollongong, NSW.


There will be an Athletics Victoria Selection Committee established to carry out the selection of the Victorian Cross Country team

The selection committee will operate under the selection policy listed, making amendments where deemed necessary to maintain the best interests of Athletics Victoria and to remain in line with any changes drafted by Athletics Australia.

The AV Selection Committee and Athletics Victoria will have final say over selection, appeals will be directed through State Teams manager Sean Whipp:

Selection Criteria

  1. Representative age group teams for the Australian Cross Country Championships are under 14, under 16, under 18 and under 20 (as at 31 December 2017) for boys and girls, with 16 male & female athletes selected per gender, per age group.
  2. The Victorian Cross Country Championships on June 17th (Bundoora Park) will be the selection trial for this team, athletes who do not compete at this event will not be considered for selection, unless qualifying criteria detailed in point 5 are met.
  3. It is necessary to submit the availability form, distributed at the Athletics Victoria tent located near the finishing line, to be considered for selection. Athletes will only be considered for the AV team if they nominate AV as one of their two selection options. In the unusual case that an age group has insufficient nominations to fill an age group bracket of 16 athletes, the next best placed athlete will be contacted.
  4. Thirty-two athletes will be selected for each age group, 16 male, 16 female. Selection is determined by athlete finishing order, thus if the first 16 athletes to cross the line in a race select to represent AV, those 16 individuals will be selected if appropriate selection documentation is completed.
  5. Athletes who are unable to compete at the trial due to illness or national representation will need to provide a written application with supporting documentation to be considered. The athlete will also need to have competed in a minimum of one AV XCR17 event to be considered for selection.
  6. All selections will be confirmed via email/AV website on Thursday, June 22nd
  7. Emergencies will be named and offered places in the team if/when any selections are declined.

U20 Athletes

Eligibility – To be eligible for a position in the team in the U20 category, an athlete must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Complete a nomination form on the day, at the Athletics Victoria tent


Compulsory Uniform for this trip includes, male and female options listed:

  • Competition singlet or crop top (male or female)
  • Competition briefs, boy leg briefs, shorts, or half-tights (male or female)
  • Athletics Victoria Hoodie (Navy, unisex)

Team Travel (Updated)

The selection policy for the Victorian State Team at this year’s National Cross Country Championships was released last week. Part of the criteria was that we would be making team travel compulsory for 2017.

Since sending out this information, we have received considerable feedback about the compulsory State Team component, as athletes in previous years have made their own way to the National Cross Country Championships.

Based on the feedback received, it will no longer be compulsory to travel with the State Team. Selected athletes will be responsible for their own travel arrangements. Athletics Victoria will provide Team Management and physiotherapy services for the event and a revised team levy and entry fee will come to the amount of $80.

Lakeside Stadium | Closed 2nd – 13th June

Athletics Victoria has been informed that the State Government has approved exclusive access to Lakeside stadium, for the use of an international football team, from Friday 2 June – Tuesday 13 June, 2017.

Please note that access to LS, via the VIS, will not be permitted.

It has been confirmed that the warm up track will remain open for training, however LS equipment/ change facilities will not be available for use.

Please ensure that you make alternative training arrangements during this period. Should you need assistance in securing/ accessing an alternative training facility, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Linden Hall achieves a London Qualifier!

Olympic semi-finalist Linden Hall (Vic) has taken another step in her elite athletic career posting an IAAF World Championships qualifying time for the 1500m at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene (USA) today.

Stopping the clock in 4:07.37, Hall placed 12th in a tactical race that saw the pace kick down very fast over the final 400m, with Hall holding on to post a time that could see her selected as a part of the Australian team bound for the London world championships this August.

“For me, I’m really happy to post the time and ‘tick the box off the list’, in terms of a qualifying time,” Hall said post-race.

“If I get selected it’ll be my first world championships team which is pretty huge for me and something I’ve always been striving for.”

The strong field featured Rio Olympic gold medallist Faith Kipyegon (KEN) who took line honours in 3:59.67 followed by Olympic 5000m silver medallist Hellen Obiri (KEN) and British record holder Laura Muir (GBR) in third.

The time was Hall’s fastest since she placed eighth in the women’s semi-final at the Rio Olympics, and missed out on the final by just 0.21 seconds.

While it wasn’t the same dream run Hall experienced at the same competition last year when she ran 4:01.78 and jumped to No. 3 on the all-time Australian list, Hall was still pleased to post the time needed to see her with a chance to join her first world championships team.

“Honestly, I’m not overly happily with the race but I’ve got to take it,” Hall admitted.

“It was a bit of deja vu to the Shanghai Diamond League race the other week where the girls sat back for the first couple of laps and then kicked home.

“I didn’t quite have the change of pace I will be needing for London at this point – It was a little frustrating to be messing around with the first couple laps, when the pace has been promised that it was going to be fast.”

But now, as Hall sees herself right in the mix of the elite middle-distance field, the 25-year-old from Essendon admits some of the pacing responsibility now falls on her shoulders.

“We usually expect the quicker girls to take up the pace, but maybe next time I might have to be the one to have a little more of a crack to get the field moving.”

“It’s a relief to get the time I needed, I was putting a bit of pressure on myself to try and do a time trial in Australia, which didn’t get me the time, but now I’ve got it I can just go out there and race and let it happen without overthinking it from now on leading into London.”

Hall will base herself in Flagstaff, Arizona for more altitude training before heading to Europe to race in “a couple of 1500m and maybe an 800m to sharpen up before London”.

Australia’s Patrick Tiernan (Qld) also made the most of the world-class competition in Eugene, with the 10,000m specialist dropping back in distance to run the 5000m and place 11th with a personal best time of 13:13.44.

The time was more than seven seconds faster than his previous best he set in June last year and has shot him up to No. 4 on the all-time Australian record list to sit behind Craig Mottram, Collis Birmingham and Ben St. Lawrence over the distance.

The time, which was well under the world championships qualifying mark of 13:22.00 was the fastest since Birmingham’s 13:09.57 in London (GBR) in 2012 and faster than the famous run by the late Ron Clarke of 13:16.6h in Stockholm (SWE) in 1966 – a world record at the time.

Tiernan paced himself well in the race and managed to hold onto 11th place in the elite field of 24, and has put himself right in the mix for another start on the world championships team after already securing the 10,000m qualifying time required in Stanford in early May.

The race was taken out by four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah (GBR) in 13:00.70, a world lead for 2017. Farah has stated it will be his last outing on US soil before he looks to wrap up his track career at the upcoming London world championships.

Drama occurred on the track when Australian 1500m record holder took to the prestigious Men’s Bowerman Mile to place 11th with a time of 3:56.90.

A fast time seemed to be on the cards for Gregson, who was looking strong until about 550m to go when Ayanleh Souleiman (DJI) tripped over and the Australian and was forced to hurdle him. Unable to recover his rhythm as the top runners kicked away, the race was taken out by Ronald Kwemoi (KEN) who posted a world lead time of 3:49.04.

This performance followed the mile race run by young guns Luke Mathews (Vic) and Matthew Ramsden (WA) in the international mile race.

Mathews and Ramsden finished in 6th and 12th place respectively, with both athletes recording personal best times of 3:54.53 and 3:59.80.

Mathews’ time puts the 21-year-old into No. 8 position on the all-time Australian mile list. The race was won by Thiago Do Rosario Andre (BRA) in 3:51.99, while one of the highlights came from 16-year-old Norwegian athlete Jakob Ingebrigtsen who became the youngest ever athlete to complete a sub 4-minute mile in 3:58.07.

At the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene yesterday, Madeline Hills (NSW) posted a 5000m world championships qualifier after running 15:15.18 to place 13th in an incredibly strong field that was said to be aiming to break the world record.

For Hills though, it was a season’s best time and her fourth best ever over the distance. Hill’s PB of 15:04.05 was set at the Rio Olympics when she placed 10th in the final.

Hills has already secured a likely plane ticket to the world championships after smashing a previous personal best to clock 31:41.10 over the 10,000m at a meet in Stanford (USA) earlier this month.

Current 1500m world record holder Genzebe Dibaba (ETI) took out the race but fell short Tirunesh Dibaba’s 14:11.15 world record mark, finishing in 14:25.22.

In the field events, Kathryn Mitchell (ACT) executed another consistent performance in the javelin, throwing 62.87m to place fifth and less than half a metre behind two-time Olympic champion Barbora Spotakova (CZE).

Mitchell secured her likely birth to the world championships team bound for London last Sunday when she threw 63.23m at the Golden Grand Prix meet in Kawasaki (JPN).

If, as expected, she is selected for the team that will travel to London in August it would mean the 34-year-old would effectively become Australia’s eldest female field athlete to compete at a world championships.

Read more about evergreen javelin thrower Kathryn Mitchell here.

2017 Australian 1500m champion Heidi See (Vic) finished the women’s international 1500m in 4:15.34, a season’s best for the 27-year-old.

In other world class results from Eugene, Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor (USA) astounded onlookers in the triple jump, leaping 18.11m – a world lead performance and third longest jump in history.

Ronnie Baker (USA) stole the spotlight in the men’s 100m running a windy time of 9.86 (+2.4) to beat disappointing performances by Olympic medallists Andre De Grasse (CAN) and Justin Gatlin (USA).

18-year-old Celliphine Chepteek Chespol (KEN) upset Rio Olympic champion and world record holder Ruth Jebet (BRN) in the women’s 3000m steeplechase running a world lead, an African Record and the second fastest time ever in 8:58.78.

American Tori Bowie beat a star-studded field in the women’s 200m, running a world lead time of 21.77 seconds to beat Olympic gold medallists Shaunae Miller-Uibo (BAH), Elaine Thompson (JAM), Allyson Felix (USA) and 2015 world champion Dafne Schippers (NED).

Courtesy: Athletics Australia

Round 3 – Cruden Farm – Wrap

Well there is no doubt that Cruden is a tough course. Looking at all the athlete’s faces as they battled the hills and bog pit throughout the day reassured its toughness.

We must sound like a broke record, but once again the weather was in our favour. There was plenty of blue sky about, which made for a very pleasant day of competition. However, the wind was gnarly – so gnarly.

It was great to see all the athletes kitted out in their Club’s traditional attire. It really adds to the atmosphere throughout the day and of course the events sentimental value.

The XCR’17 competition is red hot now, which means each time athletes front up to tackle a relay, cross country course or road race, it can be anyone’s to win! Today was no different with quality competition in both the Women’s and Men’s Division.

In the Women’s U14 Division (4km) it was Lucinda Rourke (WTN) who took the win with a time of 14:52. Fellow teammate Jamie Lee-Code (WTN) was extremely close behind, finishing second with a time of 14:56. Madeline Laven (YRA) was third in a time of 15:02.

In the Women’s U16 Division (6km) it was Georgia Laven (YRA) who dominated the course, finishing with a time of 21:44. Taryn Burletti and teammate Yazmin Hayes (BER) crossed the line (practically together) in second and third times 22:08 and 22:11 respectively.

In the Women’s U18 Division (6km) it was Amy Cornell (COL) who took the win with a time of 22:49, with Emily Mizis (ESS) in second place with a time of 23:09. Matilda Moore wasn’t far off, rounding out the top 3 with a time of 23:39.

In the Women’s U20 Division (8km) it was Amelia Mazza-Downie (ESS) who was far too strong for her competitors, crossing the line in 29:30. Amelia looked comfortable the whole way around, in what was seriously tough conditions with the wind playing havoc and the mud pit swallowing shoes each time a competitor tried to chance it through the middle.

In the Women’s Open Division (8km), it was Virginia Moloney (Collingwood) who claimed victory over Anna Kelly (South Melbourne) in a time of 27:22. It was neck-and-neck for the whole race with Anna sitting comfortably behind Virginia as the two broke away from the field with about 3kms remaining. However, Virginia kept pushing towards the finish line and narrolwy clinched the win in what was a truly inspiring display of competitiveness between both athletes. It was an awesome race and we can’t wait to see what happens at Bundoora!

There is no doubt the level of competition has risen this year and it truly is a joy to watch! Congratulations to all the Women who competed today!!!

Over on the Men’s side of the draw it was the U14’s (4km) who got things rolling with Thomas Diamond (BOM) claiming victory with a time of 13:46. Bailey Morrell (FKN) wasn’t far off, crossing the line in 14:03. Wolfgand Cotra-Nemesi rounded out the top 3 with a time of 14:18.

In the Men’s U16 Division (6km) it was Harry Sharp (BAL) who clinched victory from Ramen Nayar (SME) finishing with times of 19:53 and 19:56 respectively. Caden Murray (DIV) was a very close third, crossing the line in 19:57.

In the Men’s U18 Division (8km) it was Andrew Amor (BAL) who grabbed victory with a time of 26:26. William Collins (KNX) was next over the line with a time of 26:30. With Sam Williams joining fellow teammate on the podium with a third-place finish in a time of 27:04.

In the Men’s U20 Division (6km) it was Cody Shamaman (WES) who took the win with a time of 18:40. Cassidy Shaw was on his heels the whole way around the course and finished a close second with a time of 18:49. Callen Goldsmith took bronze with a time of 18:55.

In the Men’s Open Division (16km), it was Dejen Gebreselassi (Mentone) who broke through for his for ever XCR series win. An awesome athlete who was in the mix at Wandin, and it was clear he arrived with a point to prove. Quality running ahead of XCR legends in Liam Adams and Mitch Brown. He will be the one to beat if he keeps up this solid form.

Thanks to all who made it out to Cruden Farm today – especially the Officials. Without them, events such as this one would not be possible!

We’ll see everyone in a couple of weeks’ time at Bundoora!

Round 3 – Cruden Farm Cross Country – Preview

Regarded as one of the most scenic courses Athletic Victoria’s XCR series has on offer, Cruden Farm often plays havoc to its competitors with undulating hills, an unavoidable bog pit and its length (8km & 16km).

As Australia’s oldest race, Cruden Farm is featured as our Heritage Round, where athletes can dress in their old kit and embrace the history of their club, whilst tackling the course.

Last year there were 800 athletes entered in both the Women’s 8km Cross Country and the Men’s 16km Cross Country, creating a real buzz around the event. Tomorrow is looking to be very similar with a lot of athletes registered to front up and give Cruden a crack!

Anna Kelly (South Melbourne) is the in-form XCR competitor currently, after having a breakthrough victory at Wandin Park. Coached by Tim Crosbie, Anna will no doubt be turning to him for some sound advice on how the course will play out. She’ll be hungry to go back-to-back and really send a message to her fellow competitors in Virginia Moloney (Collingwood), Gemma Maini (Frankston), Karrina Fyfe (Glenhuntly) and Alexandra Patterson (Old Xaverians). If Anna, Virginia and Gemma all compete on the day, it will be the first time this year that the three World Cross Country representatives have battled it out individually.

Nick Wightman (Deakin) has been a notable absentee this year, which has opened the door for many athletes in the Men’s Division. Nick Earl (MUAC) has been exceptionally consistent thus far, but looks to be taking tomorrow off due to soreness. Andrew Buchanan (Bendigo) took out Wandin Park but isn’t a guarantee to start either, which means Dejen Gebreselassi (Mentone) will have a real chance to make his mark as a new-comer to the competition. Liam Adams (Essendon) has been taking things relatively easy as he prepares for the London World Championships in August, but depending how he feels on the day, should always be considered a genuine chance. He will be backing up a Sydney half-marathon if he lines up…

Like the AFL, the XCR’17 season and its events could be anyone’s to win. Tomorrow will be a true test of each athlete’s fitness and determination. We can’t wait to see how it unfolds!


Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a top of 18 degrees. There is 70% chance of rain which makes no sense as it’s going to be mostly sunny!? If (for some reason) it does rain, we’re only expecting between 1-5mil, so I think we can leave the umbrella at home. The UV index is coming in at low, but remember there’s nothing healthy about a tan, so be sure to have all the right clothing to protect yourself from the sun. For the third week in a row the frost risk is nil – which is fantastic. The wind will be traveling at 23 km/h from the north. So if you happen to be down the coast, make sure you get the board out and hit the line-up for some pure offshore heavenly waves. Finally, the relative humidity will be hovering around 75% so do with that information what you will…