Saturday 16th February 2019

Hold the PRESS

There are some changes to the event grid for High Velocity 3 on Saturday 16th February 2019 at Ringwood Athletics Centre.

A Womens and Mens Long Jump will be included in the program which will now commence at 12.45pm (previously 1.00pm) and the eligibility criteria for both Triple Jump and Long Jump has changed after recommendations from a number of coaches.

Eligibility – Long Jump and Triple Jump

The top 12 entered Women and Men will compete at HVC3 in both LJ and TJ.

Long Jump : Men – must have jumped 6m+ this season and Women – must have jumped 5m+ this season.

Triple Jump : Men  – must have jumped 13m+ this season and Women 11m+ this season

With the addition of Long Jump, the draft timetable has changed.



Draft Timetable High Velocity Round 3

12.45pm Triple Jump Pit 1 (Men and Women)
12.45pm Long Jump Pit 2 ( Men and Women)
1.00pm 100m  Women – Fastest to slowest
1.20pm 100m  Men – Fastest to slowest
1.50pm 400m hurdles Open Men (91.4cm)
2.10pm 400m Hurdles Open Women (76cm)
2.30pm 200m Women – Fastest to slowest
2.45pm 200m Men – Fastest to slowest