Relay Round – AVSL Round 4

Score big for your club while preparing for the State Relay Championships!

Relay Team Check-In

Team Managers are to check in the total number of relay teams on the day 1 HOUR prior to the provisional start time (both pre-entered & entries on the day).

Teams are then to provide names as per previous AVSL rounds via the relay team form that can be downloaded HERE.

Relay Rules

8x100m & 4x800m Walk Rules

Click HERE to view the rules for the new relay events we will be holding in Round 4.

Relay Round Athlete Scoring Rules

Athletes may only participate in ONE relay of the same event and compete in a maximum of FIVE events across the day (limited to four field events as per other AVSL Rounds). Athletes can compete in a gendered 4x100m Relay and in the 8x100m Relay, but cannot compete in two 4x100m Relay events.

Example: An athlete can compete in 3 Relay events and 2 Field Events and score points for all five events in that round of AVSL.

If an athlete competes in more than 5 relay events, the lowest scoring relay event that the athlete competed in will be made non-scoring.

Men & Women Relays

These relays will be scored as male or female relays only. If a female athlete is entered to fill a men’s team, the female athlete will not be allowed to then compete in the female team of the same relay distance.

Mixed Relays

Mixed relays include an even number of males and females. Points are only awarded to teams with a mix of 50% male and 50% female. Teams with more males or more females may enter; however, they will be noted as an Invitational team and will not score points.

AV encourages clubs to enter the mixed team relays as they can: foster greater engagement between athletes; be used as a recruitment tool to engage different types of members; and reward clubs that champion gender equity through their membership base.

Entry Information

How to be eligible to score points

Athletes must have either purchased an AVSL Package or an Individual Round 4 Entry PRIOR to 11:59am (Midday) Wednesday 6th November.

Athletes who attend on the day can purchase a trial athlete entry to compete but the relay team that they participate in will be a non-scoring as per all AVSL rounds.

Athletes who do not have an AVSL Package will be able to purchase an individual round entry via the portal once entries open on Wednesday 30th October at 2pm.

Entering Relay Teams

We are asking all clubs to enter their team numbers on the portal by 11:59am (Midday) Wednesday 6th November to allow us to timetable the day. Clubs will be able to add or scratch teams on the day where required, but we are asking for approximate team numbers in advance. Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish in each relay event, but athletes can only compete ONCE in the same relay distance.

Clubs will be expected to sign in their teams on the day while also providing their relay team sheets in line with all AVSL rounds.

Entering Field Events

Athletes will be able to enter the field events as per previous AVSL rounds on the AV Portal.

Please note: We will begin reviewing athletes that enter field events and do not compete. Athletes who consistently take field positions and do not compete will be warned that further instances, without exceptional circumstances, may see their ability to pre-enter field events revoked.