HVC 5 Entries Open

High Velocity Club 5 entries are open.

Event will be on Thursday 21 March 2019 at Duncan Mckinnon.

Draft Timetable

Please note:-

– subject to availability of Officials, Long Jump will run at either 7.15pm (after Triple) or 6.15pm(same time as Triple). Vic Milers and AV Throwers competition is also on Thursday 21st March at Lakeside.

Entries close 11.59am 18th March 2019

Draft Timetable High Velocity Round 5
5.45pm 400m Hurdles 91.4
400m Hurdles 86cm
400m Hurdles 76.2cm
6.00pm Triple Jump (Men 13m+ and Women 11m+)
7.15pm (6.15pm)* Long Jump (Men 6m+ and Women 5m+)
6.10pm 200m Women (All ages)
6.30pm 200m Men (All Ages)
6.45pm 110m Hurdles 106.7cm
110m Hurdles 99.1cm
110m Hurdles 91.4cm
100m Hurdles 84cm
7.10pm 400m Women (All Ages)
7.30pm 400m Men (All Ages)
7.40pm 100m Women (All Ages)
7.55pm 100m Men (All Ages)
* Subject to recruiting sufficient Officials.
Subject to event entries it may not be possible to run the 100m/200m in the opposite direction