AVSL – After Round 3 Recap


Essendon continue to lead the charge with a huge 131,158 points scored up to round 3 and 10 ladder points sending them 7 points clear in the Premier League. Essendon have started off strong with 10 points across all three rounds and already setting the scoring benchmark for other clubs.

The big news comes out of the Western A’s camp with a huge shift in league position. 8th after round 1, Western A’s have stormed up the table into 5th and now in a great position to battle for Playoffs.

Division 2

Division 2 is proving to be a real ding dong battle between five clubs. Only six points separate from 1st to 5th. A slow start from Doncaster has seen them move from 4th place into the top spot with Mornington Peninsula falling from 2nd down to 4th.

In the battle for Div 2 survival Bendigo Harriers continue to improve on their first-round performance and are now in relegation playoff position. They will be looking to maximise points in round 4 to capitalise on Frankston’s poor showing in round 3.

This division is shaping up nicely and with all clubs yet to play their powerplay, this could be an interesting race to Christmas to see who puts themselves into contention for Premier league qualification.

Division 3

The big mover in Division 3 this week comes from Collingwood however to most people’s surprise, they are on the slide down the table! The Harriers have fallen out of promotion contention dropping to 4th position on the table. Rumours are circulating out of the Melbourne Uni camp that they are lining up a big few rounds to move up the ladder and push Collingwood even further down.

Ballarat Harriers strategically lined this round up as their big opportunity to play their powerplay and capitalise on double points. They succeeded and now lead the way in Division 3 with a whopping 40 points. Will Ballarat continue to score maximum points, or will the others catch up. We are all watching to see what happens next!

Division 4

An interesting move in round 1 saw Brunswick play their powerplay early. Unfortunately for them it did not pay off, only scoring 14 points rather than the 20 anticipated.

Knock Knock……..Who’s there!??…… Its Wyndham with their bright new orange uniform and they are on the charge. Only two points separate 1st and 2nd and looking at the performances, Brunswick will need a big showing on Relays round to stem off the challenge from old yellow zone foes Wyndham.

Division 5

The early signs show that this year we will see a round by round battle between Dandenong-Springvale and Williamstown. Already after three rounds the lead has changed hands with Dandenong-Springvale now sitting top by 1 point.

Ivanhoe moved up the ladder overtaking South Melbourne in round 3, they will now start eyeing off the promotion playoff position that Maccabi currently hold.