Happy 100th Birthday – Amy Burow

Join us in wishing Amy Burow, Life Member of Athletics Victoria, a happy one hundredth birthday.


Mrs Burow has been involved with athletics since she joined the newly formed Victorian Women’s Amateur Athletic Association (VWAAA) at Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club in 1934 at 15 years of age. She has maintained a strong connection in the Australian athletics movement over the past 85 years.


It was clear that at an early age Mrs Burow showed great commitment to supporting women’s athletics and to volunteering more generally.  Just short of her 17th birthday Mrs Burow was elected the Treasurer of the athletic club and in 1942 was appointed State Treasurer of VWAAA.  Both of these roles she served concurrently until taking some leave from the committees to support her husband and start a family.  Between 1942 and 1956 she maintained her active connection with the Eastern Suburbs club in less formal ways.


In 1956 Mrs Burow returned to be an extremely active and supportive role model in women’s athletics.  A connection she has continued without interruption since.


Between 1956 and the amalgamation of the men’s and women’s competition as Athletics Victoria in 1982 Mrs Burow was:

  • Official, Judge, and Referee for VWAAA;
  • Organizer and Referee for VWAAA State Championships;
  • Elected Club Representative to State Executive Committee; and
  • Elected member of State Board of VWAAA.


Between 1964 and 1982 Mrs Burow was the Vice President of VWAAA.  In this role Mrs Burow oversaw great changes in the management, structure and funding of athletics in Australia.  The amalgamation provided a great number of challenges and it was only through strong and dedicated leadership demonstrated by Mrs Burow that the a large number of these issues were able to be addressed and that the large number of volunteers remained engaged and continued to provide their support to athletics.


In 1971 Mrs Burow was appointed the Competition Manager of the brand new sports facility at the Doncaster East Athletic Track.  Mrs Burow continued to manage all VWAAA competitions at this venue through in to 1983.  Concurrent with these other commitments Mrs Burow was the Convener of Athletics Officials for VWAAA between 1976 and 1982 and managed the transition of all events and officials in to the new structure of Athletics Victoria in 1982/83.


Mrs Burow has been appointed as a Life Member Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club, a Life Member Victorian Women’s Amateur Athletic Association and a Life Member Athletics Australia.  She has also received the Merit Award and Platinum Service Award from Athletics Australia.


Even today, Mrs Burow remains a strong supporter and advocate for female athletes through her Directorship on the Maisie McQuiston Foundation as well as for young athletes as Treasurer of the Torch Club.  Both of these philanthropic organisations were co-founded 37 years ago by Mrs Burow and are active in providing financial support for these targeted groups.


Mrs Burow is a very respected role model and well-loved member of the local community.  She is a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and is affectionately known as ‘Ma’ to all who come in contact with her.


We thank Mrs Burow for her contribution to athletics and wish her all the best as she celebrates another remarkable milestone.


Summary of Service

  • 2019 is the 85th anniversary of commencement with athletics
  • Joined Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club in 1934
  • Committee member, Treasurer and Vice President of VWAAA
  • Official, Judge, Referee as well as Convener of Athletics Officials
  • Co-founder of Torch Club to support junior athletes
  • Co-founder of Maisie McQuiston Foundation to support female athletes
  • Treasurer of Torch Club, held position for 37 years
  • Director of Maisie McQuiston Foundation, held position for 37 years

Service to Athletics

  • 1934 joined Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club, remained member until club amalgamation in 1979
  • 1934 – 1945 state grade athlete (sprinter) for Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club
  • 1936 – 1945 elected to Committee of Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club
  • 1936 – 1945 elected as Treasurer of Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club
  • 1942 – 1945 appointed State Treasurer of Victorian Women’s Amateur Athletic Association (VWAAA)
  • 1945 – 1956 continued connection with Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club while starting family and supporting husband suffering from war illnesses
  • 1956 – 1983 Official, Judge, and Referee for VWAAA
  • 1956 – 1983 Organizer and Referee for VWAAA State Championships
  • 1956 – 1983 Elected Club Representative to State Executive Committee
  • 1956 – 1983 Elected member of State Board of VWAAA
  • 1964 – 1982 Elected Vice President of VWAAA
  • 1971 – 1983 Manager of VWAAA competition at Doncaster East Athletic Track
  • 1976 – 1982 Convener of Athletics Officials VWAAA
    (1982 Finalisation of amalgamation of men’s and women’s competitions)
  • 1982-1983 Convener of Athletics Officials, Athletics Victoria 
  • 1982 – 1983 Director on Inaugural VAAA/Athletics Victoria Board
  • 1982 Co-founder of Torch Club to support junior athletes
  • since 1982 Inaugural Treasurer of Torch Club
  • 1982 Co-founder of Maisie McQuiston Foundation to support female athletes
    since 1982 Inaugural Director of Maisie McQuiston Foundation

Summary of Awards

  • Life Member Eastern Suburbs Women’s Amateur Athletic Club
  • Life Member Victorian Women’s Amateur Athletic Association
  • Life Member Athletics Australia
  • Merit Award Athletics Australia
  • Platinum Service Award Athletics Australia
  • News Limited Services to Sport Award 2009

XCR’19 Round 2 – St Anne’s Winery

Event Information

All race result queries must be made within 72 hours of the results first being published. All queries must be sent to xcr@athsvic.org.au. Any queries sent in after this time will not be accepted.

St Anne’s Winery in Myrniong is the first individual event of the XCR’19 season. Situated an hour west of the CBD, with undulating hills and the chance to enjoy the local produce, St Anne’s Winery will offer value to both participant and spectator.

What: XCR’19 Rd 2 – Cross Country

Date: Saturday 1 June, 2019

Entries Close: 11:59am Wednesday 29 May, 2019

Location: St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong (Melway Ref: 7 B4) Located off Gerrards Lane (Google Maps)

Invitational On the Day entries are available for $55

Please note: On the day entries are as invitational athletes and athletes will not be eligible for a medal or to score for their AV Club.

Car parking and road closures:
The CFA will be on site on Saturday on behalf of St Anne’s to assist with the car parking. For their assistance, all patrons will be expected to make a gold coin donation on the day. Car Parking is available within the park precinct simply enter via Gerrards Lane, please look for signage.  No cars are to be driven onto the course; all cars must park in the allocated car parking area. Please don’t erect club tents in the Car Park as there is plenty of room for these in the finish area.

Club tents:
Clubs are encouraged to bring club tents to St Anne’s. The area for club tents is adjacent to the finish line, please look for signage.

First Aid:
St Johns Ambulance will be on site throughout the day. They will be situated at the start/finish line and also out on the course. If anyone needs first aid please ask an official/club helper to radio through and first aid will be out to help.

Entry Information:
Athletes must register via the Athletics Victoria website.

For an athlete to be eligible to score team points they must be registered with Athletics Victoria and approved by their club with one of the following packages purchased no later than 11:59am Wednesday 29 May:

  • 2019 Max Package
  • XCR’19 Package
  • Individual Event Entry

Please remember to approve any memberships before the 11:59am Wednesday 29 May cut off time, otherwise athletes will compete via invitation.

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date at xcr@athsvic.org.au or the Competitions Department on 8646 4526 and leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries and emails received after the closing date.

Competition Rules

Events: All events will start at the time listed above, please arrive early as the start will not be held for athletes who are running late.

In the Open Men & Women’s races the Premier Division team athletes (6 men & 5 women) from the 10 clubs in each gender will be eligible for a priority start in their respective races. Athletes are asked to make their way to the front of the pack before the race. Please speak to the officials on the day if athletes are unsure about this process.

If an athlete fails to make their event start time, please go to the AV Administration tent to seek advice on joining another race as an invitational athlete for no points. The competition director is the only person who can approve an athlete changing races on the day of the event.

Event warm-up is not to be conducted in front of the start line. Athletes are not allowed to front filter into this area, they MUST approach the start from behind the line. Any athletes caught front filtering may be asked to move to the back of the pack by officials.

Course Configuration: Five separate races will be conducted on Saturday. The respective start times are:

Age Group Race Length Course Laps
Under 14 Men & Women 2km 1 lap of 2km Loop
U20 Women, U18 & U20 Men 4km 2 lap of 2km Loop
U16, U18 Women & U16 Men 3km 1 lap of 1km Loop

1 Lap of 2km Loop

Open & Masters Men 8km 4 laps of 2km Loop
Open & Masters Women 8km 4 laps of 2km Loop

Race results: In order to facilitate the prompt publication of the finalised results, team scores and ladders, all results queries must be submitted to Athletics Victoria’s via email (xcr@athsvic.org.au) within 72 hours of the first set of published results. All queries submitted after this time will not be included in the final event results.

Timing Bibs:

Athletes are to wear their 2019/20 season timing bibs on their chest and a Athletes do not need to wear their timing chip from previous seasons for individual races anymore.

Please Note: This is your bib number for the entire XCR’19 season, please do not throw out your number with the timing tag attached to it. If athletes lose or damage their bib numbers there will be a charge associated with reissuing new numbers. All athletes MUST wear their current AV bibs, front and back (timing bib on the front and cloth number on the back), at all individual rounds of XCR’19. If an athlete fails to wear both bibs they may be disqualified. If any athletes forget their bibs please go to the administration area to purchase a replacement set no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. Team managers will need to pick up any new memberships from the administration tent on the day of the event.


10:00am Membership collection opens
12:00pm Bib purchasing Race 1 closes
12:10pm Bib purchasing Race 2 closes
12:30pm Race 1: Women U14, Men U14 2km Cross Country
12:30pm Bib purchasing Race 3 closes
12:40pm Race 2: Women U20, Men U18, Men U20 4km Cross Country
12:50pm Bib purchasing Race 4 closes
1:00pm Race 3: Women U16, Women U18, Men U16 3km Cross Country
1:20pm Race 4: Men Open & Masters 8km Cross Country
1:30pm Bib purchasing Race 5 closes
2:00pm Race 5: Women Open & Masters 8km Cross Country

Presentations will be made as soon as possible after each event.

Team Managers

Please contact Craig Morrow (craig@athsvic.org.au) if you have any questions regarding club helper duties. All officials, time keepers and course marshals must report to the Controller of Officials the commencement of their scheduled session start time.

Clubs failing to provide the required number of club helpers will have ALL of their teams disqualified.


Toilet Facilities: A number of toilet blocks are located close to the finish area. It is the responsibility of clubs and athletes to ensure all toilet facilities are left in a respectable state.

Looking after St Anne’s: We are very grateful for the opportunity to compete at St Anne’s. Clubs are asked to remind their members of the following:

  • Park only in designated parking bays
  • Take home all rubbish so that we leave the venue as we found it
  • Do not litter any rubbish along the course. Please use bins provided
  • Make sure your athletes leave the toilet blocks in a respectable state

Upcoming Events: Please see below dates for our upcoming XCR’19 events:

XCR’19 Rd 3 – Bundoora Cross Country Championships

  • Date: Saturday 15 June, 2019
  • Entries Close: 11:59am Wednesday 12 June, 2019

XCR’19 Rd 4 – Anglesea Ekiden Relay

  • Date: Saturday 22 June, 2019
  • Entries Close: 11:59am Monday 17 June, 2019

2019 Victorian Officials Awards

The Victorian Officials Awards function was celebrated on Sunday 5 May in the Cathy Freeman room at Lakeside and this year our theme was “An Un Birthday party”.



During the day our service badges were awarded to recognise the efforts of our Officials. Congratulations to the following on outstanding years of Officiating:

30 years – Ian Fisher & Jill Wallis

35 years – Don Blyth

40 years – Ronda Jenkins & Pam Noden

45 years – Brendan Ferrari



An important part of this event is to announce and present our awards for the past season. Each Region and Zone submits through nominations for the outstanding Officials from their area and a sub Committee selects the worthy winners.

Congratulations to the winners from the following Zones and Regions:

Red Zone: David Armstrong

Blue Zone: Brenton Hall

Yellow Zone: Neil Lawson

White Zone: Michael Brazel

Ballarat Region: Alastair Dowie

Bendigo Region: Sam Graham

Geelong Region: Alison Reed

Western Country Region: Julie Bicknell

Southern Metro Region: Jason Whittle

Northern Metro Region: Jamie Gray

Western Metro Region: Rob DeWit

Gippsland Country Region: Ben Cruikshank

Eastern Metro Region: Graeme Scott



The highlight of the day was the major awards of Official of the Year and Rising Star award.

The Official of the Year is awarded to an Official who has made an outstanding contribution in Athletics officiating over the past season. The award is only given to Officials who have dedicated significant time and effort and is the Victorian Officials Committee’s way of recognising this.

The Official of the Year was awarded to Sarah Davis



The Rising Star award is presented to an Official who, in the Victorian Officials selection Committee’s opinion, has made an outstanding contribution to the sport in their early years of officiating.

The Rising Star award was presented to David Hansford



Congratulations to all our award winners, very truly deserved.