XCR’18 Season Taking Shape

We’re not willing summer to end by any means, but alas, it will be over before we know it. The colder months aren’t all bad though; the fashion is better, open fires are kind of nice, but above all else, it’s the time for XCR!

Planning is well underway for XCR’18 and yet again there are some exciting new venues and format changes. Notably – 

    • Distances for Open Men & Women Cross Country will now be 8km/10km/12km
    • Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ competition will be introduced to the XCR’18 season.
    • U20 women will now do the 10km race at Albert Park replacing the 3km distance.
    • 2018 will see a new venue become part of the XCR rotation. St Anne’s Winery will host the 8km Cross Country taking place there on the 5th May 2018. More than just an exciting new course, it’s a chance for the adults to taste some fantastic wines afterwards (responsibly of course!) and take in the on-site farmers market. With ample parking, this is a great round to bring the family along to.

The XCR’18 Handbook with all relevant and important information and rules of competition about the season will be released March 2018. As soon as it’s been finalised, team gradings and duty roster will be sent out to clubs.

XCR’17 awards will be presented at the first round of XCR’18 at the Jells Park Relays this year.


Saturday 21/04/2018 XCR Rd 1 – Jells Park XC Relays (Jells Park)

Saturday 28/04/2018 XCR Schools – Jells Park XC Relays (Jells Park)

Saturday 5/05/2018 XCR Rd 2 – 8km XC (Short XC) (St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong)

Saturday 12/05/2018 XCR Schools – XC Road Relays (Princes Park)

Saturday 26/05/2018 XCR Rd 3 – 12km XC (Long XC) (Cruden Farm)

Saturday 16/06/2018 XCR Rd 4 – XC Championships (Bundoora Park)

Saturday 16/06/2018 XCR Schools – Schools XC Championships (Bundoora Park)

Saturday 7/07/2018 XCR Rd 5 Sandown Road Relays (Sandown Racecourse)

Sunday 22/07/2018 XCR Rd 6 – Albert Park 10k & 3k (Albert Park) To be confirmed

Saturday 4/08/2018 XCR Rd 7 – Lake Wendouree 15km & 6km (Ballarat)  To be confirmed

Saturday 18/08/2018 XCR Rd 8 – Anglesea Ekiden Relays (Anglesea)

Sunday 19/08/2018 – Australian Half Marathon Championships (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

Saturday 25/08/2018 – National XC Championships (Maleny, QLD)      

Sunday 2/09/2018 XCR Rd 9 – Burnley Half Marathon & 5km (Burnley)   

Saturday 15/09/2018 XCR Rd 10 – Tan Relays (Kings Domain) To be confirmed      

Sunday 16/09/2018 Australian Marathon Championships (Sydney, NSW)  


 2018/19 Athletics Victoria Membership Changes

After considerable feedback from members and clubs, the 2018/19 season will see a few key changes to the membership registration process.

XCR: The XCR Relay Package will no longer exist. Any athlete who submits a membership* registration and is approved by their nominated club by the appropriate time, will be eligible to compete in all XCR Relay events in 2018. This also applies for track relays later in the year. The XCR Package will remain, with the purchase of this automatically entering an athlete into all individual XCR events for the season.

Bib allocation: For the 2018/19 season, athletes will be issued with their bib number once their membership is approved by their nominated club. Athletes will no longer be required to purchase a package or individual event entry in order to be allocated a bib number, you will still need to purchase a package to be able to compete.

Bibs: In 2017/18 we trialled the use of Tyvek bibs due to a new timing system for XCR. These bibs will again be used for the XCR season as it allows us to attach a timing chip on the back of the number, however we will also be using cloth bib numbers. Each athlete who registers in the XCR’18 season will be issued with three (3) individual bibs (all with the same number), one Tyvek bib (with timing chip attached), to be worn on the front, and two cloth bibs, one to be worn on the back for the duration on the XCR’18 season and the other (for the front) to be used for XCR Relay events and the duration of the summer track and field season. Athletes who register after the final individual XCR’18 event will be issued with two cloth bibs (again with the same number on both) for the remainder of the Athletics Victoria season.

  • XCR Relays: Cloth front and back
  • XCR Individual Rounds: Tyvek front and cloth back
  • Summer competition including relays: Cloth front and back

Membership registration: The Athletics Victoria online member portal will open for 2018/19 season on April 1, 2018. Please refrain from registering for the 2018/19 season prior to this date as memberships will not be rolled over to the new season.

*Membership refers to the base membership fee only. Packages will again be available for purchase either with your membership, or at a later date once your membership has been approved by your club. For a full explanation of what each of the packages offers, please refer to the Join Now page.

We look forward to seeing you at the start of the XCR’18 season.