Weather Alert

WEATHER FORECAST Saturday 6th January 2017.
Happy New Year to everyone.

We have been monitoring the weather forecast for this Saturday which as at 10.00am today (02/01/18) is for a maximum of 41 degrees mid Saturday afternoon with a late cool change. With this forecast temperatures will hit low 30’s across Victoria by 11.00am and increase to 40/41 by mid afternoon.

AV will review the weather forecast Wednesday (03/01) midday and Wednesday (03/01) 5.00pm (and will continue to do so if appropriate) and will keep members informed as to whether Shield Round 10 proceeds or is re-scheduled to a future weekend.
We have already ruled out an option of moving Shield Rnd 10 to Sunday (07/01) due to venue availability and Officials who have already volunteered for day 2 of the Multi Championships not being available to officiate.

This weekend is also the AV Multi Championships to be held in Geelong on Saturday and Sunday.
At this stage,the Multi Championships will proceed with appropriate timetable adjustments (if necessary) made based on event entries – which close Wednesday (03/01/18) 11.59am.

I appreciate there are always differing views on Victorian weather both at regional and metro venues and reiterate that I will ensure that the safety of all members and our Victorian Officials is our primary concern.

Warm regards – Glenn Turnor CEO.