Following on from our news story in May 2018,

“The remaining four questions in the survey provided an opportunity for members to provide an open answer. There is a considerable amount of work to analyse the common themes and outcomes from these questions which is currently under way.”

the team at Athletics Victoria has completed the analysis of the 2018 AV Survey.

The Athletics Victoria Committee extends its thanks to James Coleman (AV Membership) who completed the analysis of the data and to Kirby Ellis (Club Development) for reviewing the final paper.

This report and the data from the 2018 AV Survey and the Consultation Session will form a significant component of the next strategy paper which will be shared with Clubs at the upcoming AGM (25th July 2018) and then provided to the membership.

There are two documents  – the first is an analysis of the ‘open ended questions’ in the survey the provided members with an opportunity to provide extensive feedback.

The 2018 Survey Results contain all data where members were asked to select an option provided or rank a number of options.