AV Portal going slow….

AV MEMBER PORTAL ISSUES – the AV member portal is not co-operating with issues with logging on and processing orders for Round 11 Shield this weekend. Our IT provider is working through the issues.
If you can not enter for RND 11 Shield this weekend, please email competitions@athsvic.org.au BEFORE MIDDAY today (Wednesday 10th January 2018) –

  • NAME,
  • BIB Number,
  • Venue (Lakeside, Nunawading, Geelong or Ballarat) and
  • Event you wish to enter.

PLS note for FIELD EVENTS – entering via email will not guarantee a place in the nominated field event. AV will post entry lists once we have processed them manually.

Entries received after midday today will not be processed for Rnd 11 Shield this weekend. Athletes will need to enter on the day.

Our apologies for the issues with our member portal.

Regards AV