AV Memberships and Bibs for 2018/2019

1424 Athletics Victoria Membership packs will be delivered to Club Managers tomorrow at XCR18 Round 1 Jells park Relays.

Each AV member will receive in their membership pack:-

  •  Athletics Victoria SportsPass Membership Card
  •  Athletics Victoria Welcome Letter
  •  two (2) Cloth Bib Numbers and
  • one (1) timing Bib

Cloth bibs are to be worn front and back at the following events:-

  • XCR Relay Events ( Jells Park, Sandown, Angelsea and Tan Relays) and
  • Summer track & field competition

For all individual XCR18 Rounds (St Annes, Cruden Farm, Bundoora, Albert Park, Ballarat and Burnley),

  • The Timing Bib is to be worn on the front, and
  • one cloth bib on the back.

Please refer to the AV BIB placement guide XCR 18 BIB INSTRUCTIONS

A copy of the BIB Guide will be provided to each AV member along with their membership pack

Three (3) bibs – two cloth and one timing chip bib have been issued to all memberships received this week before the closing date.

The TIMING Chip BIB (front) and one CLOTH Bib  is to be used in all individual XCR Events.

Members are reminded to keep all bibs in tact as if a bib is lost or misplaced then there is a fee for all replacement bibs.

Club Managers/Reps will make arrangements to hand out all membership packs to Club Members.