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The 16th October will mark the 50th Anniversary of our Victorian Olympic Silver medallist, Australian & Oceania 200m record holder the late Peter Norman.

This day and significant moment in history was when Peter Norman stood proudly on the dais at the 1968 Mexico Olympics with USA athletes Tommy Smith and Johnny Carlos.

Peter Norman was more than an Olympian and one of the fastest men ever.  He was a humanitarian who stood for human equality. Peter Norman wore the badge, “The Olympic Project for Human Rights”. He stood silently in protest.

Members of Athletics Victoria are invited to attend a special screening of “SALUTE” – the story behind the image that shook the world to be held at ACMI Federation Square on Tuesday 16th October at 6.45pm.

Get your tickets now at ACMI members rate of $12 and also receive 20% off a Peter Norman ‘I’ll Stand With You’ memorial t-shirt when you present your Vic Athletics membership card at the screening.



Tickets are limited for this screening.

You’re invited!

On Sunday, September 23rd, Glenhuntly Athletic Club in conjunction with Caulfield Little Athletics, Maccabi and the Victorian Masters is celebrating the opening of their recently upgraded athletic facility at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve in Murrumbeena, and you’re all invited!

All the details can be found here – https://docs.google.com/…/1KpNMjHl8A2ho_Jday2fWh5TqhSq…/edit

Shield is nearly here!

Winter has been a blast with a huge season of XCR18 almost run and won.

As we enter spring however, our thoughts start to turn to the track, and the 2018/19 season of AV Shield which is now only 5 weeks away.

Athletics Victoria would like to share with you some information on the format and some new options for members this coming season.

Competition Format

  • There will be no change to the 2018-19 AV Shield season with two (2) metro venues, one hosting program 1 and the other hosting program 2, each week.  The three (3) country venues, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, will operate alternate programs
  • Athletes from all metro and country regions will be able to choose which venue they attend and still be eligible to score points. Please note country regions will offer additional events although these will be marked as non-scoring events. Athletes will still be able to pre-enter online or enter on the day providing athletes have purchased the correct package. Athletes however will be ineligible for points on non-scoring events marked on the country timetables. (please see summer handbook for rules of competition)
  • Online entry will still be offered this season before each round of competition. Entries will close three days prior to competition at midday before each round.
  • One change athletes should note for this year is related to the check-in time. We have reduced the check-in times for track and field events to 30 minutes. All athletes must check-in before competition no later than 30 minutes before their listed event.
  • Athletes will still be offered the opportunity to enter on the day, however new restrictions will apply. (See Membership and Summer Packages below and rule 4.1 within the summer handbook)
  • Zone v Zone competition will still operate virtually and will be scored across all twelve (12) rounds of AV Shield metro-based competition. Presentations will take place at the AV Shield Final and presented to the highest scoring zone.
  • For more information on the 2018-19 important rules of competition and scoring changes please visit the AV Shield web-page and visit pages 38-46.

Membership/Summer Packages

  • As part of the 2018-19 Membership packages released to members earlier in the year, AV have incorporated a Pay as You Go model, this now allows AV Members to choose which rounds they compete in. As a result, a break down of the new offerings and terminology is below

For the 2018/19 AV Shield season there will be an additional option for AV Members:

  • For those who hold an AV Membership but have not purchased a 2018/19 T&F Package or Max Package: AV members can now opt to ‘Pay as You Go’ for all AV Shield rounds. ‘Pay as You Go’ athletes must register online for each round before the midweek closing date, and pre-enter for the events they wish to participate in.  ‘Pay as You Go’ athletes will be pre-seeded in events where applicable and will score points for their representative club.
  • For those who hold an AV membership and have purchased a 2018/19 T&F or Max Package: AV package holders can either enter on the day of competition or pre-enter to secure their place and will score points for their representative club.

*For those who have purchased an AV membership but do not hold either a 2018/19 T&F, Max package or PAYG round entry will not be eligible to enter, compete and score points on the day. If they do wish to compete for no points they will be classed as a ‘Trialling Athlete’ and must follow the steps featured in the below paragraph. AV Members must have purchased an appropriate option to be eligible to compete and score AV Shield points.

*Trialling Members are now classed as ‘Trialling Athletes’ and will pay a $20 fee for each round. Trialling Athletes are limited to two (2) rounds of AV Shield competition across metro and country regions.

For the 2018/19 season there will be two options for Trialling Athletes:

  • ‘Trialling Athletes’ can pre-enter online before the midweek closing date. They will be charged $20 per round and will be pre-seeded in events where applicable. Athletes will be required to collect their competitor bibs on the day, from administration.
  • ‘Trialling Athletes’ who have not pre-registered before the midweek closing date must complete a trialling athlete form on the day. They will be charged $20 per round, will receive their competitor bibs, and will be able to enter their desired events on the day (space allowing in field events).

Trialling Athletes who pre-enter or register on the day will not score points for their representative club. Please Note: Little Athletics members registered only with Little Athletics will not be charged a fee to be a Trialling Athlete.  Little Athletics Members will be asked to provide proof of membership for the 2018-19 season. Little Athletics Member Trialling Athletes are limited to two (2) rounds of AV Shield competition.

Athletes who do not follow the above procedures and are found to be in breach of these rules will be invoiced $20.00 plus an administration fee, for each round competed during the 2018-19 season.

Repeat offenders may incur further penalties from Athletics Victoria. Please note that profile checks will be carried out throughout the season.

AV Shield Process/Rules of Competition

Below is a short summary of what to expect this coming season at AV Shield competition.

  • Athletes to create an online profile if you do not already have one and update your details.  AV Members Portal
  • Purchase a Track & Field or PAYG. This will provide eligibility to compete in AV Shield events and score points.
  • Athletes can pre-enter online each week before the closing date. Select events you wish to compete in. This will secure your place in track and field events. AV Shield Entry Guide
  • On the day of competition, athletes will be asked to check-in for ALL events at the registration desk no later than 30 minutes before their events scheduled start time, featured on the timetable of events.
  • Check-in will open 90 minutes before the first timetabled event on the program.
  • Athletes who do not check-in will be asked to compete in a later heat for track events and may lose their allotted space in field events.
  • There will still be allocated time for track heats on the day. Field events will be capped at the set number featured on the timetable. Athletes who do not check-in for field events will be removed from the card and the available space offered to another athlete.
  • This season, athletes who enter elite field cards without having an AV Ranking or showing capacity to achieve that performance will be removed from that card and all other field cards. It is the athlete’s responsibility to enter themselves in only one field time slot across all venues per round.
  • Athletes entering multiple field cards across various venues, will be removed from ALL sheets and opportunity offered to another entrant.
  • Performance lists will be pre-published before each event to inform athletes which heat they will be allocated. We are encouraging all members to purchase the Hy-Tek Meet Mobile App which provides instant start lists, results and schedules.
  • Athletes competing in laned events will be seeded on performance and will no longer need to report into the administration tent after their event as a race result will be captured by Photo Finish.
  • Athletes competing in circular events will be seeded based on performance and will report into the tent following their event to capture results.
  • Athletes will be able to access results on Hy-Tek Meet Mobile App and on Score Manager screens after their event.

All results will be featured on the AV Rankings after the event. Athletes/Team Managers will have the opportunity to query a result through the Athletics Victoria website no later than Tuesday 5:00pm following the completed round of competition.

We hope to see all clubs, athletes and volunteers supporting AV Shield this season and look forward to another exciting summer ahead. Best of luck for the season!