AV Memberships and Bibs for 2018/2019

1424 Athletics Victoria Membership packs will be delivered to Club Managers tomorrow at XCR18 Round 1 Jells park Relays.

Each AV member will receive in their membership pack:-

  •  Athletics Victoria SportsPass Membership Card
  •  Athletics Victoria Welcome Letter
  •  two (2) Cloth Bib Numbers and
  • one (1) timing Bib

Cloth bibs are to be worn front and back at the following events:-

  • XCR Relay Events ( Jells Park, Sandown, Angelsea and Tan Relays) and
  • Summer track & field competition

For all individual XCR18 Rounds (St Annes, Cruden Farm, Bundoora, Albert Park, Ballarat and Burnley),

  • The Timing Bib is to be worn on the front, and
  • one cloth bib on the back.

Please refer to the AV BIB placement guide XCR 18 BIB INSTRUCTIONS

A copy of the BIB Guide will be provided to each AV member along with their membership pack

Three (3) bibs – two cloth and one timing chip bib have been issued to all memberships received this week before the closing date.

The TIMING Chip BIB (front) and one CLOTH Bib  is to be used in all individual XCR Events.

Members are reminded to keep all bibs in tact as if a bib is lost or misplaced then there is a fee for all replacement bibs.

Club Managers/Reps will make arrangements to hand out all membership packs to Club Members.



XCR is back!

Jells Park hosts the first edition of this year’s XCR, the round which in 2017 saw 1,111 members competing – our second highest participation rate ever.
The first round of last year’s XCR proved to be a decisive one, with many of those victorious going on to take out the overall Teams Pennant. In 2018 we see Old Xaverians promoted to Premier Women, replacing Geelong Region. Whilst over in the men’s competition Western Athletics is promoted as one of the ten Premier Men’s teams, replacing APS United.
2018 also sees the addition of two new age groups; Men’s 60+ and Women’s 50+. 

Word on the street is that some of our Commonwealth Games athletes may come and compete this weekend after a successful track and field competition at Gold Coast 2018 and if you’re on the lookout for some new shoes, Saucony will be at Jells Park with a select footwear range. 

As a reminder – To be eligible to run in a relay team for your club your membership must be complete and approved before 11.59am Wednesday 18th April 2018. Don’t leave it to the last minute and make sure your Club Registrar approves your membership to complete the process.
See you at Jells Park!
Note: Team Managers, please make sure you cross check the Eligible Athletes List located on the event page by clicking here.


XCR18 Round 1 Jells Park

Relay Team entries close 11.59am Monday 16th April 2018

Member Registrations to compete at Jells Park close 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.  

Clubs must have approved your membership to be eligible to compete at Jells Park.

**Members please make sure you complete your registration well before the closing time on Wednesday 18th April 11.59am to allow Clubs time to approve your memberships. Only approved memberships will be eligible to compete at JELLS PARK on Saturday 21st April 2018.

** Club Registrars – please approve all memberships before 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.


XCR’18 Handbook

XCR’18 is almost upon us and all of the information you need in regards to entry process, venues and locations, racing distances and much more is now available, so make sure you download the XCR’18 Handbook here.

Entries for Rd 1 at Jells Park close at 11:59am on Monday 16th April, so be sure to get your teams in before the closing time.
All athletes must be registered and approved by 11:59am on Wednesday 18th April in order to be eligible to compete and score points for their team. Memberships can be completed via the member portal.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Jells Park on Saturday 21st April.

GC 2018 Commonwealth Games – Your quick guide to Track & Field

With the Opening Ceremony for GC2018 set to commence at 7pm tonight, all eyes will be on the the Gold Coast to set the scene for the next twelve days of incredible competition.

Here is your quick guide to when all of the track & field team will be competing commencing on Sunday 8th April with 20km Race Walk from 7.00am.

Good luck to all of the team, and a special ‘good luck’ to our Victorians.

For more information on the Australian track and field team including bio’s click here

To send a message to the team, click HERE


Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Name Event (s)
Liam Adams (Vic) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Naa Anang (Qld) Long jump 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
Angus Armstrong (NSW) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Eliza Ault-Connell (NSW) T54 marathon; 6.10am(F)
1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Joel Baden (Vic) High jump 10.20am (Q) 8.05pm (F)
Angela Ballard (ACT) T54 1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Brianna Beahan (WA) 100m hurdles 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
4x100m relay 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Dane Bird-Smith (Qld) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Damien Birkinhead (Vic) Shot put 4.35pm (Q) 8.25pm  (F)
Melissa Breen (ACT) 100m; 2.05pm (Hts) 9.50pm (F)
5.12pm (SF)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Rohan Browning (NSW) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Zoe Buckman (Vic) 1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Alysha Burnett (NSW) Heptathlon Heptathlon
Lisa Campbell (Qld) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Luke Cann (WA) Javelin 10.00am (Q Grp A) 2.35pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Declan Carruthers (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Joshua Clarke (NSW) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Rhiannon Clarke (WA) T38 100m 8.05pm (F)
Erin Cleaver (NSW) T38 long jump; 3.18pm (F)
100m 8.05pm (F)
Maddie Coates (Vic) 200m; 12.20pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Brianna Coop (Qld) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Mitchell Cooper (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Rhydian Cowley (Vic) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Kyle Cranston (NSW) Decathlon Decathlon
Cam Crombie (ACT) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Jack Dalton (Vic) Hammer throw 2.00pm (F)
Riley Day (Qld) 200m; 12.20pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
4x100m 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Madison de Rozario (WA) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 8.05pm (F)
Joseph Deng (Qld) 800m 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
Matthew Denny (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
hammer throw 2.00pm (F)
Ian Dewhurst (NSW) 400m hurdles 11.15am (Hts) 7.45pm (F)
Taylor Doyle (NSW) T38 long jump 3.18pm (F)
Cedric Dubler (Qld) Decathlon Decathlon
Emmanuel Fayike (NSW) Triple jump 10.30am (Q) 3.15pm (F)
Kurt Fearnley (NSW) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Henry Frayne (Qld) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Taryn Gollshewsky (Qld) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Murray Goodwin (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Ryan Gregson (NSW) 1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Georgia Griffith (Vic) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Jack Hale (Tas) 4x100m relay 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Linden Hall (Vic) 1,500m 7.25pm (Hts) 10.04pm (F)
Chris Hamer (ACT) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Benn Harradine (Qld) Discus, 10.00am (Q Grp A) 7.45pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Alex Hartmann (Qld) 200m; 8.50pm (SF) 9.56pm (F)
4x100m 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Madeline Hills (NSW) 5,000m; 3.20pm (F)
10,000m 8.35pm (F)
Isis Holt (Vic) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Michael Hosking (Vic) 20km race walk 7.00am (F)
Nick Hough (NSW) 110m hurdles 11.30am (Hts) 7.45pm (F)
Alexandra Hulley (NSW) Hammer throw 8.40pm (F)
Marty Jackson (Vic) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Michelle Jenneke (NSW) 100m hurdles 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
Caitlin Jones (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Kailyn Joseph (NSW) T38 long jump 3.18pm (F)
Nina Kennedy (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Genevieve LaCaze (Vic) 3,000m SC 7.45pm (F)
Fabrice Lapierre (NSW) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Jake Lappin (Vic) T54 marathon; 6.10am (F)
1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Kurtis Marschall (SA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Luke Mathews (Vic) 800m; 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Danielle McConnell (Tas) Hammer throw 8.40pm (F)
Nicola McDermott (NSW) High jump 2.25pm (F)
Morgan McDonald (NSW) 5,000m 3.20pm (F)
Brittany McGowan (Qld) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
David McNeill (Vic) 5,000m; 4.40pm (F)
10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Stewart McSweyn (Tas) 5,000m; 4.40pm (F)
10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Kathryn Mitchell (Vic) Javelin 7.15pm (F)
Morgan Mitchell (Vic) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Victoria Mitchell (NSW) 3,000m SC 7.45pm (F)
Christopher Mitrevski (Vic) Long jump 11.30am (Q) 8.32pm (F)
Virginia Moloney (Vic) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Jemima Montag (Vic) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Daniel Mowen (Qld) 4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Celeste Mucci (Vic) Heptathlon Heptathlon
Kim Mulhall (Vic) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Ella Nelson (NSW) 200m 12.48pm (Hts) 8.10pm (SF) 9.38pm (F)
Lara Nielsen (Qld) Hammer 9.40pm (F)
James Nipperess (NSW) 3,000m SC 7.30pm (F)
Bendere Oboya (NSW) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Evan O’Hanlon (NSW) T38 100m 7.10pm (F)
Ella Pardy (WA) T38 100m 8.05pm (F)
Elizabeth Parnov (WA) Pole vault 7.25pm (F)
Hamish Peacock (Tas) Javelin 10.00am (Q Grp A) 2.35pm (F)
11.10am (Q Grp B)
Huw Peacock (Tas) Hammer 2.00pm (F)
Sally Pearson (Qld) 100m hurdles; 11.20am (Hts) 10.09pm (F)
4x100m relay 10.35am (Hts) 2.57pm (F)
Cassie Purdon (Qld) High jump 2.25pm (F)
Joshua Ralph (NSW) 800m; 10.30am (Hts) 7.20pm (SF) 10.13pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Samuel Rizzo (Vic) T54 1,500m 12.00pm (Hts) 8.27pm (F)
Kelsey-Lee Roberts (Vic) Javelin 7.15pm (F)
Anneliese Rubie (NSW) 400m; 10.51am (Hts) 9.16pm (SF) 9.45pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
  Sun 8 Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Carly Salmon (NSW) T35 100m 9.22pm (F)
Jayden Sawyer (ACT) F38 shot put 8.36pm (F)
Michael Shelley (Qld) Marathon 8.15am (F)
Keely Small (ACT) 800m 12.20pm (Hts) 8.45pm (F)
Beki Smith (NSW) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Steven Solomon (NSW) 400m; 3.47pm (Hts) 7.56pm (SF) 9.48pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.05pm (Hts) 5.07pm (F)
Brandon Starc (NSW) High jump 10.20am (Q) 8.05pm (F)
Dani Stevens (NSW) Discus 8.40pm (F)
Brooke Stratton (Vic) Long jump 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
Celia Sullohern (NSW) 10,000m; 8.35pm (F)
5,000m 3.20pm (F)
Claire Tallent (SA) 20km race walk 9.15am (F)
Pat Tiernan (Qld) 10,000m 9.10pm (F)
Jessica Trengove (SA) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Samuel Walker (Tas) T38 100m 7.10pm (F)
Lisa Weightman (Vic) Marathon 7.20am (F)
Eloise Wellings (NSW) 5,000m; 3.20pm (F)
10,000m 8.35pm (F)
Lauren Wells (ACT) 400m hurdles; 11.50am (Hts) 7.30pm (F)
long jump; 7.00pm (Q) 7.55pm (F)
4x400m relay 12.35pm (Hts) 4.38pm (F)
Trae Williams (Qld) 100m; 2.45pm (Hts) 10.15pm (F)
5.35pm (SF)
4x100m relay 11.14am (Hts) 2.40pm (F)
Jordan Williamsz (Vic) 1,500m 11.35am (Hts) 4.10pm (F)
Q Qualification Round
Hts Heats
SF Semi Final
F Final