Athletics is one of those sports which can take you all over the world. It’s fair to say the United States and Europe have been the mecca for aspiring Australian athletes who want to make their mark on the sport.

So imagine how sweet it would be to experience in the United States as part of a college on a fully fledged scholarship!

Hence, we’re extremely excited to invite you to be part of Australia’s very first US College Scholarship Expo…

By attending the event you will receive $480 worth of FREE gifts:

  • One free copy of Australia’s first US College Recruitment Manual (valued at $79.95)
  • One free College combine pass where you will experience a Gold Standard US College Athlete Assessment (valued at $250)
  • Customised promotional website (valued at $150)

In addition to this you will be able to:

  • Map you academic preparation and entry pathway
  • Hear the stories of past and present College athletes and their families
  • Find scholarships and be recruited!

The US College Scholarship Expo will take place on April 4th at Brighton Grammar School. Spots are limited so please be sure to register as soon as possible!

We at Athletics Victoria understand the importance and value of having an education whilst still being able to play full-time sport. That’s why we’re happy to support the NSR in offering unique opportunities to our Victorian athletes. Where passion and education can become one.