New Bibs. New Timing System. A Whole New XCR Look!

Athletics Victoria will be introducing a new timing system for the 2017 season!

With the aim of producing faster and more accurate access to results, all competing athletes will now be issued with timing tags attached to their bibs, similar to those used in fun runs and triathlons. These bibs are made of a durable PVC material which, with appropriate care, will last the entire 2017/18 season. While the bibs and tags are water and tear resistant, they are not made to be machine washable or to withstand excessive pressure.

The timing tags are not be removed at any stage.

With athletes times now being associated with the bibs, it is essential that athletes bring their bibs to all rounds of XCR (including relays). If athletes forget to bring their bibs they will be required to purchase a ‘single use’ set of bibs for the day.

Athletes registering for the Summer season only, will receive bibs with no attached timing tags.

Replacement bibs

For any athlete that has lost their bibs, replacements will be available from the Athletics Victoria administration tent or alternatively by contacting the AV office within business hours prior to a round of XCR. Replacement bibs will incur a fee as outlined below:

  • Bibs with permanent timing tags – $20
  • Single use bibs (valid for one race only) – $15
  • Bibs only (applicable for athletes not competing in XCR events) – $10

The process for purchasing a membership and/or XCR packages will remain the same, as will the process of being issued and collecting memberships packs from Athletics Victoria. Club Team Managers will be required to collect and sign for all club membership packs from the Athletics Victoria Administration tent at the beginning of each XCR event.

**A reminder that a bib number will be issued when an athlete purchases either a package or an individual event entry, not at the point of memberships only.

The new timing system for XCR will be conducted through Tomato Timing.

Events they’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Triathlon Victoria Series
  • De Castella Run
  • Run the Bridge (Hobart)
  • Sri Chinmoy Run

Plus many other running, swimming and cycling events!

This service will provide athletes with a more accurate result for their individual XCR’17 races. Athletes will still have the opportunity to query results directly to Tomato Timing before final results are published on the Athletics Victoria website.

Timing tag testing will still be available at Athletics Victoria XCR competitions.

For more information on Tomato Timing and to catch up on their events and results, checkout their website and Facebook page!

Round 1 – Saturday 22 April – Jells Park Relays

XCR Schools – Saturday 29 April – Jells Park Relays

Round 2 – Saturday 13 May – Wandin Park Cross Country

XCR Schools – Saturday 20 May – Albert Park Road Relays

Round 3 – Saturday 27 May – Cruden Farm Cross Country 8km & 16km Heritage Round

Round 4 – Saturday 17 June – Bundoora Cross Country

XCR Schools – Saturday 17 June – Bundoora Cross Country

Round 5 – Saturday 8 July – Sandown Road Relays

Round 6 – Saturday 16 July – Albert Park 10km Road Race

Round 7 – Saturday 29 July – Wendouree 15km & 6km Road Race

Round 8 – Saturday 12 August – Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay

Round 9 – Sunday 3 September – Burnley Half Marathon & Junior 5km – TBC

Round 10 – Saturday 16 September – Princes Park Relays

Make sure you have the date April 1 cemented in your brain, as it’s the official opening day to purchase your membership and XCR’17 Package, which inevitably gives you entry access for all events throughout the season!