XCR’17 – It’s Almost Here!

There are two kinds of people in this wonderful world we live in…

Beach goers and snow lovers.

Those who long for the endless summer are more accustomed to the track. The rest, well they’re a different breed altogether. They’re the ones who wake up at 5am to start training when it’s only 2 degrees outside. They’re the ones who run further than the track would indicate. They’re the ones who keep their tops on when they’re training – and will often need to cover their hands and head due to the freezing temperatures. They’re the ones who’ll race in rain, hail or shine and enjoy it. They’re the ones who push their bodies to physical exhaustion yet keep coming back for more.

To put it bluntly – they’re the XCR class of 2017.

With the official launch of the season on April 1, and the first event at Jells Park on April 22, it’s time to start preparing for the winter. However there have been a few changes and we thought it’d be best to let you know why!

  • Round 3 for the Cruden Farm Cross Country 8km & 16km Heritage Round will now have a new starting point due to safety reasons.
  • Round 6 for the Albert Park 10km Road Race will not be finishing in Lakeside Stadium due to a soccer match being held. The finish line will now be located behind the stadium.
  • Round 7 for the Wendouree 15km & 6km Road Race has been re-measured and is now a certified 15km course – yew!
  • Princes Park will be replacing The Tan in Round 10 due to irrigation works. Princes Park is a flat 3.2km circuit with plenty of open space for clubs to set-up.

For Schools XCR’17 there has been one slight change to Jells Park.

  • All school athletes will now be competing at Jells Park North rather than Jells Park South – which has been done in the past.

The rest of the season will look as follows…

Round 1 – Saturday 22 April – Jells Park Relays

XCR Schools – Saturday 29 April – Jells Park Relays

Round 2 – Saturday 13 May – Wandin Park Cross Country

XCR Schools – Saturday 20 May – Albert Park Road Relays

Round 3 – Saturday 27 May – Cruden Farm Cross Country 8km & 16km Heritage Round

Round 4 – Saturday 17 June – Bundoora Cross Country

XCR Schools – Saturday 17 June – Bundoora Cross Country

Round 5 – Saturday 8 July – Sandown Road Relays

Round 6 – Saturday 16 July – Albert Park 10km Road Race

Round 7 – Saturday 29 July – Wendouree 15km & 6km Road Race

Round 8 – Saturday 12 August – Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay

Round 9 – Sunday 3 September – Burnley Half Marathon & Junior 5km – TBC

Round 10 – Saturday 16 September – Princes Park Relays


Make sure you have the date April 1 cemented in your brain, as it’s the official opening day to purchase your membership and XCR’17 Package, which inevitably gives you entry access for all events throughout the season!