Victorian All-Star #3 – Mia Gross

Meet Mia Gross!

We decided to ask Mia some questions ahead of the 2017 Australian Athletics Championships to see what drives her as an athlete and a person…

Athletics Victoria: Hey Mia, thanks for joining us!
Mia Gross: No worries AV!

AV: You’ve had an unbelievable season thus far, but let’s start off with the basics. How old are you…?
MG: I’m currently 15 but turning 16 next month.

AV: Not long now! And which club do you compete for?
MG: I’m with Deakin Athletics Club.

AV: How long have you be competing in athletics for?
MG: I started running in the Under-8 age division nine years ago which has gone super fast!

AV: We bet it has! So you got involved with Little Athletics?
MG: I absolutely loved Little Athletics. I went on all the JDS camps/sessions and loved it so much! Little Athletics is where I met all  my dearest friends.

AV: Were your parents athletes?
MG: My mum did athletics when she was younger but back then it finished at Under-12’s. My Dad was playing senior GFL football at the age of 16 and not too bad at cricket as well. They both love sport and always encourage myself and my siblings to do my best and have fun.

AV: What do you love about your specific events?
MG: I love everything about competing! I love the atmosphere, challenging myself, running against top athletes, meeting new people and developing long lasting friendships. I love watching others race as well. I love training and I’m always hanging out for the start of the athletics season! When I run I feel alive and energised. It’s where I belong and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love coming around the bends and into the straight…It’s such an amazing feeling and then digging deep to push that little extra to finish.

AV: Love the passion Mia! As your range has developed across the 100, 200 and 400m events, how do you decide which event to focus on? Or has the three-event mix become a championships workload you are used to?
MG: I would love to be able to run all three events. Unfortunately they seem to have the final of the 100m and the final of the 400m too close together which means I now have to choose! I have to focus on my times which means that I can’t run a 100m and then 40 minutes later run the 400m time I would like.

AV: Ah the old 100/400m clash! So having previously lived in Torquay, did your preparation differ living further out than metropolitan athletes?
MG: Yes it did because we always had to leave 3 1/2 hour before my race event started, but I adapted to the traveling and sometimes stayed in Melbourne if the competition was on Saturday and Sunday. I also have to consider all my meals before I leave my house because I most likely won’t be home until late in the evening. I love living in Torquay right next to the beach (although I cannot surf!) and my friends live so close to me. It’s such a beautiful area and I am very fortunate. I’m also very lucky my training group is awesome! We train on the new track at Deakin University which is only 20 minutes away – very handy! I only sprint train on a Tuesday and Thursday so it’s not that difficult to get there and I’m always keen for a training day to come around because I love it!

AV: Living in Torquay an not surfing! That’s a sin haha. So what do you get up to for fun away from athletics?
MG: I love all different kinds of sports. I love watching the Geelong Cats play. I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding with my friends even though it takes me a little while to get used to! I basically love mocking around, laughing with my friends being crazy, relaxed and silly!

AV: Thanks for your time Mia and good luck at Nationals!
MG: No worries guys!

Catch Mia in the 100, 200 and 400m during the Australian Athletics Championships (Sunday 26th March – Sunday 2nd April).