Victorian All-Star #1 – Philippa Huse

Meet Philippa Huse (aka Pip)! 

We decided to ask Pip some questions ahead of the 2017 Australian Athletics Championships to see what drives her as an athlete and a person…

Athletics Victoria: Hey Pip, thanks for joining us!
Philippa Huse: No worries guys!

AV: First things first…How old are you?
PH: I am 17-years-old, 18 in just over 3 weeks!

AV: Which club are you associated with?
PH: I’m currently with Sandringham Athletics Club…

AV: How long have you been doing athletics for?
PH: I’ve been doing athletics for about 12 years now!

AV: How did you get involved with athletics?
PH: I’m the youngest of four children, so I watched all my siblings do athletics when I was young which definitely encouraged me to get involved. Both my parents also made sure we all gave it a try and were happy for us to get involved!

AV: Are your parents athletes?
PH: My parents are both passionate about a wide variety of sports and both have always loved exercise and being active. This has definitely inspired me from a young age to be involved and compete in sport.

AV: What do you love about your specific event?
PH: I love he originality of race-walking and the fact it’s different to any other event! I love that it is not only a long distance event, but it is also technically challenging as well.

AV: How does walking differ tactically/mentally on track as opposed to the more common road events?
PH: In a race, like with other road distance races, my main goal is on even splits and pacing myself. It’s so much easier to race with people, so if there is someone near my speed I always try to work off them! With walks however, there is the added pressure of needing a legal style, which requires you to stay focused the whole way through. You can’t change you style if you get tired, from the risk of being disqualified and therefore there is an emphasised focus on not burning yourself too early.

AV: How does one get into race walking as a youngster?
PH: I first began race walking through Brighton Little Athletics. I would compete in the Little Athletics Regional and State Championships each year and over time I noticed how I was progressively improving in placing and time. This encouraged me to stick at it and put in more time and effort!

AV: What are your future walking team goals?
PH: My current goal at the moment would be looking towards the World Junior Championships and the World Race Walking Cup next year. I prefer to focus more on upcoming goals as opposed to looking too far into the future. But to be selected for either of there two teams would be an absolute dream for me.

AV: What’s the state of race walking within Victoria?
PH: Victoria currently has a wide selection of talented and passionate walkers ranging from all ages and all levels. I’m lucky enough to be in a training group that is so supportive, dedicated and hard-working. It inspires me to always put in my best effort and strive to be the best I can be.

AV: Away from athletics, what do you do for fun?
PH: I’m currently in year 12, so life is fairly busy with work and study, but I play touch rugby at schools as well as the drums, which is great fun! Aside from that, I love catching up with friends and relaxing!

AV: Thank you so much for your time Pip – we’ll be following your progress closely at Nationals!
PH: Thanks guys!

Catch Philippa in the 10km race walk during the Australian Athletics Championships (Sunday 26th March – Sunday 2nd April).