Victorian Officials Selected for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Thirty-two Victorian Officials have been selected as Technical Officials and will have the honour of officiating at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games next April. In total, 177 green and gold Officials have been appointed alongside 29 International appointments.

The inclusion of the Victorian Officials for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games followed a recruitment process that began before the 2017 Australian Athletics Championships with more than 300 applicants considered for positions…

Congratulations to the following Victorian Officials:

Competition Director: Khan Sharp

Meeting Managers: Kirsteen Farrance and Lorraine Morgan

Officials Room: Andrea Hallett

Equipment Manager: Gary McBroom

Assistant Technical Manager: Andrew Duncan

Technical Judges: Lincoln Mah and Andrew Stirling

Call Room Judges: Suzanne Callaway, Bob Hallett and Dianne Lowden

Assistant Track Referee / Assistant Video Referee: Kevin Wigmore

Umpires / Lap Scorers: Phil Allen, Gayle Anderson, Tony Williams, Lynne Wolowiec and Les Wright

Chief Track Judge: Peter Dunn

Starters Assistants: Stuart Merrick, Pam Noden and Matthew Webster

Combined Event Referee & Chief Field Judge: Richard Lawysz

Chief Field Judges: Sarah Davis and Pauline Zuccolin

Assistant Chief Field Judges: Christine Christie and Stuart Schnaars

Field Judges: Michael Brazel, Caitlin Christie, Michael Lindstrom, Josh Savage, Lorraine Sawyer and Greg Simpson