Round 3 – Cruden Farm – Wrap

Well there is no doubt that Cruden is a tough course. Looking at all the athlete’s faces as they battled the hills and bog pit throughout the day reassured its toughness.

We must sound like a broke record, but once again the weather was in our favour. There was plenty of blue sky about, which made for a very pleasant day of competition. However, the wind was gnarly – so gnarly.

It was great to see all the athletes kitted out in their Club’s traditional attire. It really adds to the atmosphere throughout the day and of course the events sentimental value.

The XCR’17 competition is red hot now, which means each time athletes front up to tackle a relay, cross country course or road race, it can be anyone’s to win! Today was no different with quality competition in both the Women’s and Men’s Division.

In the Women’s U14 Division (4km) it was Lucinda Rourke (WTN) who took the win with a time of 14:52. Fellow teammate Jamie Lee-Code (WTN) was extremely close behind, finishing second with a time of 14:56. Madeline Laven (YRA) was third in a time of 15:02.

In the Women’s U16 Division (6km) it was Georgia Laven (YRA) who dominated the course, finishing with a time of 21:44. Taryn Burletti and teammate Yazmin Hayes (BER) crossed the line (practically together) in second and third times 22:08 and 22:11 respectively.

In the Women’s U18 Division (6km) it was Amy Cornell (COL) who took the win with a time of 22:49, with Emily Mizis (ESS) in second place with a time of 23:09. Matilda Moore wasn’t far off, rounding out the top 3 with a time of 23:39.

In the Women’s U20 Division (8km) it was Amelia Mazza-Downie (ESS) who was far too strong for her competitors, crossing the line in 29:30. Amelia looked comfortable the whole way around, in what was seriously tough conditions with the wind playing havoc and the mud pit swallowing shoes each time a competitor tried to chance it through the middle.

In the Women’s Open Division (8km), it was Virginia Moloney (Collingwood) who claimed victory over Anna Kelly (South Melbourne) in a time of 27:22. It was neck-and-neck for the whole race with Anna sitting comfortably behind Virginia as the two broke away from the field with about 3kms remaining. However, Virginia kept pushing towards the finish line and narrolwy clinched the win in what was a truly inspiring display of competitiveness between both athletes. It was an awesome race and we can’t wait to see what happens at Bundoora!

There is no doubt the level of competition has risen this year and it truly is a joy to watch! Congratulations to all the Women who competed today!!!

Over on the Men’s side of the draw it was the U14’s (4km) who got things rolling with Thomas Diamond (BOM) claiming victory with a time of 13:46. Bailey Morrell (FKN) wasn’t far off, crossing the line in 14:03. Wolfgand Cotra-Nemesi rounded out the top 3 with a time of 14:18.

In the Men’s U16 Division (6km) it was Harry Sharp (BAL) who clinched victory from Ramen Nayar (SME) finishing with times of 19:53 and 19:56 respectively. Caden Murray (DIV) was a very close third, crossing the line in 19:57.

In the Men’s U18 Division (8km) it was Andrew Amor (BAL) who grabbed victory with a time of 26:26. William Collins (KNX) was next over the line with a time of 26:30. With Sam Williams joining fellow teammate on the podium with a third-place finish in a time of 27:04.

In the Men’s U20 Division (6km) it was Cody Shamaman (WES) who took the win with a time of 18:40. Cassidy Shaw was on his heels the whole way around the course and finished a close second with a time of 18:49. Callen Goldsmith took bronze with a time of 18:55.

In the Men’s Open Division (16km), it was Dejen Gebreselassi (Mentone) who broke through for his for ever XCR series win. An awesome athlete who was in the mix at Wandin, and it was clear he arrived with a point to prove. Quality running ahead of XCR legends in Liam Adams and Mitch Brown. He will be the one to beat if he keeps up this solid form.

Thanks to all who made it out to Cruden Farm today – especially the Officials. Without them, events such as this one would not be possible!

We’ll see everyone in a couple of weeks’ time at Bundoora!