Australian Athletics Championships – Day 5 – Morning Session

Overcast start to the day which was a welcome relief for athletes and spectators alike! However, there is some serious talk of the mother of all thunderstorms set to hit Sydney’s Olympic Park in the afternoon, but fingers crossed it passes us by…

It didn’t.

At 10:45 the heavens opened up, however, it’ just weather and the competition goes on!

The first set of medals up for grabs were in the Men’s secured discus throw, and Victoria went 1, 2 and 3! Paralympian Jesse Wyatt got himself the gold medal with a distance of 20.55m (69.66%) achieved on his second throw, Craig Jarrett took home silver with a distance of 31.22m (68.63%) and Michael Fawkner (48.93%) rounded out the podium with a distance of 21.18m!

In the Men’s U20 decathlon, it was Michael Cann who was the fastest in the opening round of the 100m, crossing over the line in a time of 11.03s. Gary Haasbroek was second with a time of 11.19s and Matthew Harcourt was third with a time of 11.30s. Next in the long jump, Haasbroek finished first with a final jump distance of 7.01m,  Cann was second (after getting some work done on his ankle) with a distance of 6.88m and Harcourt placed third with a distance of 6.67m. Fun fact: It was pouring with rain…In the shot put, Haasbroek took the honours with a distance of 11.79m, Cann wasn’t far off with a distance of 11.76m and Harcourt with 10.13m!

In the Men’s U17 decathlon, it’s Sebastian Reyneke who’s leading on the second day with 4,262 points after placing second in the 100m with a time of 11.88s, first in the long jump with a distance of 6.08m and first in the shot put with a distance of 12.86m.

The Women’s Open and U20 heptathlon also commenced, with Rachel Limburg, Celeste Mucci and Anna Bush (U20) all winning their 100m hurdles heats. With Mucci crossing the line in 13.46s, Limburg in 15.17s and Bush in 14.32s. Over in the high jump and it was Mucci who finished up second with a height of 1.66m, Limburg with the same (1.66m) and Bush with 1.60m. In the shot put Mucci threw a 11.17m, Limburg a 11.67m and Bush with a 9.03m. With the current standings at Mucci 3rd with 2468 points, Limburg 5th with 2264 points and Bush (U20) 2nd on 2136 points!

In the Women’s U17 heptathlon, Jessica Mackenzie took out the gold medal with a total of 4432 points, after going into the final event (800m) with the smallest of margins! Mackenzie only needed to beat Desi Johnson (QLD) to ensure herself of first place – which she did in the final 50m!!! A great win from Mackenzie who has a seriously bright future in athletics…

In the Women’s U18 heptathlon, Jamies Battistella just held onto a bronze medal finish with 4763 points. Battistella’s favoured events were the high jump (1.70m) and the javelin throw (37.03m)!

Mietta Russell was all class in her Women’s U16 200m final, running on a damp track with a lot of power and aggression. Was so close to the gold medal, but grabbed the silver with a time of 25.599s!

In the Women’s U14 200m final, Angel Ukpiebo was on top of her game, blasting her way to victory with a time of 26.06s in what was a seriously wet track!

The event of the morning was by far the Men’s U20 800m final, with four Victorians (Christian Davis, Archie Wallis, Felix Lonergan and Kaman Malou) in the field. It was always going to be between Davis and Wallis, which was exactly the case. Davis went out hard, as he normally does, then let the field decide if they wanted to overtake him (which they did), then with 150m left in the race Davis made his move and Wallis went with him, making for an exceptionally exciting finish! However, Davis held his nerve and finished with a gold medal time of 1:52.99s and Wallis right behind with a silver medal time of 1:53.49s!

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