During the 2016-17 AV Shield season, Athletics Victoria implemented some new concepts to the format of AV Shield including a new AV Shield scoring system and online entry process. The scoring system was widely accepted by our membership and although the online entry was temperamental in the early stages, we successfully ratified and rectified the issues as we progressed through the season.

The 2016-17 season proved challenging in key areas and highlighted the need for improvement. We invited and listened to the feedback and comments we received around the service provided at AV Shield, particularly around competition and the processes we employ and administer on the day. Examples included: Blank lanes not being filled, athletes not receiving results, shortage of competition and once again events not running on time. These comments and concerns from our clubs and members are issues that we take very seriously, and we have subsequently been working through them during the offseason to review and investigate solutions.

Athletics Victoria in conjunction with the AV Shield Committee have devised a concept we feel will assist in our ambitions to make AV Shield a healthier product to foster the needs of our members. In light of an anticipated drop off in Victorian Officials following the 2018 Commonwealth Games, as a sport we need to strategise around a number of key foundations aligned to our 2019 – 2022 vision for the sport. The new AV Shield concept will allow Athletics Victoria to put a greater emphasis and focus on supporting and educating club helpers and officials. It will also allow us to establish a long-term plan around process, operations, flexibility, and opportunities for our membership.

There has been a great deal of analysis and consultation on various options however we feel this new product offering will align with our long-term objectives for the competition.

There are two components to the change and how it affects you as a member:

Component 1 – AV Shield Format

  • Currently we are operating four (4) metro and three (3) country venues across the state.
  • The 2017-18 season will see us consolidate to two (2) venues operating, with one venue hosting program 1 and one hosting program 2 each week.
  • There will be a program 1 and program 2 offered each round providing greater opportunity to our competing members offering more value for your membership.
  • Athletes from all metro and country regions will be able to choose which venue they attend and still be eligible to score points.
  • Athletes and coaches will now be provided with greater opportunity and can plan their schedule in advance.
  • By operating from two metro (2) venues, rather than four (4), we can consolidate our workforce, utilising our experienced officials and supporting our volunteers.
  • By consolidating workforce and resources, all twelve rounds will be sanctioned National Permit Meets. Performances will be accepted for international qualifiers and records.
  • Online entry will still be offered this season before each round of competition. Entries will close three days prior to competition at midday before each round.
  • Athletes will still be offered the opportunity to enter on the day, however this will be based on availability at each venue.
  • There will be minimal changes to the 2017-18 rules of competition as a result of this year’s new format with minimal impact on scoring. Rules of Competition will be confirmed highlighting amendments within the summer 2017-18 handbook.
  • Zone v Zone competition will still operate and will be scored across all twelve (12) rounds of AV Shield competition. Presentation will take place at the AV Shield Final and presented to the highest scoring zone.

As we continue to strive to provide our members with the best experience possible at AV Shield, we wish to adopt a distinct change in our process and how we administer the competition on the day. The second component of the change is a systemic move from the old method. Review and feedback suggest that the current method is temperamental and we wish to mirror a system to that operated at AV Championship events. This process is a tried and tested method which allows an effective and efficient process for officials and staff to manage the event.  The change in process will now allow us to utilise IT platforms we have at our disposal and invest in improvements.

Component 2 – AV Shield Process

This part of the change is critical for athletes to follow. There will be further documentation and explanation to follow however, below is a short summary of what to expect this coming season at AV Shield competition.

  • Create an online profile if you do not already have one and update your details.
  • Purchase the 2017 Track & Field Package or Max Package. This will provide eligibility to compete in AV Shield events and score points.
  • Pre-enter online each week before the closing date. Select events you wish to compete in. This will secure your place in track and field events.
  • On the day of competition, athletes will be asked to check-in for ALL events at the registration desk no later than one hour (60 minutes) before their events start time featured on the timetable of events.
  • Check-in will open 90 mins before the first timetabled event on the program.
  • Athletes who do not check-in will be asked to compete in a later heat for track events and may lose their allotted space in field.
  • There will still be allocated time for track heats on the day. Field events will be capped at the set number featured on the timetable. Athletes who do not check-in for field events will be removed from the card and the available space offered to another athlete.
  • Once entries close, an adjusted timetable based on the actual competing numbers will be published along with performance lists.
  • Performance lists will be pre-published before each event to inform athletes which heat they will be allocated. We are encouraging all members to purchase the Hy-Tek Meet Mobile App which provides instant start lists, results and schedules.
  • Athletes who do not pre-enter can still enter on the day however this will be based on availability and on a first come first serve basis.
  • Athletes competing in laned events will be seeded on performance and will no longer need to report in to the administration tent after their event as a race result will be captured by Photo Finish.
  • Athletes competing in circular events will be seeded based on performance and will report in to the tent following their event to capture results.
  • Athletes will be able to access results on Hy-Tek Meet Mobile App and on Score Manager screens after their event.
  • All results will be featured on the AV Rankings after the event providing athletes with an opportunity to see where they rank in AV Shield competition in Victoria.

The above is a fundamental change to the way we operate AV Shield competition. Athletics Victoria would like to make members aware that for Athletics Victoria to provide an effective and efficient service there needs to be a functioning process in place. This process is very similar to a championship process and allows us to implement a number of new features and improvements across all areas of the organisation going forward but also remain flexible for those that wish to participate on the day. The new improvements are all now possible as a result of consolidating our workforce and there will be more information about the new Victorian Officials and Club Helpers Scheme in due course.

There will be more detail to follow in regards the program of events, event timetables and rule updates for the new season with the summer handbook currently in the design stage, however below provides you with the information required to start planning ahead for the season.

AV SUMMER Venue (Program 1) Venue (Program 2) Geelong Ballarat Bendigo
AV Shield
Round 1 Saturday 7th October 2017 Doncaster Red (P1) & Yellow Nunawading White (P2) & Blue P2 P2 P2
Round 2 Saturday 14th October 2017 Frankston (PV at Box Hill on Thursday 12th October) Blue (P1) & White Werribee Yellow (P2) & Red P1 P1 P1
Round 3 Saturday 21st October 2017 Meadow Glen Red (P1) & Yellow Nunawading White (P2) & Blue P2 P2 P2
Round 4 Saturday 28th October 2017 Knox Blue (P1) & White Werribee Red (P2) & Yellow P1 P1 P1
Round 5 Saturday 18th November 2017 Doncaster Red (P1) & Yellow Yarra Ranges White (P2) & Blue P2 P2 P2
Round 6 Sunday 26th November 2017 Frankston (PV at Box Hill on Thursday 23rd November) Blue (P1) & White Aberfeldie Yellow (P2) & Red P1 P1 P1
Round 7 Saturday 2nd December 2017 Ringwood White & Blue (P1) Doncaster Red (P2) & Yellow P2 P2 P2
Round 8 Sunday 10th December 2017 Williamstown (PV at Melbourne Uni Thursday 7th December) Yellow & Red (P1) Casey Fields Blue & White (P2) P1 P1 P1
Round 9 Friday 15th December 2018 (P1) & Saturday 16th December 2017 (P2) Lakeside Stadium White & Blue (P1) Meadowglen Red & Yellow (P2) P2 P2 P2
Round 10 Saturday 6th January 2018 Aberfeldie Yellow & Red (P1) Knox Blue & White (P2) P1 P1 P1
Round 11 Friday 12th January 2018 (P2) & Saturday 13th January 2018 (P1) Nunawading White & Blue (P1) Lakeside Stadium Red & Yellow (P2) P2 P2 P2
Round 12 Saturday 20th January 2018 Aberfeldie Yellow & Red (P1) Casey Fields Blue & White (P2) P1 P1 P1
AV Shield Final Saturday 10th February 2018 Lakeside Stadium All (P1) P1 (Final) P1 (Final) P1 (Final)

For the 3000m & 5000m walks, additional AV Shield scoring opportunity will be provided curtosy of the VRWC at the following venues (dates):

– AV Shield Round 2: Wednesday 18th October – Clifton Hill
– AV Shield Round 4: Wednesday 1st November – Clifton Hill
– AV Shield Round 10: Wednesday 10th January – Mentone

Please note: For the above walks events, pre-entry will not be offered. All entries will be conducted on the day of the event.

There is a great deal of information Athletics Victoria wish to communicate with you in the coming weeks in the build up to the new season. To ensure that we do not overload you with information we will be providing material in five (5) blocks.

  1. Pre-Cursor – AV Video – A Message from the CEO – ‘What to expect for the season’ (video featured below)
  2. Competition Format and Competition Process Documentation (content featured)
  3. Officials and Club Helper Information and Operations Guide
  4. Pre-Event instruction guide (setting up your portal and how to enter for the season)
  5. Step-by-Step process guide and explanation Video (instructions for on the day)

We will also have AV staff members on hand at the two metro venues to assist on your arrival and to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Athletics Victoria would like to thank you for your patience and support during this move to a new format and we hope that all affiliated clubs, athletes, coaches, officials, and parents communicate the message effectively and convey the reasoning behind this move as well as the benefits this format creates.

As mentioned above there will be further explanation coming out in the next few weeks to all members, so we ask for your patience while we continue to finalise plans for the upcoming season.

Click here for the 2017/18 summer calendar.

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