AV Shield Metro Timetable Changes

In previous communication we informed members that the timetable for AV Shield rounds would be adjusted to reflect the entries following the closing date. This allows us to timetable each week based on the actual entries and we apologise if the adjustments have inconvenienced anyone for this weekend. It was important for us to timetable accordingly and create a schedule that works for all members.

Based on entry numbers into Round 1 of AV Shield, the timetable has been adjusted to better accommodate those entries and more accurately predict the run-time of the competition.


At Doncaster there have been changes to 200m and 800m times. Due to recent changes to IAAF rules, there is now 2 elite 800m heats for Men & Women added to the program. Pole Vault has been altered also, with the 3.80m+ event no longer taking place, combining with the 3.00m+ event at 2:30pm. 1.60m+ Pole Vault has been moved from 4:30pm to 4:00pm.


At Nunawading, 1500m and 3000m walks events were scheduled for 4:15pm, there will now be two separate heats, with heat 1 beginning at 1:00pm and heat 2 beginning at 1:25pm. Pole Vault will also not have a 3.80m+ event and the 1.60m+ has been moved from 4:30pm to 4:00pm.

These changes are reflected on the Metro Timetable and also on the AV Shield page. The AV Shield page also contains entry lists for all venues. The 800m events now have two elite heats for men and women, please pay close attention to the headings when viewing the performance start lists online.

A reminder, athletes must check-in no later than 1 hour prior to the start of their event, unless stated otherwise on the timetable, this includes athletes entering on the day.

Round 2 entries are open, athletes that wish to enter can follow the AV Shield Entry Guide for a step by step guide on how to enter.

Important Information: Athletes looking to collect their membership packs/bib numbers can do so from the administration desk at the venue they have entered. This will allow you to compete under your registered bib number and profile. If your membership pack is not at the venue, the AV team will allocate you a temporary bib on the day to see through round 1 and will aim to deliver for the following week.

Note: AV Shield requires all athletes to be current registered members and have purchased the T&F Package or Max Package in order to pre-enter and score points.

For all information on AV Shield, head to the AV Shield Event page on athsvic.org.au