Athletics Victoria needs your help this coming season!

Athletics Victoria earlier this week launched the new format and process changes for the AV Shield 2017-18 season on social media and the AV website.

As a member of Athletics Victoria, you would have received an EDM linking you to the news piece. If you missed it, please click on the link below for more information and an explanation to the revised format.

Please make sure you read the information in the attached link so you are familiar with the changes. There are timetables featured on the AV Shield section of the website if you wish to have a more in-depth look at the scheduling, click on the link below.

With the new format of AV Shield being implemented this year, it is imperative that we use the time between now and the start of the season to assist our officials/volunteers and provide some guidance as to how Athletics Victoria as a State Membership Association see the competition being operated. Athletics Victoria will be providing Victorian Officials and volunteers (who are keen to get involved) with Photo Finish, Meet Manager – Scoring, Results, Administration, and Check-In training workshops.

If you or anybody in your club, zone, or family is keen to assist, please let us know so we can include you in correspondence in relation to the workshop(s).

The 20th September and 4th October will be predominately for Photo Finish operators. This will be a great opportunity for those currently involved and/or seeking some new knowledge on the system set-up and operation, to come down and liaise with fellow operators. There are two options, ‘A Beginners Guide’ which will be for those seeking to get involved and learn more about Photo Finish. The other Photo Finish workshop on the 4th October will be for all Photo Finish operators – however, please feel free to come to both if you wish to simply refresh on certain areas. If you are interested in getting involved as an Administration Delegate, the Monday 25th September is the workshop for you.

  1. Wednesday 20th September: Introduction to Photo Finish (A Beginners Guide)
  2. Monday 25th September: Admin Delegate training (For all Admin, Check-in, MM, PF administrators)
  3. Wednesday 4th October: PF Workshop (Practical/Roleplay for all beginners and those doing PF this season)

Athletics Victoria appreciate and support the lengths our volunteers go to, in assisting week in and week out. However, we need your continued support in the coming seasons to make sure athletes are provided with the best possible service and key roles like the roles you play are pivotal in delivering on our expectations.

In order for us to facilitate and cater can you please advise us of your availability to attend all or any of the above courses before Tuesday 19th September 2017 to via email to Andrea Hallett

We look forward to your involvement.

Yours in Sport,