Australian Athletics Championships – Day 6

It’s Day 6 and we welcome the cooler conditions and of course the zero rainfall! Yesterday was some of the worst weather ever seen, but let’s not dwell on the past…

The first medal of the day went to the man with the greatest smile in the business Tayleb Willis (U15 100m hurdles final) who powered to the finish line to snatch the silver medal with an awesome PB of 14.62s. It was into a head win as well!!!

Abbey Krippl (Women’s U15 90m hurdles final) was next to feature on the podium, running a quality 90m hurdle final, to grab a bronze medal with a time of 13.51s.

The boy who looks as if he could be a professional surfer or a rockstar, Andreas Weickhardt, was also getting around the medal party snatching a bronze medal in the Men’s U14 90m hurdles final with a time of 14.55s!

To keep the junior celebrations going, Nikola Mandic was dominant in the Men’s U15 300m race walk, powering along in perfect form to cross the line victorious with a time of 13:48.16s.

Denise Snyder and Eleanor Patterson both qualified for the final of the Women’s high jump with heights of 1.81m.

In the Men’s U15 high jump it was Lochlan Curry who stole the win off Queensland’s Ethan Petcos off count back with a height of 1.87m to claim the gold medal!

For the Women’s Open 400m hurdles heats, it was Caitlin Hawks , Ashleigh Horrobin and Kenzie Keenan (NZL, OMAC) who all managed to qualify for the semi finals in what was trying conditions with the win playing havoc on the track! Hawks finished with a time of 63.15s, Horrobin with 61.71s and Keenan with 61.57s. However the notable performance was from Olympian Lauren Wells (ACT) who cruised over the line in 58.86s!

The Women’s U16 1500m final was a stacked field with 18 competitors in total! Georgia Laven was courageous the whole way around the track, holding her nerve to finish with a bronze medal and a time of 4:34.94s.

Down an age division saw both Zoe Woods and Nicola Hogg take out second and third respective for their Women’s U15 1500m final. Woods finished with a time of 4:33.92s and Hogg crossed the line in 4:35.15s.

Still with the 1500m finals, but this time for the Women’s Ambulant, it was Belinda Scott (NSW) who went out fast very early on and maintained the pace for the whole race! However due to percentages in an ambulant event, it was Kirstie Newcombe who grabbed the gold medal with a time of 6:05.46s (89.89%). Bronze medal winner was fellow Victorian Eliesha Byrt with a time of 5:43.34s (76.71%).

The second last track event for the morning session was Women’s U16 3000m race walk, where Victoria finished with second and third place! Alanna Peart was clutch the whole way round, holding her stride, and crossing the line solidly with a personal best time of 14:51.15s. Teammate Chloe Karagiorgos was close behind, finishing with a bronze medal time of 14:55.35s! Over in the Women’s U17 division, it was Gemma Peart (yep, sister of Alanna) who wanted to join her little sis in the medal party, and managed to do so with a well-deserved bronze in a time of 15:58. No doubt their cousin Rachel Tallent (Rio Olympian) took some inspiration from the medal sister act!

At the conclusion of the Women’s Open heptathlon, it was Rachel Limburg who finished as the highest ranked Victorian on 4918 points, capping off the day with 5.35m in the long jump, 37.40m in the javelin throw and 2:30.34s for the 800m. Celeste Mucci finished 12th after pulling out of competition after a day one.

The Women’s 800m heats were one of the feature events of the night with Zoe Buckman, Georgia Griffith and Abbey de la Motte all qualifying through to the final! Buckman finished with a time of 2:05.62s, Griffith with 2:07.30s and de la Motte with 2:05.45s!

Another feature of the night were the Men’s 1500m heats (47 competitors in total) which saw Isaac Hockey, Adam Pyke, Ryan Gregson, Tom Fawthorpe and Jodran Williamsz all qualify for the final! Hockey finished with a time of 3:52.67s, Pyke with 3:45.54s, Gregson with 3:47.74s, Fawthorpe with 3:48.49s and Williamsz with 3:47.08s. All the lads looks confident out on the track whilst running beautifully. The final will no doubt be between Matthew Ramsden (WA) and Gregson!

Luke Stevens started his Friday night off perfectly with a win the Men’s Open 400m semi final, crossing the line comfortably with a time of 47.72s! Will be a tough ask against Steven Solomon (NSW) though who seems to be in magnificent form…

In the Women’s 100m heats it was Brittany Burkitt, Kendra Hubbard and Hana Basic who all qualified for the semi final. Burkitt looked the most comfortable with a time of 12.10s, however, it’s going to be tough to beat Melissa Breen (ACT) who looked in good condition qualifying with a time of 11.83s! Hubbard finished with a time of 12.17s and Basic with 12.32s.

After two days of grueling competition for the Men’s U20 decathletes, it was Gary Haasbroek (7090 points) who reigned supreme and grabbed himself a seriously well-deserved gold medal! Matthew Harcourt (6554 points) was also a dominant force over two days, just quietly going about his business, and finishing with a silver medal! Special mention goes to Michael Cann (5706 points) who under distress of an ankle injury battled through the pain and severe rain yesterday to back up competition again today and complete every event. The three lads deserve a good rest!

Another special mention needs to go to Hamish Nelson (Men’s Open decathlon) who wore the vintage Athletics Victoria gear for both days! We have a feeling there may be a petition started to bring it back…

We’ll sign it 🙂

In the Men’s 100m heats, there was only one Victorian who qualified in Michael Hansford with a time of 10.82s.

Jack Dalton was huge in the Men’s hammer throw, coming in second with a distance of 68.14m. Whilst Ned Weatherly narrowly missed a podium finish, placing fourth with a distance of 62.44m.

The final event of the night was the combined Men’s and Women’s 10,000m  race walk which saw Rio Olympian Rhydian Cowley grab the silver medal with a time of 41:35.60s and Rachel Tallent also grab silver in the Women’s division 46:24.07s, with Simone McInnes narrowly missing a podium finish with a fourth placed time of 47:11.44s.

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Australian Athletics Championships – Day 5 – Evening Session

Guess what!? The rain cleared…

Just messing. It got worse. Way worse!

Still, the show must go on.

Jack Mogensen was a dominant force in the Men’s U14 javelin, taking home the gold medal, in what was tricky conditions throughout the day!

The Women’s Open heptathlon finished with Celeste Mucci third on 3253 points and Rachel Limburg sixth on 2955 points. The girls will be back tomorrow for the long jump, javelin throw and 800m.

In the U20 division of the Women’s heptathlon, Anna Bush finished the day well placed in second with 2945 points after finishing her 200m in 25.87s.

The Women’s Open hammer throw saw both Gabrielle Neighbour and Julia Bourke qualify with distances of 55.71m and 52.03m respectively.

Nick Hum was far too strong in the Men’s ambulant long jump, dominating his competitors with a distance of 7.11m and a percentage of 93.55!

With the track at max dampness the Men’s U15 800m (finals) competitors strolled out and assumed their positions. From the gun going off it was a great battle between NSW and Victoria with NSW getting the edge over Nicholas O’Brien who settled for a solid silver medal with a time 2:01.4is. Fellow statesman Connor Ogilvie wasn’t far off with a bronze medal time of 2:04.73s.

Zoe Woods held her nerves in the Women’s U15 800m final with a great bronze medal result. With NSW breathing down her neck with 20m to go, an unfortunate slip ended NSW but ensured Woods of a podium finish!

In the Men’s U15 800 final it was WA and SA who led the charge, with Ethan Grills holding firm in third position to grab the bronze medal with a time of 2:11.47s!

The Women’s U14 800m was a seriously close contest with ACT coming out of nowhere to snatch the victory off NSW! Dee Dee Deng held strong to grab a bronze medal with a time of 2:16.20s!

Spencer Anderson held off a fast moving pack behind him to grab himself a bronze medal in the Men’s U16 800m with a time of 2:00.75s.

The girl with the best name to say out loud Gigi Maccagini, was successful in her quest to become National Champion in the Women’s U16 800m final, cruising home to victory with a time of 2:13.42s!

The relays for the evening featured both the Men’s and Women’s U16 teams, and it was the Women (featuring Adora Arch, Abbey Bradley-Power, Mali Neale and Mietta Russell) who got the ball rolling with a clutch win that went down to the wire. For the Men’s team (featuring Antonio Vaitohi, James Thomas, Daniel Doyle and Melvin Monleh) it was an awesome start at the first change, but a mishap at the final change made for a silver medal finish and not a gold. An opportunity missed for the lads…

Morgan Mitchell made things look easy in her 400m heat. Doing what needed to be done and qualifying through to the next round with a time of 53.42s.

Luke Stevens was exactly the same. Made things look super simple and cruised home, qualifying with a time of 48.47s. Will Johns looked just as comfortable in a heat with Steve Solomon (NSW) crossing the line in 49.13s. Johns will now meet Stevens in the semi-final tomorrow night,

In the Men’s Open 800m, Luke Mathews was textbook, sitting amognst the group then pushing his way to qualify first with a time of 1:49.37s. Wanted none of the weather (can you blame him!?) and made a beeline for the underpass as soon as he crossed the line! Alex Rowe was solid sitting in second most of the way then making a little break at the end to qualify first for his heat with a time of 1:50.00s.

After a day of competition for the Men’s U20 decathlon, it’s Gary Haasbroek who leads with 3,708 points, ahead of Matthew Harcourt (3542 points) and Michael Cann (3527 points). Barely anything splitting the three Victorian mates, which means tomorrow will go down to the wire.

Sebastien Reyneke was victorious in his Men’s U17 decathlon! Dominating for the majority of the event, Reyneke finished off strongly in the javelin with a distance of 42.30m to ensure the gold medal was his.

In the Women’s 1500m heat, Zoe Buckman looked very comfortable, sitting second for the majority of the race which was settled as an Indian-file after one lap. Finished with a qualifying time of 4:22.67s. Linden Hall was very similar to Buckman. Knew what needed to be done and went about the race in true ‘heat’ fashion, leading the whole way, and grabbing the qualifying spot with a time of 4:24.33s.

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Australian Athletics Championships – Day 5 – Morning Session

Overcast start to the day which was a welcome relief for athletes and spectators alike! However, there is some serious talk of the mother of all thunderstorms set to hit Sydney’s Olympic Park in the afternoon, but fingers crossed it passes us by…

It didn’t.

At 10:45 the heavens opened up, however, it’ just weather and the competition goes on!

The first set of medals up for grabs were in the Men’s secured discus throw, and Victoria went 1, 2 and 3! Paralympian Jesse Wyatt got himself the gold medal with a distance of 20.55m (69.66%) achieved on his second throw, Craig Jarrett took home silver with a distance of 31.22m (68.63%) and Michael Fawkner (48.93%) rounded out the podium with a distance of 21.18m!

In the Men’s U20 decathlon, it was Michael Cann who was the fastest in the opening round of the 100m, crossing over the line in a time of 11.03s. Gary Haasbroek was second with a time of 11.19s and Matthew Harcourt was third with a time of 11.30s. Next in the long jump, Haasbroek finished first with a final jump distance of 7.01m,  Cann was second (after getting some work done on his ankle) with a distance of 6.88m and Harcourt placed third with a distance of 6.67m. Fun fact: It was pouring with rain…In the shot put, Haasbroek took the honours with a distance of 11.79m, Cann wasn’t far off with a distance of 11.76m and Harcourt with 10.13m!

In the Men’s U17 decathlon, it’s Sebastian Reyneke who’s leading on the second day with 4,262 points after placing second in the 100m with a time of 11.88s, first in the long jump with a distance of 6.08m and first in the shot put with a distance of 12.86m.

The Women’s Open and U20 heptathlon also commenced, with Rachel Limburg, Celeste Mucci and Anna Bush (U20) all winning their 100m hurdles heats. With Mucci crossing the line in 13.46s, Limburg in 15.17s and Bush in 14.32s. Over in the high jump and it was Mucci who finished up second with a height of 1.66m, Limburg with the same (1.66m) and Bush with 1.60m. In the shot put Mucci threw a 11.17m, Limburg a 11.67m and Bush with a 9.03m. With the current standings at Mucci 3rd with 2468 points, Limburg 5th with 2264 points and Bush (U20) 2nd on 2136 points!

In the Women’s U17 heptathlon, Jessica Mackenzie took out the gold medal with a total of 4432 points, after going into the final event (800m) with the smallest of margins! Mackenzie only needed to beat Desi Johnson (QLD) to ensure herself of first place – which she did in the final 50m!!! A great win from Mackenzie who has a seriously bright future in athletics…

In the Women’s U18 heptathlon, Jamies Battistella just held onto a bronze medal finish with 4763 points. Battistella’s favoured events were the high jump (1.70m) and the javelin throw (37.03m)!

Mietta Russell was all class in her Women’s U16 200m final, running on a damp track with a lot of power and aggression. Was so close to the gold medal, but grabbed the silver with a time of 25.599s!

In the Women’s U14 200m final, Angel Ukpiebo was on top of her game, blasting her way to victory with a time of 26.06s in what was a seriously wet track!

The event of the morning was by far the Men’s U20 800m final, with four Victorians (Christian Davis, Archie Wallis, Felix Lonergan and Kaman Malou) in the field. It was always going to be between Davis and Wallis, which was exactly the case. Davis went out hard, as he normally does, then let the field decide if they wanted to overtake him (which they did), then with 150m left in the race Davis made his move and Wallis went with him, making for an exceptionally exciting finish! However, Davis held his nerve and finished with a gold medal time of 1:52.99s and Wallis right behind with a silver medal time of 1:53.49s!

For a full list of results (Day 5 morning session) click here.


Australian Athletics Championships – Day 4

It was a a big program today with competition running from 9am until 9pm without any breaks! But when the action is that exciting, who really minds…

The first medal of the day was handed to U14 triple jumper Amber Kamua who managed to narrowly edge out Nakeisha Brimble (NSW) by a millimeter, finishing in first place with a distance of 10.74m!

Still in the field, and it was Roman Anastasios who grabbed a silver medal in the Men’s U16 high jump, clearing a height of 1.94m, which was just shy of his personal best of 1.97m achieved in Melbourne during the 2017 Victorian Track & Field Championships.

The Men’s U14 pole vault was a Victorian 1st and 3rd bonanza, with Andre Di Medio jumping his way to a gold medal with a height of 2.85m, and Kai Sapolu clinching the bronze with a height of 2.00m!

Out on the warm-up track was the Men’s U16 hammer throw, with Benjamin Voogd absolutely smashing it with a distance of 63.18m, to claim the gold medal medal and more importantly the National Champion title!

Back in the main stadium and it wasn’t just the weather that was heating up (we’re talking a good 33 degrees) but also the action! The heats were all out of the way and it was time for the finals!

Keely Boyne was amazing in her Women’s U16 200m hurdles, pushing herself all the way to the end and crossing the line in second place with a time of 29.06s!

Next was the lads in the Men’s U15 200m hurdles, and Aiden Hinson just clinched a victory against fellow Victorian and all-round legend of a kid Tayleb Willis. It went down to the wire with Hinson looking strong the whole way and managing to hold onto his second spot and claim silver with a time of 28.09s. Willis wasn’t far off with a bronze medal and time of 28.13s!

Still with the Men’s, but this time in the U16 division for the 200m hurdles, it was Oscar Hunter who battled hard the whole way round and managed to pip Jakeb Pearson for third place. Hunter finished with a time of 27.22s.

A special must go to Nelson Gray who threw an awesome PB in the Men’s U20 para shot-put, with a distance of 7.79m! His reaction after learning about his achievement was definitely one of the great moments from Day 4!

Jack Mogensen was all power in the Men’s U14 javelin throw, blitzing the field by 2 meters, to grab the gold with a distance of 36.05m.

The medals kept coming in the mid-afternoon, with Isobel Long claiming the title of National Champion in the Women’s U17 400m hurdles, with a cracking first place time of 1:03.32s!

Baye Agostino smashed out a great PB in the Men’s U15 long jump to ensure himself the bronze medal with a distance of 6.05m!

Dili De Silva braved out an epic Men’s U14 400m hurdles, just missing out on a silver medal, but holding firmly onto a bronze with a huge PB of 54.87s!

On a day where personal bests seemed to be broken, Conor Fry certainly didn’t want to miss out on the action! As Athletics Australia got their live streaming going, Fry got his rhythm working around the track in the Men’s U20 400m hurdles. The slick hair and cool shades played second fiddle to his time of 52.91s! An unbelievable effort, and one that Fry is no doubt proud of!

The Women’s U14 pole vault was a Parnov feature with sisters Natasha & Alla grabbing the top two positions. However, Georgia Tayler wanted a piece of the action, and was successful in grabbing the third spot that was up for grabs, clearing a height of 2.85m!

Sophie O’Sullivan continued on from her 1500m victory, with a textbook win the Women’s U17 800m final, beating her heat PB in the process, with a time of 2:10.00s! Fellow Victorian Lucy Zotti flew down the home straight to ensure her spot on the podium with a third placed (huge PB) of 2:10.70s!

Still with the unbelievable 800m victories and PB’s, it was Adam Spencer did exactly that with an awesome victory in the Men’s U17 division and a solid PB with a time of 1:53.98s!

In the Men’s U20 800m semi-final, Archie Wallis and Christian Davis both successfully qualified for the final tomorrow night. Both ran well, with Davis admitting to feeling the pinch from his 400m victory yesterday, albeit happy to have made it to through…

Kang Nyoak narrowly missed out on a top two placing in his Men’s U18 800m final, falling short to Jackson Sharp (NSW) and Jordan Doris (NSW) by barely anything at all! Finished in third with a time of 1:52.97s!

The Women’s U18 800m final saw Heidi Demeo clutch third place with a PB of 2:08.06s!

Victorian Champion in the 800m, Sarah Billings, was far too strong in her U20 final. Running graciously from the beginning, Billings was confident the whole way through, and never really looked in doubt to take out the 2017 National title with a time of 2:05.54s!

Aaron Leferink took out the U17 200m final in fine form, with a PB of 22.03s, whilst (pretty much) fresh to the sport, Christian McFarland-Ravanell came in second with a cracking PB of 22.11s!

Back in the field and it was Olivia Gross who took out the Women’s U16 pole vault with a height 3.40m! Mia’s (100m, 200m & 400m superstar) little sister waited patiently for the 3m mark to kick in, before getting down to business. However, at the 3.40m mark Olivia couldn’t get a longer pole out of her bag, so asked if her coach could come over and help!? Time was ticking away and it was evident that pole wasn’t going to come out of the bag, so Olivia grabbed her nearest pole, went to her mark, and BOOM cleared it! Quoting that she ‘should perform under pressure more often!’

Jessica Payne was solid in the Women’s 200m final, crossing the line in third position with a PB time of 24.06s! However Payne was crowned National title due to two New Zealander’s placing first and second.

The ever enthusiastic Jara Konteh was all smiles, and deservedly so as he somehow missed the jump, but clawed his way back into contention to finish off the Men’s U20 200m strongly and claim a bronze medal with a time of 21.76s!

As the sun started to set over Olympic Park, it was time for the long distance runners to hit the track! And in the Women’s U17 3000m, it was Abbey Caldwell and Olivia Hobbs who ran beautifully the whole way to finish second and third respectively with times of 9:52.50s (PB for Caldwell) and 10:02.43s.

In the Men’s U16 shot put, Oliver Courtnay was valiant in his effort, throwing a second placed PB of 16.49m!

Matthew Hussey and Tristan Day grabbed first and third position in the Men’s U17 3000m. For Hussey it was a huge PB cutting off 6 seconds to post a time of 8:50.57s!

To finish the night (curtain raise for the 5000m final) it was the U18 and U20 4x400m! The Women’s U18 featuring Sophia Davis, Grace Goldsworthy, Sienna Fighera and Jessie Andrew were heroic in their effort but just missed out on a spot on the podium, finishing fourth with a time of 3:48.83! The Men’s U18 featuring Phil Borg, Kaine Foster, Benjamin Powell and Dili De Silva turned it on in their race, narrowly missing out on first place, with De Silva flying down the home straight and settling for a very hard fought silver medal for the team. Their time was 3:22.15s! The Women’s U20 team featuring Lucy Zotti, Caroline Higham, Zoe Brito-Babapulle and Lily Hayes were unbelievable, holding onto their leading position with one lap to go, and Queensland creeping up on them! They managed to hold off and ensure themselves of a National title with a time of 3:49.09s. The final relay of the night was the Men’s U20 featuring Joshua Perdrisat, Jara Konteh, Harvey Murray and Christian Davis as anchor. The boys got off to a good start, with Konteh ensuring Murrant would receive the baton in second place. Murrant held his spot and gave Davis the baton again in second spot. From there Davis worked his magic and sped home to claim victory with a combined time of 3:13.00s!

The (second) final event of the night was the Men’s U20 5,000m with a stacked field of 26 competitors! Haftu Strintzos was able to hold his never throughout the hot and humid evening, to claim a silver medal with a time of 14:45.67s…

For a full list of Day 4 results click here.


Australian Athletics Championships – Day 3 – Evening Session

After two hours of chilling out it was time to hit the track again for the evening session with a plethora of finals on offer for all junior athletes…

Jesse Dunsmore was all class in the Men’s U20 3000m steeplechase. Sat in the middle for the first half of the race, then made his move to lead with a few laps remaining. Finished with a time of 9:32.94s!

In the Men’s U17 steeplechase, Brent Camilleri put it a valiant effort the whole way round, showing determination down the final straight, and crossing the line in 3rd place with a time of 6:18.13s.

The Men’s U18 2000m steeplechase saw a few casualties throughout the race which always seemed to be on the second hurdle, but it didn’t deter Angus Norman who stuck to his race plan putting in a gutsy effort to finish 3rd with a time of 6:00.91s.

One of the feature races of the night was the Men’s U20 400m final, with Christian Davis going in as clear favourite, and he didn’t disappoint. Davis never looked in doubt from the start, keeping his rhythm, and with 120m to go he kicked and smashed it all the way to the line, finishing with a PB of 47.13s. When asked how he felt, Davis said he probably could have done a better PB if not for the 800m heat in the morning!

In the field, it was Julia Bourke who backed up an awesome mornings session (winning the hammer throw) to place second in the Women’s U20 shot-put with a solid distance of 14.11m.

Back on the track there were five Victorians set for the Women’s U20 hurdles, with Celeste Mucci too strong claiming gold with a PB of 13.58s and Danielle Shaw not far off the lead with a second placed time of 13.70s!

Aiden Saluni-Kettle was always going to have a tough task coming up against West Australia’s Sasha Zhoya in the Men’s U17 110m hurdles, however he put in an awesome effort, finishing with a bronze medal and a time of 14.03s!

Over in the Women’s U18 100m hurdles, Lateisha Willis was far too strong, adding another medal to team Victoria with a first placed time of 13.50s – which is also a Commonwealth Youth qualifier!

The man of the night would have to have been Joseph Baldwin who cleared an whopping 2.22m (a personal best and a World University Games qualifier) to take home the gold medal! His first attempt at 2.25m was so so close as well!

In the Men’s U20 para-100m, it was Liam Richardson, who added another medal to his name, placing first with a time of 14.96s and a percentage of 110.70.

The Women’s U20 para-100m saw good friends Isis Holt (116.35%) and Erin Garbler (97.14%) finish 1st and 3rd respectively with times of 14.01s and 17.11s! More medals for the two have dominated their events/age group this week!

Ramen Mayar was extremely courageous in the Men’s U16 3000m, grabbing himself a bronze medal with a time of 8:54.46s!

In the Women’s U20 3000m steeplechase, it was Maxine Paholek (10:51.61s) and Katherine Dowie (10:53.86s), who were heroic in their race, both finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively, in what was a hard fought race between a pack of four who led consistently for the majority of the final!

Christopher Browne was awesome in the Men’s U20 shot-put throwing a personal best of 17.31m to guarantee himself a silver medal!

The Women’s U17 steeplechase was all about Matilda Moore who was solid from the start, holding her nerve to finish the final event on the track with a bronze medal and a time of 7:26.00s!

Tristan Scheirs, Timothy Benton and Lachlan Menara went 1,2 and 3 in the Men’s U18 triple jump. With Scheirs claiming the gold medal with a distance of 14.39m, Benton grabbing a silver with 13:40m and Menara rounding out the top 3 with a bronze and a distance of 13.37m!

For a full list of (Day 3 – evening session) results click here.


Australian Athletics Championships – Day 3 – Morning Session

Cloud cover ensured a pleasant morning for the start of Day 3 of the Australian Athletics Championships…

Nicola Hogg got things underway in the Women’s U15 3000m timed final finishing 2nd in her race and 2nd overall with a time of 9:54.93s to grab a silver medal. Hogg ran beautifully the whole race but was overtaken by Imogen Stewart (NSW).

In the Men’s U20 hurdles, Conor Fry was the fastest Victorian, qualifying for the final with a time of 53.39s, with Dylan Burrows second fastest crossing the line with a time of 55.76s.

An awesome day for Gemma Fenn who finished the Women’s U16 heptathlon in third position (taking home the bronze) with 4787 points after throwing 9.64 in the shot-put, running 26.92s in the 200m and jumping 4.80m in the long jump, 30.59m in the javelin throw and 2:28.02s in the 800m!

In the Women’s U20 hurdles, Abbey Badrock qualified second fastest with a time of 63.28s. Looked extremely comfortable in her heat, crossing the line in the first place by over a second from her next competition in Tessa Constantine (NSW).

Dili De Silva looked comfortable in his Men’s U17 400m hurdles heat, easing his way to a second placed finish, and third fastest overall with a time of 57.11s. Looks to have more left in the tank for a cracking final this afternoon.

Sophie O’Sullivan started where she left off in the 1500m, cruising to victory in the first heat of the Women’s U17 800m with a time of 2:12.26s. Will be the one to beat in the final! Fellow Victorian Lucy Zotti continued with a dominant display of 800m crossing the line first for her heat with a time of 2:14.57s ensure Victoria had the two quickest times going into the finals!

In the Men’s U17 800m heat 2, Adam Spencer was all class finishing in first position with a time of 1:57.22s.

The Women’s U18 800m heats saw Zoe Brito-Babpulle looking very good to qualify with a time of 2:12.39s, and Heidi Demio who was awesomely poised, sitting in second whilst using the Queensland runner as a pace mark, as she was flying from the start! Qualified fastest with a time of 2:10.82 and will go into the final with a lot of confidence!

Similarly in the Men’s U18 800m heats, it was Kang Nyoak who sat comfortably in the middle for a lap then made his move with 300m to go. Qualified fastest with a time of 1:54.20s!

Emma Berg was all power in the Women’s U17 discus coming in first with a big personal best of 43.85m!

Back on the track and it was Olivia Yacono who qualified for the finals of the Women’s U17 400m hurdles, with a time of 65.39s, which made her the second fastest out of 21 starters.

Out on the warm-up track was another amazing (Men’s U17 discus) battle between Declan Carman and Jesse Iese who finished 1st and 3rd respectively with Carman throwing a PB of 55.98m and Iese finishing with a solid 49.81m!

Sarah Billings was far too strong in her Women’s U20 800m heat, crossing the line with a time of 2:10.48s, making her the fastest qualifier out of 16 competitors.

In the Women’s U20 100m hurdles (heat 1) it was a top four finish for the might Victorian with Danielle Shaw easing into first position with a time of 13.69s, Nicole Reynolds finishing up second with a time of 14.42s, Anna Bush (who was heroic in the relays with a diving lunge) coming in third with a time of 14.57s and Abbey Badrock backing up a 400m hurdles to finish fourth with a time of 14.91s! Heat 2 saw Celeste Mucci casually cross the line in first place to qualify fastest ahead of Shaw with a time of 13.55s.

Aiden Saluni-Kettle was poised in his Men’s U17 110m hurdles heat, switching off with about 20m to go, with the job already done to finish second with a time of 14.58s.

In the Women’s U20 hammer-throw final, Julia Bourke was far too good, winning with a distance of 57.76m!

In the Men’s U20 110m hurdles heats it was Gary Haasbroek who looked comfortable securing his spot in the final with a time of 14.45s.

Ned Weatherly was far too strong out on the warm-track in the Men’s U20 hammer throw final, smashing a distance of 69.81m to claim the gold. When asked how he felt about it all, Weatherly described the win as bittersweet due to the fact he bids farewell to the junior division!

For a full list of Day 3 morning results click here.


Australian Athletics Championships – Day 2 – Evening Session

With a nice break in the middle of the day so athletes and officials could recharge the their batteries, competition re-commenced at 4:45pm, and it was Gemma Fenn who got things underway in the 200m for the Women’s U16 Heptathlon, crossing the line in first place with a time of 26.92s!

Isis Holt looked to be back in form, posting her quickest time for the 200m since her Rio Paralympic campaign, taking out the gold with a time of 28.97s! Erin Garbler followed suit as well, with a cracking PB of 35.08s and another IPC qualifier, whilst also receiving the silver! It was much of the same for Liam Richardson, who crossed the line with a huge seasons best of 29.98s, albeit wind-assisted with a whopping +3.2…

In the Women’s U17 1500m final it was Sophie O’Sullivan flying home to take out the gold medal with a time of 4:29.17s, with fellow Victorian Abbey Caldwell not too far behind with a time of 4:30.23, ensuring the gold/silver combination!

The Men’s U17 100m final went down to the wire with Christian McFarland-Ravanello taking out the gold medal winning by one hundredth of a second posting a cracking time of 10.91s (10.908 alternate)!

Victorian All-Star Mia Gross, who’s had an amazing thus far, continued her medal count in the Women’s U18 100m final, crossing the line in second place with a time of 11.88s behind Queensland’s Riley Day, who was all class finishing with a time of 11.59s.

Down in pit it was Jotham Kuku who was too good claiming gold with a huge personal best of 14.27m!

If you ever wanted to see elegance on a track, look no further than Jemima Russell, who was all poise in the Women’s U20 400m final! Russell looked incredibly comfortable the whole race, and crossed the line with a cracking PB of 55.36s!

In the Men’s U20 400m semi final, it was Christian Davis who also displayed the grace of Russell on the track, making it to the final with absolute ease – even having time to check where his opposition was with 50m to go!

Christine Byrne smashed her Women’s U20 100m final with a time of 11.80s, with Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie slightly off the pace, but finishing a solid 5th place with a time of 12.04s – which in actual fact gave her the bronze medal as two New Zealanders finished in 3rd and 4th position…

It’s not all just fun and games on the track, with Dalton Di Medio showing how it’s done in the field and in particular the pole vault, clearing a winning height of 4.10 in the Men’s U18 Division.

Still in the field, it was Emma Berg who smashed a personal best in the Women’s U17 shot-put, clearing a distance of 14.66m! Whilst next door at the high-jump mat, it was Jonathan Lightfoot who cleared a height of 2.04m, securing second place in the final for the Men’s U18 Division.

Back on the track and Georgia Hansen put it a seriously gutsy performance in the Women’s U20 1500m final, only to be pipped on the home straight. Finished with a time of 4:40.17s…

Rio Paralympian Jaryd Clifford gave it his all in what was a tough race for the Men’s U20 1500m final. The pace was fast and with 200m to go, seemed to get away from Clifford, however he battled through all the way to the finish line with a time of 3:54.01s.

The Women’s U18 4x100m was always going to be a tough ask coming up against a quality Queensland outfit, but the girls managed to put in a solid effort, crossing the line in 3rd place with a time of 46.93s!

The Men’s U18 4x100m was a different story, with the lads putting on a clinic, finishing first with a ripping time of 41.72s ahead of Queensland and New South Wales!

The Women’s U20 4x100m joined the winning party with Christine Byrne adding to her individual 100m victory, crossing the line with a awesome team time of 46.43s!

The Men’s U20 4x100m were valiant in their effort finishing 3rd (technically 2nd) with New South Wales and New Zealand claiming the top two positions! The lads crossing the line at 41.90s!

In the Men’s U18 triple jump it was buddies Zach Nunis and Kyle Murphy who went jump for jump, with Murphy claiming bragging rights finishing 2nd with a PB of 15.07m, whilst Nunis finished 3rd with a distance of 14.75m!

For a list of full results click here.





Australian Athletics Championships – Day 2 – Morning Session

Well, another glorious day down at Sydney’s Olympic Park! The sun was shining bright and early, and all athletes were eager to get stuck into a jam-packed day of competition!


Bianca Hansen got things rolling with a silver medal in her pet event – discus – throwing a seasons best of 49.65m! It’s the closest Bee has been to a 50m throw in a year, so when asked how she felt, she couldn’t have been happier!

Declan Carman continued his solid form from yesterday’s shot put, backing it up with a win in the Men’s U17 hammer throw with a distance of 58.09m! He’ll be back tomorrow to battle it out against good friend and shot put champion Jesse Iesi!

In the Women’s U18 100m heats, it was Lateisha Willis and Mia Gross who automatically qualified with times of 11.92s and 11.75s respectively. The final is set to be an epic battle with Queensland’s Riley Day in amazing form after bursting onto the scene during Melbourne’s Nitro series!

In the Men’s U17 100m heats, it was Christian McFarland-Ravanello who qualified fastest with a time of 10.90s! And in the Men’s U20 100m heats, Jacob Sesar had a huge PB qualifying with a time of 10.79s!

The Women’s U20 100m heats saw a contrast of tail winds in +3.2 and +1.1, which may have hindered Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie middle-lane chances, but didn’t stop her qualifying for the final with a time of 12.01s!

In the Women’s U16 Heptathlon, Gemma Fenn is looking good after two events, sitting on 1851 points in second place after a tie of 13.70s in the 90m hurdles and a height of 1.68m in the high jump!

The Women’s U16 para-100m saw Emily Burgoine (T40/F40) finish first overall with a time of 19.54s and a percentage of 108.34! Caytlyn Sharp (T20/F20) was ecstatic when she crossed the line in first position, and understandably so, with a time 13.96s, to finish fourth overall with a percentage of 97.47!

Bec Henderson was awesome in the Women’s U17 5,000m walk, crossing over the line first in extremely hot conditions, with fellow Victorian Jemma Peart snatching the bronze medal. The win to Henderson ensured a 5th National medal dating back to 2014 where she took out the 3,000m walk!

A great result for Dili De Silva finishing fourth in the U17 400m with a 3-second improvement to his personal best, crossing the line with a time of 50.01s! A great 2017 for the Old Xaverian who’s managed to grab 5 PB’s from 5 races this season!

Christopher Browne was very solid in the Men’s U20 discus throw, finishing off with a bronze medal!

For a full list of Day 2 morning results click here.


Australian Athletics Championships – Night 1

So apparently it had been raining in Sydney for a month-straight leading into this year’s National Championships…

Well we must have brought some good luck from Victoria because the weather was exceptional. As well as a few results!

In the Men’s U20 Long Jump final half the field were Victorians! Michael Cann was the best out of the four, finishing in third place with a distance of 7.33m! Kyle Murphy had a great day out as he managed to jump a personal best by 3cm, with a total distance of 7.11m, which had him in seventh position. Zach Nunis just missed out on a podium finish, jumping a distance of 7.21m. And Harrison Williams was one place behind Zach with distance of 7.18m.

The Women’s U17 Hammer Throw saw Isabella Simonelli grab the gold medal with an awesome distance of 50.16m!

Rio Paralympian Jaryd Clifford was all class in his 1500m heat for the Men’s U20 Division finishing strongly to qualify for the final with a time of 4:00.68s.

Likewise in the Women’s U20 Division with Georgia Hansen charging home to secure her spot in the final with a time o-f 4:40.33s…

In the Women’s U20 Long Jump, it was Celeste Mucci who was the best Victorian, grabbing a silver medal with a distance of 6.03m. Annaliese Bush finished off in tenth position with a distance of 5.47m and Bianca Hansen (who is one of our feature athletes for the week) finished off in fourteenth place with a distance of 5.31m.

And in the Men’s U17 Shot Put, it was two young Victorians who stole the show, with Jessee Iese taking out the event with a huge distance and personal best of 18.35m, and Declan Carman finishing second with a solid throw of 17.97m!

Christian Davis cruised home with absolute ease in his Men’s U20 400m heat! Will be a serious contender to take out the top prize in the final (if all things go to plan in the semis)…

Much like Davis in the Men’s heat, Jemima Russell was all class in her Women’s U20 400m heat, finishing strongly and taking out first place!

The final event of the evening was the combined U20 10,000m Walk. Kyle Swan and Pip Huse both managed to grab silver in their respective divisions! In what was a humid night, both Swan and Huse showed a lot of courage and determination in the testing conditions!

For a full list of results click here.



2017 Australian Athletics Championships – Preview

Before you announce yourself internationally, you need to make a name for yourself in your own backyard. And there’s only one place to do that…

From Sunday March 26th through to Sunday April 2nd, the country’s best athletes will gather into Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, to fight it out against one another with the winner being crowned Australia’s best. However, it’s not just National glory these athletes are seeking. There’s also World Championships, World University Games and Commonwealth Youth Games qualifiers at stake…

So who amongst Victoria are looking dangerous ahead of next week?


  • 2 x National 1500m Champion and Rio Olympian Ryan Gregson has been in amazing form this season with unbelievable performances during Nitro, and also over in Europe for his indoor campaign. Will be hard to beat.
  • 4 x National Shot-Put Champion Damien Birkinhead is coming off a State Championship win and will be looking to add a 5th National Title to his name. The Rio Olympian has been in solid form this summer, throwing a personal best of 20.54m in Auckland last month, which is a World Championships qualifier.
  • 4 x National High-Jump Champion and Rio Olympian Eleanor Patterson has had a decent start to the year, being crowned State Champion with a height of 1.85, and a seasons best of 1.90m which is just shy of the World Championship qualifier of 1.94m. Look to Eleanor to step it up in Sydney and get that qualifier!!!
  • Rio Olympian Joel Baden is coming into Nationals with a seasons bets of 2.20m, and a personal best of 2.29m achieved back in 2014. Baden will be wanting to channel that PB with the hope of making the World Championship qualifying height of 2.30m.
  • 1 x National Javelin Throw Champion and Rio Olympian Kathryn Mitchell has been slightly off this year throwing a seasons best of 59.37m, which is a far cry from her personal best of 66.10m back in 2014. A constant shoulder injury hasn’t helped, but Mitchell’s resilience to keep competing has been an inspiration for all the young javelin throwers coming through.
  • State 1500m Champion and Rio Olympian Linden Hall is hungry for that World Championship qualifier. Put on an amazing display at the Victorian Track & Field Championships but was just shy of the 4:07.50s qualifying time finishing off with a 4:08.98s. Depending on the conditions, Linden will be going in with a lot of confidence, and could very well find herself coming out of Sydney with a ticket to London.
  • 1 x National 800m Champion, Rio Olympian and Nitro’s greatest celebrator Luke Mathews has been putting in the hard-yards up at Falls Creek getting himself ready for Nationals. Has a seasons best of 1:48.46s and a personal best of 1:45.16s which was achieved last year. The World Championship qualifying time for the 800m is 1:45.90s.
  • 2 x National 400m Champion and Rio Olympian Morgan Mitchell has already got her ticket to London, but will be looking to add another National Title to her name. Was a standout at the Nitro series and has a seasons best of 51.65s.
  • 2 x Oceania Race Walking Championships bronze medalist and Rio Olympian Rachel Tallent is more accustomed to road racing but will be looking to convert her ‘tallent’ over to the track. Personal best for the 10,000m Walk is 46:34.41s which was achieved in 2014.
  • Rio Olympian and 2017 State Champion for the 5000m Walk Rhydian Cowley has already achieved his World Championship qualifying time and will be looking to add a National Title to his name.
  • 3 x National 1500m Champion and Rio Olympian Zoe Buckman started her 2017 campaign on the European indoor circuit, with times of 4:11.18s for the 1500m and 2:39.47 for the 1000m. Has a personal best of 4:03.22s and is extremely experienced!
  • Isis Holt had a breakthrough last year wining two silver medals at the Rio Olympics. Holt’s rise on the athletic scene started in 2015 when she won two gold medals at IPC Athletics World Championships and was declared Victorian Junior Athlete of the Year and Athletics Australia Female Para-Athlete of the Year. Holt’s 2017 campaign has been solid in terms of wins, but not where she’s been in the past with times. Coached by Nick Wall, Holt will be looking to get back into cracking form next week, and will no doubt do so!
  • Rio Paralympian and Victorian Champion for the Under-20 1500m Jaryd Clifford has been in very good form grabbing his personal best this year in Sydney with a time of 3:49.05s. Will definitely be looking to add a National Title to his name.
  • Rio Paralympian Nicholas Hum has already achieved a personal best in long jump this year with a distance of 6.99m. Will be a genuine contender to take out the National Title.
  • Rio Paralympian and athletics veteran Richard Colman had won seven Paralympic medals, including two gold, two silver and three bronze. Has been known to compete in numerous track events, but this year will be focusing his attention to the 100m.
  • Another Rio Paralympian and veteran Russell Short will once again show his experience in the shot-put and discus. Has a seasons best of 13.61 and a personal best of 14.51m. Will be looking to add another medal to his twelve Paralympic medals, which include six gold, two silver and four bronze.
  • Jessee Wyatt


  • Ned Weatherly is going from strength to strength. Won the Victorian Track & Field Championships for his age group in the Javelin, and has a personal best of 64.46m. Will be hard to beat!
  • The 2017 State 400m Champion Abby de la Motte has been is glistening form this season, running a seasons best of 54.95s, and on top of that achieving a personal best in the 800m 2:02.19s up in Canberra! Will going into Nationals with a lot of confidence.
  • There is no doubt Liz Hedding has had a breakout season! A little bit of luck went her way during the Nitro series, with Brooke Stratton having to pull out through injury, which opened the door for Liz to announce herself to a captured audience – which she did. PB after PB after PB seems to be the way in which Liz has attacked this year, jumping a distance of 6.20m at the Victorian Track & Field Championships, and a 12.12s up in Canberra. Another athlete of coach Nick Wall, who seems to have the right formula working for all his squad members at the moment!
  • Kenzie Keenan is another athlete who has made a name for herself here in Australia. Originally from New Zealand, Kenzie was a feature of the Nitro series, and kept the momentum going into the Victorian Track & Field Championships, winning the gold in the 400m hurdles. Has had a slight hamstring concern, but it hasn’t seemed to hinder Kenzie’s performances. Has a PB of 58.89s and a seasons best of 59.23s! Will be a tough ask though coming up against Lauren Wells – who can do no wrong!
  • It seems as if Ben Khongbut has been around for a while, which may be the case, but he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Has been a regular in all the big 110m hurdles races, and finished with a solid third place up at Canberra for the SUMMERofATHS competition, coming in with a time of 14.10s which also happened to be his personal best. Will be looking for another top three finish next week!
  • Brittany Burkitt had a hugely successful campaign up in Canberra during the SUMMERofATHS competition. Grabbing two personal bests in the 100m and 200m, with times of 11.73s and 24.42s respectively. Will be going into Sydney feeling very good!
  • Celeste Mucci is the heptathlon superstar who seems to keep getting better and better – and she’s only 17! Has had an awesome season with PB’s in the 100m, 200m, 800m, 100m hurdles, long jump and javelin. Will being in as a favourite for her age group…
  • Chris Mitrevski has been enjoying the 2017 season! Placing first in the Open long jump up in Canberra for the SUMMERofATHS competition with a distance of 8.05m! Also ran a personal best in the 100m during the Victorian Track & Field Championships with a time of 10.62s which happened to be a dead heat for first place!
  • Luke Stevens was arguably one of the most impressive athletes during the Nitro series. Has been a dominant force in the 200m and 400m. An upset though, saw Stevens miss out on a 2017 Victorian Title in the 400m, with Will Johns creating a huge upset. Has a seasons bets of 21.99s for the 200m and 47.34s for the 400m. Will definitely be out for redemption in the 400m!
  • Will Johns has had an impressive start to the year. Creating the upset at the State Championships with a personal best in the 400m coming in with a time of 47.29s. Has also achieved another personal best in the 200m up at Canberra with a time of 20.95s. Could be another awesome battle between Johns and Stevens!
  • Rachel Limburg has always been up there with results in the heptathlon, and has this season created personal bests in basically every event which include the 100m, 200m, 800m, 100m hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump shot put and javelin throw. Will still be a tough ask coming up against Celeste Mucci!
  • Erin Garbler has already achieved an IPC qualifying time, and will be looking for a solid performance again to help her cause in being selected for the traveling team!
  • 1 x National Champion Anneliese Rubie has had a decent start to the year, without it being exceptional. Finished fifth in the Open 800m final at the SUMMERofATHS competition with a time of 2:03.27s against quality opponents. Has a personal best of 2:02.52s and will be looking for an improvement next week in Sydney. Definitely has the talent to cause an upset!
  • Adrian Sanfilippo is back! Had a cracking Victorian Track & Field Championships where he took out the gold in the 400m hurdles with a time of 53.17s! Has had a shocking run with injuries, so it’s awesome to see him back running well!
  • Liam Richardson has also already achieved a IPC qualifying time, and will be looking to cement his spot in the traveling team next week!


  • Pip Huse secured a personal best in the 5000m walk this year, but will be looking to channel her form from last year where she managed to achieve a PB in the 10,000m walk with a time of 49:46. Has been a feature of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!
  • James Joycey has dominated his age group for the shot put and managed to grab a personal best in New Zealand with a distance of 14.68m! May be a little sore due to a heavy training load but will definitely be up there in the medals! Has been a feature of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!
  • Mia Gross has had an exceptional summer thus far! Personal bests and qualifiers in the 100m (11.71s), 200m (23.83s) and 400m (54.08s). Depending on which events Mia competes in, she’ll definitely be going in as favourite! Has been a feature of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!
  • Zach Nunis is another young star who’ll have a heavy workload, competing in the long jump, triple jump and the 100m. Has secured two personal bests this year in the 100m (11.06s) and triple jump (14.87m) and has a PB in long jump with a distance of 7.17m. Will be heading to Sydney with a lot of confidence. Has been a feature of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!
  • Bianca Hansen hasn’t had any personal bests this year, but has still been winning events! The ever smiling, ever happy discus thrower and long jumper, has seasons best of 5.51m (long jump) and 45.73m (discus). Will be looking for two gold medals! Has been a feature of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!
  • Jaryd Clifford has had an awesome start to the year, grabbing personal bests in the 1500m (3:49.05s) and the 5000m 14:51.38s). Likes to lead from start to finish, and will no doubt go into next week with the same mindset. Has been a feture of Athletics Victoria leading into the Australian Athletics Championships!

Catch all the action via Athletics Australia’s live streaming! With interviews shown via Athletics Victoria’s Facebook page!


Victorian All-Star #6 – Jaryd Clifford

Meet Jaryd Clifford!

We decided to ask Jaryd some questions ahead of the 2017 Australian Athletics Championships to see what drives him as an athlete and a person…

Athletics Victoria: Thanks for being with us Jaryd!
Jaryd Clifford: Thanks guys.

AV: Firstly, how old are you?
JC: I’m 17-years-old.

AV: And which club do you represent?
JC: Diamond Valley Athletic Club.

AV: How long have you been doing athletics for?
JC: I’ve been training for 4 years.

AV: Fairly fresh to the sport then! Did you get involved with Little Athletics?
JC: I did 2 years of Little Athletics with Diamond Valley.

AV: Were your parents athletes?
JC: My parents are sporty. Mum was a good basketballer and Dad is aiming to run in the Melbourne Marathon later on this year!

AV: What do you love about your specific events?
JC: I love the challenge. The idea of pushing yourself to your limits. When you’re hurting in a race you find out things about yourself that you may never have found without running.

AV: With a whirlwind past 12 months, what goals are you setting yourself for the future?
JC: In the last 12 months I’ve been able to tick off some big goals. I ran in the Paralympic Game,s and medaled in able bodied races at both National Championships. This season has been my first without having to think about qualifying for Rio every race I run. The IPC World Championships are in London in July and at this stage I will be running the T13 1500m where hopefully I’ll be able to break my streak of three 7th place finishers at major international championships. The long term dreams, results wise, are about seeing how fast I can run and how hard I can push myself in the major races. If that means a gold medal in the Paralympic Games or a spot in the Olympic Games, I would definitely happy with that. They are the big dreams.

AV: You are rapidly becoming renowned for an aggressive racing style, as someone who is often one of the smaller athletes in stature, where does this fearless tactical sense come from?
JC: I like racing aggressively. Over the past few seasons I’ve been borderline qualifying for national teams and have had to worry about times first and medals second. I lose no respect for athletes that compete tactically, if that is what works for them, but I believe that the most exciting races and most impressive wins come when athletes really go for it. This season I ran a fast 1500m early (3:49.05) and that has allowed me to practice running different styled races which has been really helpful in teaching me different ways to race. The upcoming National Championships will be another perfect opportunity to practice some strategies before heading to London later this year.

AV: Having raced at the highest level of Paralympic competition, how do you approach races of a national level after having gained international experience?
JC: I get as nervous before a National Championship as I do the Paralympic Games. I want to perform well just as much as I wanted to perform well in my primary school cross country. I think most athletes would understand that feeling. The international experience definitely helps me in dealing with those nerves and being mentally ready for the races at Nationals. A great piece of advice I received before Rio was to just control the controllable. Don’t think about the end result, think about the process.

AV: Away from athletics, what do you get up to for fun?
JC: Away from running I’m a bit of a book nerd and I like to write. Also, as I’m turning 18 this year I reckon it would be a cool experience to learn how to drive. Not being able to see properly past the bonnet will make that tricky, but there is a program that gives visually impaired people the opportunity to feel what it’s like to drive. So I can assure you of your safety out on the roads. It will just be a one off… and probably on a race track!!!

AV: Thanks for your time Jaryd!
JC: Cheers guys!

Catch Jaryd in the 1500m and 5000m during the Australian Athletics Championships (Sunday 26th March – Sunday 2nd April).



Victorian Masters Championships – Preview

With a lot of focus from the athletic community on the Australian Athletics Championships next week, we can’t forget about the Victorian Masters Championships happening this weekend out at Doncaster. There will no doubt be plenty of experience on the track and out in the field, with quite a few stories to be told!

Some legends of the sport to watch at the Victorian Masters Championships…

Margaret Tweedie

Margaret makes a habit of dominating track and field meets. She usually wins all the sprints, hurdles, long and triple jumps – pretty much all that she enters. In 2012 she did this at the Australian Masters Athletics Championships at Lakeside winning eight gold and one silver medal. At last year’s World Championships in Perth, Margaret finished second in the sprints before brilliantly winning the long hurdles and triple jump. She topped this off with two relay golds.

Anna Kasapis

Anna won the W35 1500 metres at the World Championships in Perth by nearly the length of the straight and that is something you seldom see at that level. She is well known in AV circles as a runner for Athletics Essendon and is doing the 800/1500m double at these Championships.

Jason Akermanis

Yes, that Jason Akermanis! Jason and his wife Megan have been training with coach Ken Little, husband of 400m gun Rachel Little, and are keen to give Masters Athletics a shot. They both did the VMA Pentathlon a few weeks ago and showed plenty of speed and class. Jason is doing all the sprints and will meet up with some real speedsters with Brett Maurer and Leigh Phelan in the mix. He’s pretty quick though. Watch him in the 60m.

Michael Barrand

Michael boasts a World Masters Games Gold medal from Torino (Turin) in 2013 and also holds the Wal Sheppard Trophy from last year for the best age graded 800m at the Championships. Michael finished third in the 800m in Perth in a red hot field.

Allan Cook

There’s always something going on when “Cookie” is in the field. A World Champion in the 1500m from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and an extremely proud representative in the M50 event at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Allan is doing the 400m, 800m and 1500m.

Richard Polkinghorne

Clashes with Cookie in the 4oo and the 8oo. A super pedigreed runner. Was right in the mix but just got out kicked in the 800m in Perth.

Brian Greaves

An oldie but a goodie! Brian, in the M80 group, tends to dominate Track & Field meets in the way Marg Tweedie does. At the last AMA Championships in Adelaide he won seven events – 60m, 100m, short hurdles, long jump, high jump, pole vault and triple jump – setting five Victorian records in the process.

Rachel Little

Super 400m runner from Albury/Wodonga. Doing several field events as well. Rachel won the 400m at the World Masters Games at Torino in 2013.

Dorn Jenkins

Dorn is a former sprinter who through injury now excels at throws. Holds the Australian W60 records in the weight throw and throws pentathlon.

Jeanette Van Den Bulk

Has performed brilliantly since she moved here from Canada. Excellent sprinter and hurdler. Main specialty perhaps the 400m hurdles. Got silver and two bronze in Perth representing…Australia!

Good luck to all competing!