What would you do?

Here are three scenarios:  Answers will be in the next edition of the Official Word

At the start of a 200m race, the athlete in lane 8 just after the actual start, has to “duck” under a boom camera which was not retracted in time in order to complete the race.

During the warm up for the men shot put qualifying competition, after all athletes have had two warm up trials in order, one athlete goes to the rack and has one more warm up throw without asking permission or receiving it to do so.

In the pole vault event, there is a strong following wind.  A competitor vaults and apparently clears the bar which is simultaneously moved by a gust of wind, appearing to be about to be dislodged.  However, the competitors elbow is seen to contact the bar, pushing it sufficiently far back such that is does not fall.

You are the Referee, what is your decision???