Turning 100: Victorian Mile Championships

Join Landy, Doubell, Benson, Vincent & Riseley at the 100th edition of the Victorian Mile Championships on Tuesday 23 February at Melbourne University.

With a prize pool of up to $2,000 on offer, it’s time to enter online:http://bit.ly/1KA9zjx

Prize Pool:

$100 – win but no sub 4
$750 – win with a time between 3:58.9 and 3:59.9
$1000 – win with a time of 3:58.8 or better (3:58.9 is Merv Lincoln’s track record at Uni)

$100 – win but no sub 4:32
$750 – win with a time between 4:30.0 and 4:31.9
$1000 – win with a time of 4:29.9 or better

Prize money will only be available to the WINNER. In the event of a dead heat prize money will be split.