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The 2016 / 17 summer season is fast approaching and is certainly looking to be a very busy one indeed.  A Victorian Officials Calendar has been formulated showing upcoming Athletics competitions including all Athletics Victoria, Little Athletics Victoria and National meets as well.

Nominations are now open for Officials to nominate their availability for Championships events. To nominate officiating at an event – On the home page of your portal – Select Events tab on the top tool bar – all the events will be shown – Click the Volunteer button (in red)  for the event you are wanting to nominate for – click the Period button and select  “All day” or am/pm if only wanting half a day and then click Volunteer  –  Message will come up on screen advising “You have  successfully registered for this event”   – go back to the Events page and complete these steps for each competition.

**Information with regards to officiating Shield events will be available in the next week.

Officials can check which events they have registered for by clicking the Volunteer button on the home page of their portal.

Just a reminder to all who have nominated for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and as listed in the Officials Guideline – All applicants must display an ongoing commitment to officiate regularly at national, state and local competitions through to 2018.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact Craig or Andrea for these details.  This is also the opportunity to update your information and don’t forget to add in your WWC details.


Melbourne 9-13 June 2016

by Stuart Schnaars

To be invited to attend an IAAF Technical Officials Education and Certification System (TOECS) course was an honour. To be instructed by Lorraine Morgan, Richard Lawysz, John Coleman and Gary ‘Sweeper’ McBroom was a privilege. To be able to share the experience with the calibre of officials that were on the course was special.

And so it was over an extended Queen’s Birthday long weekend in Melbourne that 18 officials from Victoria and South Australia gathered in the Cathy Freeman Room at Lakeside Stadium for the five-day residential course. It was a great mix of people, with six from Metro Melbourne, three from Geelong, four from Country Victoria and five from across our western border where ‘pies float’ and ‘crows fear the dinner table’. Unique to this group was two mother-daughter combinations; Christine and Caitlin Christie, and Karen and Rachel Fiske.

TOECS 1 Class of 2016


Sarah Davis, Pauline Zuccolin, Anula Costa, Andrew Stirling, Stuart Schnaars, Michael Lindstrom, Andrew Duncan, Josh Savage, Ian Morehouse, Lorraine Sawyer, Christine Christie, Caitlin Christie, Pam Noden, Karen Fiske, Rachel Fiske, Joe Stevens, Clare Houston, Greg Peterson

Instructors: Richard Lawysz, Lorraine Morgan, John Coleman, Gary ‘Sweeper’ McBroom

Every day was a well programmed blend of theory and practical, both overlaid with ‘what if’ scenario discussions across Track, Field and Out of Stadia, from the Call Room to Ceremonial. We were challenged, taken beyond our comfort zones and encouraged to seek understanding of the intent of the regulations and the essence of our role within the sport we love. The instruction was first class and the venue perfect. Being able to seamlessly transition from the classroom to the stadium was a great enabler and contributed to the quality of the course. A key facilitator to the success of the course was that it was residential. It gave us time to get to know each other better on a professional and social level, especially our SA colleagues, as we engaged in group discussions, worked together on our practical presentations then dined together at night before hitting the books in preparation for the following day’s tuition.

The days were long, but the time passed unnoticed and the nights gave us the chance to balance our night studies with a gastronomical exploration of Melbourne’s restaurant scene, highlighted by the AV sponsored Course Dinner at the Rising Sun Hotel on the Friday night. Stories and moments from our experiences were shared that enhanced our understanding on each other, which in turn strengthens our ability to work together as officials. We were truly grateful to AV and in particular our CEO, Glenn Turnor, for covering the cost of this dinner and our accommodation at the Seasons Botanic Gardens Melbourne Hotel for the duration of the course.

As enjoyable as the course was, it had a very serious side – assessment and examination! Practical assessments of event set up and officiating were programmed over Days 3 and 4, but Day 5 was ‘Exam Day’. It started with an individual oral exam with the ‘panel’ of instructors and was then followed by a two hour written exam. To pass the course, you had to achieve a pass in all three areas of assessment. Testament to the quality of instruction, we all passed the courseJ.

We now wait for an exciting summer season to begin!

Victorian Officials Awards / Rewards Function

The Victorian Officials Awards / Rewards function was celebrated Sunday 24th July in the Cathy Freeman Room.  Our celebration this year had the theme of “Let’s Celebrate Rio” in conjunction with the Olympic Games and all those in attendance certainly had a wonderful time. Phil Jones from Athletics Australia was the guest speaker for the day.

1 2

An important part of this event is to announce and present our awards for the past season. Each Region and Zone was asked to submit their nominations for the outstanding Officials from their area and a sub Committee formed to select the worthy winners.

Congratulations to the winners from the following Zones and Regions:

Red Zone:                                                      David Armstrong

Blue Zone:                                                     Pam Noden

Yellow Zone:                                                Brendan Ferrari

White Zone:                                                  Yvonne Glover

Ballarat Region:                                           Stephen McLennan

Bendigo Region:                                          Garnet Rodda

Geelong Region:                                          Lou Mirarchi

Western Country Region:                          Julie Bicknell

Southern Metro Region:                            Pam Carroll

Northern Metro Region:                            Phil Atkins

Western Metro Region:                             Wayne O’Halloran

Gippsland Country Region:                       Justyne Roscoe

Eastern Metro Region:                               Jon Seddon



Pam Noden – Blue Zone


Phil Atkins – Northern Metro Region


David Armstrong – Red Zone


Yvonne Glover – White Zone


Stephen McLennan – Ballarat Region


Award Winner – David Armstrong, Yvonne Glover, Stephen McLennan, Andrea Hallett, Pam Noden and Phil Atkins

The Official of the Year is awarded to an Official who has made an outstanding contribution in Athletics officiating over the past season. The award is only given to Officials who have dedicated significant time and effort and is the Victorian Officials Committee’s way of recognizing this.

The Official of the Year was awarded to Andrea Hallett

The announcement of this award was greeted by a standing ovation from those in attendance at the Awards Luncheon.  All Officials recognise the contribution she makes to Officiating in this State

Service badges are awarded every 5 years to recognize the efforts of our officials.

Congratulations to the following Officials who reached various milestones in their Officiating careers in the past year.

5 YEARS:       Stephen Griffiths, Jason Hodson, Stuart Merrick, John Mills, Susan Taylor

10 YEARS:     Michael Brazel, Perry Cohen, Sarah Davis, Christine Dell, Andrew Duncan,        Andrea Hallett, Anne Stobaus, Fiona Werner

15 YEARS:     Les Burgess, Marita Rieniets, Andrew Stirling

20 YEARS:      Les Clark, Graham Cole, Craig Mahony

25 YEARS:     Lorraine Sawyer, Neville Harris

30 YEARS:      Gordon Loughnan, Jim Cain, Judy Mason

40 YEARS:      Tony Williams, Di Lowden

45 YEARS:      Paul Jenes, Lorraine Morgan

60 YEARS:      Marion Patterson


Photo: Marion Patterson

Another outstanding achievement that was recognized on the day was to Vern Curnow who has now served as an Athletics Victoria member for 50 years.


Congratulations also to Andrew Duncan who was awarded the LAVic Official of the Year award at the LAVic Gala Dinner on Saturday 16 July during the Minifest weekend at Healsville.


Congratulations to all of our award winners, very truly deserved.

Answers to Scenarios

In the last edition there where three different scenarios for Officials to consider.  Below are the answers to these.


At the start of a 200m race, the athlete in lane 8 just after the actual start, has to “duck” under a boom camera which was not retracted in time in order to complete the race.

This was the decision at the time:

  • Ireland’s Paul Brizzel was forced to do a solo 200 metre run after he had to duck out of the way of an overhanging camera moments after starting his original heat in the Munich Olympic Stadium.
  • The emergency action obviously cost him time and he finished last in 21.32s in a heat won by Marlon Devonish.
  • Officials decided he could do the race again at the end of the morning’s programme.
  • Brizzel again in the outside lane and with no one else in the race, finished in 21.19s to miss out on a place in the second round (was required to run 21.03s to qualify).

Also, could consider that the Starter or Start Referee could have recalled the race at that time on the basis of an unfair start.

Consider Rules 125.7, 129, 146, 162, 163.2


During the warm up for the men shot put qualifying competition, after all athletes have had two warm-up trials in order, one athlete goes to the rack and has one more warm up throw without asking permission or receiving it to do so.

Athletes are permitted warm-up trials for throws events in competition order, usually two if time permits.  However, in this case, there are considerations of safety and protocols so a yellow card would be appropriate.

Rules 125.5, 180.1


In the pole vault event, there is a strong following wind.  A competitor vaults and apparently clears the bar which is simultaneously moved by a gust of wind, appearing to be about to be dislodged.  However, the competitors elbow is seen to contact the bar, pushing it sufficiently far back such that it does not fall.

Has the cross bar actually been dislodged from the pegs when the competitors elbow contacts the cross bar?

The rule states the athlete fails either if the bar does not remain on both pegs because of the action of the athlete whilst vaulting or steadies or replaces the bar with his hand(s).

Rules 183.2(a), .2(d), 181.10

Officials Start of Season Seminar

A start of season Officials seminar has been scheduled for Sunday 9 October at Lakeside Stadium – Cathy Freeman Room.

  • 10 am – 1 pm followed by BBQ lunch.
  • Items to be covered include – Roles of Chiefs and Referees and Protocols.
  • If interested in attending, please email Andrea Hallett – by Friday 30 September.

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 Officials in Schools

One of the services offered by Athletics Victoria is the Officials in Schools program where by Schools are able to request Officials to assist with their events.  This program is working very well, these are paid positions and schools are always seeking Officials so if you are interested in joining our band of Officials please advise Craig accordingly via email or phone 8646 4502.


  • Ensure the safety of athletes, officials, and other persons on the Field of Play.
  • Ensure all equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the participants.
  • Be consistent, impartial and courteous when making decisions
  • Act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Compliment all participants on their efforts.
  • Address/Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all people
  • Do not tolerate harmful or abusive behaviours
  • Wherever practical, avoid unaccompanied and unobserved one-on-one activity (when in a supervisory capacity or where a power imbalance will exist) with people under the age of 18 years
  • Hold a current Working with Children Check as required by LAVic and AV
  • Have an up to date knowledge of the Rules and Requirements of the relevant competition
  • Commit to keep informed of sound officiating principles and the principles of growth and development of athletes of all ages
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of Athletics, promoting fair play and common sense over winning at all costs.
  • Understand an official is there to assist athletes and to treat them as well as fellow officials, equally, fairly and courteously.
  • Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills
  • Support opportunities for participation in all aspects of Athletics
  • Respect the rights and worth of every person regardless of their gender; ability; cultural background or religion
  • Respect the decisions of coaches, administrators and other officials in the conduct of Athletics
  • Adopt appropriate and responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol, non-smoking and other drugs