AV Shield 2016/17 Season – Pre-entry.

The game’s been changed with the inclusion of our new pre-entry system…

  • Prior to a Shield competition, an athlete is able to pre-enter themselves into a track and/or field event.
  • Have your Zone timetable available when pre-entering.
  • Pre-entry can only be done by an individual. Family and Clubs are unable to enter an individual.
  • Entering into a track event prior to the competition will allow the athlete an approximate start time and seeding.
  • Entering into a field event prior to the competition will allow the athlete to be guaranteed a spot – pending availability.
  • Starts lists will be made available on the Thursday prior to the weekends competition. This will give you more of an idea as to what time your event is.
  • Pre-entering will allow the athlete to obtain their result shortly after event completion via the Shield Display Screen (located at the scorer’s tent). If you wish to locate your score after the event has finished, you will be able to do so via the ‘ScoreBuddy’ web app.


Athletes are still allowed to enter on the day of event and must do so no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of competition. However they will not be seeded accordingly in a track event, and are not guaranteed a spot in a field event. Athletes will be allowed to complete their track event once all other pre-entered athletes have completed their event. If their is a spot available in a field event, athletes who enter on the day, will be given a spot.


  • If an athlete pre-enters into a track and/or field event, and fails to compete in the specific event entered, that athlete will be given a strike.
  • If an athlete accumulates three (3) strikes, that athlete will no longer be available to compete at the next Shield event.
  • If you are unable to compete after pre-entering (due to injury, sickness or personal reasons) please notify Athletics Victoria before 5pm on the Friday before a Saturday competition. After that time you will need to notify your Zone’s Administrator as early as possible on the day of competition. Note: If an incident occurs on the day of the event, please notify your Team Manager, who will pass on the information to the Zone Administrator. You will not be given a strike if you have valid reasons for a non-compete.
  • The ‘strike rule’ is only in place to deter people pre-entering with no intention to compete on the day.