Athletics Victoria has released a 6-round Summer Special Package for the remaining rounds of Shield for the 2016/17 Season.

This allows athletes registering to be eligible to score points for their club and have access to the online pre-entry system.

If you compete in at least 3 of the remaining Shield rounds, you will be eligible to compete at the Shield final, should your team qualify. However, an athlete must have a ranking in that event for their nominated age group. As per the 2016/17 AV Shield rules.

The Summer Special Package can be purchased when completing membership, by selecting the ‘Summer Special T&F Package’ option from the Membership Registration page or alternatively through the ‘Events’ tab once your membership has been approved by your club.

To register to become an AV Member, you’ll need to head to (but you’re already here!) and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Members Portal (located top right of screen).
  2. Create a Profile.
  3. Once in Profile, select Events (located slightly on the top right of screen).
  4. Select ‘Summer Special T&F Package’.
  5. Select either Open ($65), Junior ($55), and/or Dual ($30).
  6. Once the order has been processed (and approved from your Club), you’ll be eligible to compete during the final six (6) rounds of Shield.
  7. Our new pre-entry system will be available once approval has been received.

To pre-enter, follow these steps:

  • Head to (you’re already here!)
  • Click on Members Portal (located top right of screen)
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Click Events (located slightly on the top right of screen)
  • Select AV Shield.
  • Select you Zone in which you’re associated with.
  • Select your specific events (which will be moved into your ‘cart’).
  • Once all events have been selected, click on your ‘cart’ (located top left of screen).
  • Follow prompts to ‘check out’.
  • Once ‘check out’ has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

*Note: All events pre-entered must be done so before 11:59pm on the Wednesday before that Saturday Shield event.

**Note: Athletics Victoria does not offer pro-rata rates on membership/packages.