Getting started is easy!

Firstly, complete the ‘Level 0 – Introduction to Officiating’ module by following the links in the ‘E-Learning’ section to the right of this page. You can then move on to ‘Level 1 – Club/Centre/School Official’ and beyond.

Once you have completed ‘Level 1’,  please contact either Sally or Andrea and we will assist in providing opportunities for you to utilise the knowledge you have learned through officiating.

AAOES- Level 3

Level 3 is the highest accreditation offered in Australia. This will include seminars, practical components and a written exam.

These courses are available in the following disciplines;

  • Track
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Walks
  • Out Of Stadia
  • Technical
  • Competition Managment

As Level 3 is still being developed, candidates can complete the current Level A exam from the old scheme of Jetstar Little Athletics and Athletics Australia.

For more information on Athletics Australia policy on A Grade, please click here
Athletics Australia practical Card – Just a friendly reminder re the Practical card. New cards are currently being updated by Athletics Australia and will be released over the coming weeks.  The new cards will also include Seminar attendance.

The Official must advise the mentor or Level 3 Official that they wish to be observed prior to competition.

Below is a listing of those with Level 3 (A),  that are eligible to sign these cards. 

Margaret Dunbar Administration  
Khan Sharp Administration  
Paul Jenes OAM Administration  
Lorraine Morgan Administration  
Elaine Mcleod Administration  
Sarah Davis Administration  


Kevin Wigmore Jumps  
Gayle Anderson Jumps  
Stephen Weisz Jumps  
John Coleman Jumps  
Sarah Davis Jumps  
Lorraine Sawyer Jumps  
Pamela Noden Jumps  
Ellen Perry Jumps  
Helen Rieniets Jumps  
Kirsteen Farrance Jumps  
Lorraine Morgan Jumps  
Richard Lawysz Jumps  
Ian Morehouse Jumps  
Elaine Mcleod Jumps  
Peter Barrett Jumps  


Tony Williams Out of Stadia  
Margaret Dunbar Out of Stadia  
Marion Patterson Out of Stadia  

Kevin                 Wigmore              Out of Stadia


Lorraine Morgan Technical  
Gary McBroom Technical  


Kevin Wigmore Throws  
Gayle Anderson Throws  
Peter Barrett Throws  
Stephen Weisz Throws  
Sarah Davis Throws  
Khan Sharp Throws  
Lorraine Sawyer Throws  
Ellen Perry Throws  
Helen Rieniets Throws  
Kirsteen Farrance Throws  
Lorraine Morgan Throws  
Richard Lawysz Throws  
John Coleman Throws


Lynne Wolowiec Track  
Tony Williams Track  
Kevin Wigmore Track  
Gayle Anderson Track  
Peter Barrett Track  
James Cain Track  
Robert Van Der Wilk Track  
Pamela Noden Track  
Patricia Robinson Track  
Kirsteen Farrance Track  
Brendan Ferrari Track  
Doreen Giannini Track  
Ivan Harding Track  
Lorraine Morgan Track  
Brian Moore Track  
Hugh McKechnie Track  
Judith Mason Track  
Sarah Davis Track  



Williams Walks  
Ralph Bennett Walks  
Lorraine Morgan Walks  
Judith Mason Walks  
Gordon Loughnan Walks

Diane               Lowden                Walks